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Silence Is No Longer An Option

Trump Isn’t Hitler but….

Last night I was sitting at my desk doing some work on my computer, when I felt the Lord wanted to tell me something.

I have been a student of History since a very young age, and was told time and again by my Grandmother, who did more to raise me in my early years then anyone else, that people must learn form history or they are doomed to repeat it. And the second time around can be much worse. When the Lord spoke to me last night, He was telling me to look not so far back in history and compare what happened then to events in this country recently.

Let me qualify what I am about to say, because many of you will get very angry at me and that is fine. Truth can and will hurt, but God called use as Christians to be watchmen, and speak out when we see family, friends, neighbors, co-workers or even our Nation straying away from Him and about to make the mistakes of pasts generations.

When people have posted pictures of Trump, giving the Nazi Salute or dressing like Hitler I have ignored them or blocked them on Facebook.

Last night though the Lord had me look back at how Hitler came to power and the economic conditions in Germany at that time, and how he used them to make promises he knew the people wanted to hear that could and did get him into power.

Trump did the same thing during the primaries and continues to this day. He knew after 8 years of job losses, and a failing economy, and amassing more debt under Obama then all other Presidents combined that people wanted financial change, security and jobs. And that is what he promised.

Hitler broke his promises as soon as he took power and, yes, he got people working again but mostly to build up his military and the grand cities he wanted as monuments to him. Trump has also broken his promises, and has continued to lie and deceive us and yet his supporters, like Hitler’s supporters, defend him and won’t believe us when we point out all the broken promises and lies to them.

Hitler from the start held huge rallies, where he spoke about making Germany great again and kept feeding the people those lies with displays of his followers marching around and in other ways.

Trump since the primaries has held rallies and continues to where he talks about making America great again, and even though the rally might be not well attended his followers post photo-shopped pictures showing huge crowds. At every rally Trump rambles, his speech being all about him, and how great a businessman he is and on and on, building himself up.

As Hitler sought to destroy in any and all possible ways, anyone or any group that opposed him, Trump also does. The same tactics he used in business are being used as President of the United States. Any one person or group who opposes him gets their name and reputation dragged through the mud and he destroys them in any way possible.

Look at what he did to the other candidates during the primary and continues to do now. A prime example is Senator Jeff Flake, and also what just happened in the recent election for the Senate Seat in Georgia.

I am not saying Trump will try and wipe out a race like Hitler did with the Jewish people. What I am saying is what the Lord showed me by looking back at history. There is much more I could say, but hopefully this will suffice to make the point.

The one True hope this Nation has is not Trump, no man or women, but Jesus and Him alone. As a Nation we need to get our eyes, our hope and our trusts back on Him and let Him back into every area of our lives he has been told to leave.

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