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Silence Is No Longer An Option

We’ve Dropped the Ball

And it’s time to recover it!

Every generation was to have inculcated the basic tenets of Americanism in the next generation; Liberty as a natural state, consent as the moral basis of society and a gov’t authorized by and under the control of the people.

Our generation sadly assumed the Gov’t’s own schools would teach these principles to our kids – that the gov’t would teach our kids how to contain its own power.

We’re seeing the result:

A generation of people whose aspirational vision for society aligns more closely with the utopian vision of John Lennon’s “Imagine” than it does with the society of Liberty designed by our founders. Rather than accepting personal agency as their own created state, a gift of Creation, they’ve been taught to pine for a world that cannot exist because it demands the abolition of human nature.

Is it too late? Of COURSE NOT!

Humanity is not going backward into subjugation! Insights about the nature of the human being, consent as the moral basis for society and the “technology of Liberty” bequeathed to us in our founding documents are all in the world. Their immense power is on display in the tremendous success America has already achieved. Their transcendent truth is on display in the instinctive understanding even among people raised in a very different society.

We need to take responsibility for our part in the divide crippling American political discourse today. We’ve made enemies of our fellow Americans, describing them as morally and ethically incapable of embracing the liberty that is intrinsic to their own humanity!

We can restore unity by focusing public policy discussions around a vision of America that puts human liberty first. We offer an infinitely more hopeful, more achievable and morally superior model for society – America as founded on human liberty – a society in which all are EQUAL under law.

As a society of EQUALS in which both government and economic systems are entirely driven by the actions of CONSENTING people; barriers to socioeconomic mobility are cast off. Each is permitted to go where his aspirations take him. Ours is a vision for society which accounts for, aligns with and channels the impulses most natural to a human being. Not only is it achievable, it has been largely realized here in America.

How ’bout we stop talking “politics”, stop focusing on personalities and most of all STOP assuming ourselves morally or intellectually superior for having received, understood and accepted the gift of Liberty.

At the core of America is an IDEAL: Human Liberty

Our effort to preserve America is MISPLACED when focused on Gov’t; the politics, personalities, parties, etc. America isn’t gov’t.

America is PEOPLE bound by a commitment to LIBERTY. When we fully appreciate that we’ll stop our incessant focus on gov’t and political theatrics and turn again to one another.

Let’s recognize that we can only preserve America by passing it along.

And we can’t do that by opposing the people to whom we must pass it.

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