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Silence Is No Longer An Option

The Destruction Of The Conservative Brand

Were Did Everybody Go?

“Think not that I have come to bring peace, but a sword.”

It appears that this is the end of the line, that the devil has been loosed a little season. This is where I commit blasphemy against our sitting president. The First Amendment, at the time of this writing, still grants me that right. Donald Trump is the conductor of this apocalyptic orchestra. Too harsh? Too bad. From my position of political rogue, rebel, reprobate and relic I consider it my duty to speak with a voice of dissent, to give the minority report against our nation’s decline.

Prior to the 2016 primary, we were still battling Obama’s Barakalypse and the dismantling of our country. Our representives demonstrated themselves to be incapable of conducting any meaningful resistance to his agenda. Under his tenure, we lost our economy, our jobs, our security, our national dignity, our improving race relations, our ability to identify our enemies, our Constitutional limits on government, our civic responsibility and our sense of common decency. The only thing we had not lost was conservative solidarity.

Enter Donald J. Trump. He swept aside an entire field of better and worse candidates to become the new front man of the GOP. No better candidate existed to eliminate conservatives from the lineup, than (self-proclaimed best at everything he does) Donald Trump. He certainly proved he could shoot a man on 5th Avenue without losing any of his supporters…providing it was a conservative that took the bullet.

How someone with so little character can be this adept at destroying reputations is the question of our age. The Republican Party demonstrated its willingness to play ball or obstruct. Sadly, the majority of Republicans who oppose him are not doing so for the lofty cause of preserving our Constitutional republic but because he is cutting in on their action. Hannity never really had a reputation to lose. Rush feigned neutrality while simultaneously dedicating at least an hour of every program to explain why Trump was succeeding. His veil of objectivity was practically translucent. Bill (my good friend John Boehner) Cunningham got a tingle up his leg every time Trump spoke. Allen West laid down his reputation at the altar. Breitbart and Drudge went all in for the cause. FOX donated millions in free publicity to Trump’s campaign. The real shocker, of late, has been Mark Levin’s transition from reluctant Trump voter to a sycophantic mouthpiece for the president’s ever elusive agenda. According to Levin, Trump is the most Conservative president since Reagan.

Before this election cycle, we knew what Conservative meant. We knew abortion was wrong. We knew any significant reduction in taxes needed to be accompanied by an equally significant cut in spending. We knew limited government was the real solution. We knew that many of America’s institutions were being assailed and cast down. We knew who our ideological enemies were and fought against the progressive agenda as a united front. We knew the foundation of American values was the bible and the Constitution. Those values were independently verifiable. We were not ruled by our emotions or governed by feelings but by things higher than ourselves. The rule of law and scripture were our anchors. That WAS our common ground. It is lamentable that this is no longer the case.

Now those who claim the conservative title are fighting against each other about whether our Constitutional rights should be dialed back a little or preserved according to the founders’ intentions. Who do have to thank for bringing this discussion, once debated strictly with those on the left, into our camp? Who has advocated on behalf of universal healthcare? Who lauded Planned Parenthood for the great work they do to benefit women? Who now calls DACA a good idea? Who has endorsed and lavished praise on every progressive, not-quite-as-bad-as-the-Democrats, bill that this GOP dominated DC has offered up?

Am I setting too high a standard for our president? No, my expectation was that “conservatives” would maintain a higher standard when selecting a president to restore that which was lost or destroyed under Obama. Trump has proven who the real Conservatives are and who are his supporters (they are not exclusive). One year in office and all Trump has accomplished is a body count count of reptutations stacked up on 5th Avenue.

Before you accuse me of sabotaging our cause, do 2 things:
1. Define what the cause is.
2. Go back to your anti-Obama posts from 2 years ago, substitute Trump for Obama and repost them on Facebook or Twitter.
Nothing budgetary or legislatively has changed since Obama was in office. The budget is the same. Healthcare is the same. Planned Parenthood still has spending money.

The president signs laws and enforces them. Stop investing all of your confidence in the office of the president. All positive activity since Trump took office has been accomplished by the people. The power has and always should reside with the people. Real Conservatives understood that once upon a time. Then again, Conservatives are right where we are supposed to be but no one else is

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