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Silence Is No Longer An Option

How Federalism Provides the Way Out

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When I was younger a slogan made its rounds.
“Buy American, the job you save may be your own.”
Shift that a bit. “Build communities, the one you have is yours alone.”

We’ve hit our plateau of national level politics. 2016 was the most divisive time in American history since Grant and Lee went toe to toe. We are still splitting over it almost 9 months later. Whether you were with Trump, Cruz, Sanders or Clinton you have been caught up in a system that has failed you. Forget chess, politics is more akin to euchre. If you have the highest card, you better have all of them to play or you will lose “Big League.”

This is the first time a vast majority of Americans did not get what they wanted in an election. We ended up with the refuse to choose from, the lowest card. That is not all bad. We are coming to a realization, collectively, that we cannot agree on where we are going as a nation. We the People want to rebel. We want to cast off the choices we were forced into by 2 parties that would rather make deals with each other than deal with US. There is a solution. Decentralize!

In most projects, people are broken down into small groups. Each group is tasked with providing a solution to a particular problem. When the groups get together to discuss their results, progress is made. Group A solved this problem. Group B tried this and it failed. Group C found some flaws in Group A’s solution and offered corrections. Each state is one of those groups. Forget party lines and a Federal Government that spends too much time trying to solve the problems of 324 million people (if only their motives were so pure). Focus on 50 states and let each decide their own fate.

The greatest solution at hand in the political arena is Federalism. The liberals can do with their states as they see fit. The conservatives can do with theirs as they see fit. If Indiana decides to adopt Constitutional Carry, it has no effect on Illinois’ gun regulations. If California decides to tax the highest income earners at 45 percent and Texas chooses to refrain from taxing income at all, so be it. It is the will of the people that dictates the direction of the country. The only point that should be graven in stone is whatever policies your state adopts will not effect the other states. Texans should not have the wealth of their prosperity confiscated to solve the problems created by failed California policies. There will be no federal government bailout for the costs accrued by those failed policies. Idaho can learn from Maine and Maine can learn from Virginia. Arizona can learn from Arkansas and Arkansas can learn from Utah.

If state representatives are focused on the good of their own citizens, then the people they meet at the gas station and grocery stores will greet them with a nod and a smile. If their policies are detrimental to their constituents, then the people they see everyday will know those who have enacted laws against their will. They will treat their representatives accordingly.

Washington, DC has proven its unwillingness to be held accountable. Accountability is most easily cultivated where we live (communities, towns, counties and states). Each of our states is provided a naturally acknowledged check against Washington’s interference in the lives of state citizens. I believe firmly in each state reasserting its authority in matters pertaining to its own internal affairs. The states need to start defending their people.

In truth, local, county and state governance does not have the celebrity status or glamor of national politics but politics is very real. It should not be what it has become, a sport, an entertainment industry, a coliseum event. It is serious and has the potential to destroy our heritage, one that was purchased by the lives of our forbears. This is the part where you, as the citizen of your state, recognize the power of your state’s role and its impact on your life. This is where you come to the knowledge that your state can protect you from Federal overreach, that is if they realize the power they possess in the statehouse. It is time to remind them what Federalism is and how to apply it.

Your Congressmen are decided by the people of your state. Your Senators are decided by the people of your state. You judges are decided by the people of your county. Your mayors are decided by the people in your neighborhood. The GOP and the Democrat parties are national institutions. It is time to discard them as they have you. It is the local office that needs your attention. It is the school board that needs to be populated with Federalist candidates. The judgeships, mayor’s office, state senate positions all need to provide representation for the forgotten element of society… We The People.

I’m going to do “Hoosier” and you can do “Sooner.” You can do “Yooper” and they can do “Show Me.” You be your state and I’ll be mine. California cannot be Texas. Connecticut cannot be Alabama. South Dakota cannot be Louisiana. If your state does it well, mine should follow your example. If your state fails mine will not bail you out. #Federalism…problem solved. You do you, I’ll do me. What better way to unite than to decide, ‘you go your way and I’ll go mine,’ collectively?

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