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Silence Is No Longer An Option

The Demise of Conservatism

The True Revolution of Donald Trump

Going into the 2016 election cycle, we knew the damage done to this country by Obama. We saw our GOP public servants serving themselves and granting a wink and a nod to the Socialist Agenda imposed on the people. We recognized the success of the 100 year progressive agenda just about the time it had locked all of the prison doors from the outside. In a panic we clawed our way around trying to find an exit, an escape from the trap that had been sprung.

A fire was burning through the grassroots, a fire of anger, a fire of passion and a fire of desperation. Now, being trapped in this burning room, that fire is not devouring our enemies outside the walls but is consuming us from within. Still we cannot see the wisdom of rational thought. We are still panicking and clambering our way over one another to get out.

America chose Trump, not by any sense of moral conviction but in panic. God did not pick Trump to become the nemesis of the left, to fight our battle for us or to reverse the trend of societal decay. If anything, God allowed Trump to become the president to illustrate how far we have fallen. That message is lost if the people who are called by His name do not use their eyes to see and ears to hear. It is lost as long as they continue to justify his corrupt actions, self aggrandizement and spiteful rhetoric. The message is lost as long as His people play the role only Christ, Himself, was meant to play in covering Trump’s multitude of sins. Christians and Conservatives need to stop performing the role of Devil’s advocate simply for the sake of damage control.

Revelation 22:11
“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

There is a contingent who cannot bring themselves to celebrate Trump’s triumph over Hillary, who cannot rejoice in his victory over the left. It is not because these people would rather have Hillary as president. It is that those who oppose Hillary were resigned to the fact that she was going to be president and our plan was to establish a united front to oppose her every step of the way. We would have stood shoulder to shoulder with all of you in our opposition to her. Now, feigning resignation to the chosen one, those who stood against expanding government have committed their security to the Republican who has taken control of the white house. In that knowledge, they are able to sleep at night. Still believing that the platform of the GOP is what it has always been, they take comfort.

Unable to fathom disent from the right against a GOP president, those who support Trump in his fight for America fail to realize the America they envision him fighting for no longer exists. He is in the white house for one purpose. He is a place holder. He is keeping the seat warm for the next smooth talking progressive Democrat to take his place at the next opportune moment. Ideally, Democrats are determining who their candidate will be. As Trump has illustrated by text, Tweet and press conference he is not capable of governing. With every rally he holds, every message he conveys and every attack he launches he is proving to the people that he is not worthy of his office.

There will rise a Democrat who will appear as the adult in the room, who will convey a hope of unity and who will resonate with a progressive message to sweep victory away from Donald Trump. They will be able to reach the undecided with a message that contradicts all of Trump’s “honesty.” This is the person Trump is keeping the seat warm for. While the GOP stands for nothing but taking over a residence, there will be one who can package the progressive message in such a way that it will be palatable to the people.

Not only will Trump, with his current 33% approval rating, single handedly deliver victory to his political rival but he will have effectively destroyed the unity of the conservative movement. This will have paved the way for the Left’s next golden child to walk right into DC having faced no real difficult opposition from divided Right. We will have handed over the moral high ground. We will have conceded that victory is tantamount to principle. We will have conceded every point of protest we laid claim to prior to Trump gaining the most prominent position in the GOP, that of president of the United States of America.

It is not defeat that Conservatives fear. It is the sacrifice of every position Conservatives have championed thus far in order to secure victory. It is to offer up as our mascot, the antithesis of our stand on every position. If relinquishing all positions of the Conservative agenda (limited government, preservation of Life and the preservation of the individual to pursue their own definition of contentment) requires we declare Trump the figurehead of what we stand for, then we, like Trump have openly declared, “We stand for nothing.”

The result will be a landslide defeat of conservativism. Christians will have predicated their political savvy on a man who has never encountered the salvation Christ provided. The Conservative will have negotiated away any semblance of moral high ground. The people, once again, will vote with little knowledge that the only real resolution to America’s dilemas lies not in a man occupying a position of prominence but in the people themselves.

What we needed was a president that realized the damage done to America over the last 8 years, who understood how far we had drifted from liberty and had the political wherewithal to begin to unravel it; one who recognized the greatness inherent in the people of this blessed nation. What we received was a pause in socialism. We received the answer to a leftist prayer on the Right. We received a placeholder for the next eloquent progressive candidate who is capable of selling the substance of the people back to them in the form of redistributed charity.

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One Comment to The True Revolution of Donald Trump

  1. Dianna Ellis says:

    Great article Eric, and unfortunately what you say is true. Trump is destroying conservatism and I do believe the Democrats will nominate someone who will unite the Democrats, the people who are undecided, and possibly even the people who left the Republican Party due to Trump, and their nominee will win. And then the liberal progressive agenda of the Democrat Party will be greatly advanced. Our only hope that this will not happen is if Trump is removed from office before 2020 so the Republicans have a more reasonable, experienced, more palatable nominee than Donald J. Trump.

    One question though…..when you said
    “They will be able to reach the undecided with a message that contradicts all of Trump’s honesty.” did you mean to say Trump’s DIShonesty ?

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