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Silence Is No Longer An Option

When Monuments Offend

We the Nation of the offended are perpetually butt-hurt over just about everything today. The most recent example is a Dove soap commercial where the scene shows a black women wearing a brown tank top and a white women wearing a white tank top they remove the tank tops and shower.

Apparently the commercial was not about soft skin.. oh no it was about how Dove soap, which is white by the way, can wash the black right off of you???




Dove has had to pull the commercial because the perpetually butt-hurt crowd said it was racist.

Its been going on for well, forever, but only recently has this crowd started joining hands with the anarchist and Socialist for a Democratic Society to form a more cohesive unit of uniformed butt-hurtness.


So why monuments and symbols?



Would removing all monuments and symbols end racism?

Of course not, you cannot take down a symbol of what you perceive to be racist and end what’s in the hearts of man.






I believe they know this would not affect racism at all. If anything it increases the likelihood that people who don’t harbor racist ideas or feeling will see this and start associating black people with “troublemakers” and this creates the very racism they say they want to stop.



Take a look at this picture what do you see?

Do you see the website?

Almost all of the signs now being held by Black Lives Matter and Antifa have this on their signs.
 is the Revolutionary Communist Party US. BLM and Antifa has teamed up with the communist party to sow disruption and chaos in America.

So by attacking symbols they are attacking the base foundation of how America sees itself. If they can make a statue, flag or other symbol to now mean it’s a symbol of racism and hate they can change the view of how Americans view themselves.

If you can change that view from the belief we are exceptional to that of shame we are then weakened as a society and will not stand against the tyranny of these groups.

We see this actually working at campuses across America. If you believe in America and freedom you are called a racist, attacked and in some cases literally kicked off campus or the University refuses to allow you to speak.

Make no mistake here we/America are under attack.


I pondered this: “We live in a societal construct where the many can agree to restrict certain freedoms.Should you chose to live in that society then you chose to abide by the restrictions, rules and regulations, but at what point does this start to breakdown and we refuse to comply?”

Where is our “RedLine”? When will enough be enough? We are already seeing push-back and assaults and yes even deaths. (See Charlotte)

Our National identity is under attack and so is our Religious Identity.

Freedom from Religion attacks

Have you seen the youtube video of the Christians being kicked out of a coffee shop in Seattle?

Gay Coffee Shop Owner kicks out Christians says “He would Fu*k Christ”

Here a gay barista/owner literally refuses to serve several people and kicked them off the property why? Because they were Christians. He overheard them talking about their church and other activities and he (owner) said he was offended by their presence.

Our very foundations are being attacked daily. If you stand for the Constitution you are racist, a colonialist and backwards..  a christian? Then you are the source of all evil in the world and should be eradicated.


It’s a fact we own guns. Lot’s of guns. We, especially those of us that lean Right, feel this attack almost daily and quiet honestly we are getting more than a little tired of it.

How much further can they push us before we respond violently?








I believe that their end game is to force incidents like what happened in Charlotte where we can then be declared “White Supremacist”, Nazi’s etc.. to justify active violence against us while under the cover of the left and mainstream media.

This tactic isn’t new it’s been going on for a long time. Take the Civil War debate. Those of us that study history know that the war didn’t start over slavery. It started for the very same reason the Revolutionary War did. Taxation without Representation among other things. Yes, it was about slavery too, but one must remember the North held slaves at that time as well so the abolition of slavery wasn’t the central theme until much later.

The debate has been framed that it was all about slavery and everyone that fought for the South just wanted to keep slaves. That’s like saying that every solider that fought in the Gulf War did so because they were fighting just for the oil. That was the left’s narrative right? Bush was fighting the war to take over the oil fields for Halliburton and his “Big Oil” buddies applying the same logic then the men and women were just there to secure oil for America.

Charlotte was a classic example of “framing a narrative”. There were many people there who were not part of the “white supremacist” group but were there to protest Antifa and the attack on America’s symbols. But what was reported? Antifa was good everyone else was a white supremacist. Where they there.. Yes, was it the majority of the crowd? Well, according to Charlotte Police reports

I outlined in earlier story’s that the Deputy Mayor of Charlotte intentionally allowed the Antifa & Black Lives Matter crowd to attack the counter protesters. But it was ok because some of the counter protesters where indeed white supremacist.

Hate is Hate

It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, red or green.. if you hate, your hate is no more justifiable then their hate and when you allow your hate to spill over into violence it is not justifiable under any circumstance.


We are more separated as a Nation then at any time in recent history. We have allowed the Politics of personal destruction to rule us. We have the NeverTrumpas and the Trumpatoids fighting each other and if your not in one camp of the other you are a traitor who voted for the other side.

We have Black supremacist vs White supremacist each threatening war, anarchist like Antifa threatening violence and war against anyone who doesn’t accept their view of America. A surge in Neo-Nazism as well as the Black Panthers and Black Separation theology. All not being covered or not been covered fairly by the mainstream media and politicians doing what politicians do best, lie and do nothing.


I suspect we will see a ever increasing assault on our values and views of America. Antifa has promised a “Day of Rage” on November 4th to attack all signs of racism and Nazism as they see it. Black Lives Matter is sure to join with the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. Their goal is to topple the American Government (their words) and they state they will attack and kill first responders rather its EMT’s, Fire or Police.

Antifa vows violence Nov 4th

Is the mainstream media part of it?

NewsWeek calls Antifa Nov 4th a “Right Winged” Conspiracy

Antifa Tweeter sites and websites proclaim:


So is it a “Right Winged” conspiracy of not? If you listen to the mainstream media yes.. yes it is. I guess we will see if it is or not. But does anyone really believe that they don’t want this to happen?

Is this the RedLine for us?


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