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Silence Is No Longer An Option

We May Not Be Winning But We Cannot Lose

Till the Dawn’s Early Light…

Is it a mark of our culture that I want to kick the dust from my heels everytime I go out into the world? Be in the world but not of it. The time will come when we are no longer able to turn the tide of evil but are rather called to resist it…to not succumb to its pressure…to hold fast that which we have been given.

Reagan called America the shining city on a hill. It was meant to gleam in the midst of a dark world and to demonstrate a better way to those huddled masses yearning to be free. With that beacon of preservation, people the world over knew a place, a refuge existed. It was a guide post for the righteous, a place where their aspirations were still cherished among the kingdoms of men. Then something happened.

Cracks formed in our foundations. Weakness and cowardice took root in the hearts of the American citizen. We hid from our duty. It was not for pride that we dwelled on such a lofty purch, not arrogance that maintained our status. It was a firm knowledge in our hearts that we were preserving the lighthouse so that others may find their way home. We remained above the rest to maintain that fire of liberty. We knew that if we should let the light falter or the hope dim that no one would take our place. No one would guide others out of the shadows. And no one has.

Since Reagan had his time in the spotlight and held up a mirror to show us the light was really in us, the American people, no one has amplified the American ideal. No one has dared challenge us to rise to our full potential. No one has thought to remind us that there exists a light that must be tended to. Quite the opposite. Our “leaders” have hidden that glow, begged us to suppress it so as not to offend and even attempted to extinguish it.

Spotlights shine forth from the halls of power in DC. They are vigilant in detecting those still hopeful, those willing to light the fire once more. At some point in the last 29 years, America forgot its purpose and shied from its responsibility to preserve the light and hope. Our nation ceased to be a godly majority, giving glory to the One who poured out His blessing from sea to shining sea in abundance. We rescinded our pledge of societal obedience and He, in turn, revoked His mercy. Now, in isolation from God’s will, we grope for solutions like the blind at midnight.

As the darkness that has enveloped the rest of the world settles in our land, there are still some, a remnant, who have the profound knowledge of what has befallen us. Being too few, we are merely tasked with a simple instruction. Hold fast to that which you have recieved, that no man may take thy crown. We are no longer in a position of keeping the light shining for those abroad. We are simply trying to keep the light shining for those nearby. In absence of those nearby seeking hope, we keep our lamps burning if only to keep us warm.

If this is that time, the commandment remains. Hold fast. If it is not that time, our perserverence has meaning and will shape our nation’s future for generations to come. Your knowledge of eschatology is insignificant when it comes to the Author’s will. What really matters, and always has, is our desire for obedience, no matter what generation we find ourselves a part of. Jesus dwelled in a wicked and rebellious generation. Take up your cross and follow Him.

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