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Silence Is No Longer An Option

The Weaponizing of Sex- The new war on men.

When did it happen? When did the war against men start? Maybe, it was when the whole “burn your bra” era or the whole Gloria Steinem feminist movement began? I don’t know. I do know there has been an ongoing war against men of all ages from trying to feminize young boys by taking out urinals in school to not allowing them to play like boys in the playground.





Today there are active measures being taken to insure that boys become girls and girls become radicalized and God help you if you act like a boy in school today.

Men are similarly being told that acting manly is an affront to women and you are somehow “abusing” them with your “manly powers”. The continued war on men is exemplified in the LBGTXYZ community.  We are being told we have to accept a man acting like a women who believes he/she may be androgynous or even another species altogether and if we don’t we are forced into sensitivity training.

Now comes the new front in the war. Sexual Harassment.

This too comes in many forms. Asking someone out on a date is now Sexual Harassment, looking at a women can be considered sexual harassment. Don’t say anything either,they definitely don’t compliment them on their dress etc.. That too is sexual harassment.

All this we are being told by the media right? So obviously women are being harassed by the tens of thousands every day.

Well according to the EEOC the rate has remained mostly unchanged and in fact has gone down on average over the past 10 years. So why is the media making it look like it is rampant and happening everyday? Well, sex sells and dirty sex sells a lot, especially if combined with a public person.

The other question is, when did it become a sin to question the veracity of an accuser especially if the accuser is a woman? When someone comes out and accuses a public person of some form of sexual harassment 20, 30 and 40 years ago they somehow retain their credibility while the accused is publicly lynched, what about their credibility?

We’ve seen this happen over and over. The Duke Lacrosse scandal is a prime example of this. A dancer accuses some of the team of raping her during a party and everyone came out against the men. They convicted them in the court of public opinion and wanted them expelled, jailed and castrated. Even conservative commentators like Greta Van Sustran came out and publicly convicted them. Professors and every feminist group all came out and found them guilty.


As we all know how that turned out, the men accused where innocent of the rape charges yet not one apology was offered by anyone. No one from Duke nor anyone that convicted them in the media.

Twana Brawley was another such case with the same results.

Our entire justice system is based on the idea that the accused will get to confront the accuser and a fair and impartial examination of the evidence will occur. In other words, Innocent until PROVEN guilty. When did this change and why are we allowing it?

Why do women get extra-legal protection from cross examination when they accuse someone of Sexual misconduct, especially, if that accusation is used as a politically motivated attack against someone who is not in lock step with whomever is behind the attack?

Why “must” they be believed? Taken seriously yes.. but we MUST.. MUST believe every word of the account and dare not question the motivations or even the veracity of the charge or else we too are participating in the continued abuse of the woman. If, in fact, we are all equal under the law then their accusations hold no more weight then the denial of the accused but that’s not today’s reality. Today we hold these women up as victims of male dominance trotting them around the networks and media pundits allowing them to claim whatever act they said occurred without ever questioning if this accusation is even true and even when the truth is not what they said it was they are still held up and the man still damaged beyond repair..slinks off to obscurity.

The War on Men is real. Women are now being used as weapons against anyone the establishment or media points them at. This is like the call of racist. If used too much we become immune to the cry of it. Also women are now being seen as professional victims. What message is that sending to our young women? The message being sent to young men is, stay confused. Do women want you to act like a guy or some androgynous eunuch incapable of deciding if a kiss is harassment or is it something else entirely.


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  1. Bill Blood Bill Blood says:

    This started decades ago Steve. I first started noticing that men were being minimized and ostracized way back in the 80’s. Good article.

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