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Silence Is No Longer An Option


It’s about time we begin to understand 2 things, then the nation will begin to heal.

1. Government is the problem.
2. We the People are responsible to clean up the mess.

I could easily add more to this list such as a need to return to principles set down in our founding documents, and a return to the morals taught to us by our creator, and even many more. But those are what is necessary for the second item on my list to be possible.

We spend a great deal of time watching and listening to the people in government who are doing more to separate us from each other, and most often all for their own sick purposes of notoriety and fame.

Damn those who talk out of both sides of their mouths, and also damn the easily led fools who follow them down the path to the destruction of our Republic.

Do I dare say damn them? The is a big yes. For after so many years of trying to work within conventional wisdom, that which was taught to us by those who wanted to change us, after so many years watching people accept and participate in political correctness and all of the efforts to not hurt anyone feelings, it is time to dare!

Does that mean I now believe we should be bully’s, or work to badger others into doing things as we know to be right and just? No. But it does mean that unlike the boisterous loud mouthed hypocrites, we can be loud and bold but true to our principles. I believe the term might be righteous indignation. And a person does not have to be a pompous ass to exhibit that characteristic.

The last part of this, in my opinion, is to not let yourself become fearful. Do not become silent out of fear from retribution or retaliation or even saddened and frustrated when you get attacked. Those who resort to such tactics are certainly part of the problem. And then lastly, never become like them. It is almost catchy as this all plays out, when someone attacks you and you allow yourself to be baited into acting just like them, the ones who baited you.

There is a fine line in all of this and as I watch it play out, that fine line is the path that too few are even following. We are being manipulated and divided and meandering around in a wasteland of stupidity led by people and factions that are all about greed and selfish purposes benefiting only themselves.

And by the way, God put us all here, not just a certain few did He put into office to save us all. We The People is not just a cluster of lemmings for along with We The People, comes some responsibility…..and sadly too, blame. But move beyond that and look to answers rather than people placed on pedestals to be your savior…..for they ain’t it!


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