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Silence Is No Longer An Option

I talked to Samuel Adams

I had a dream I went back in time and was talking to Samuel Adams. It went something like this.

Hi Sam. I’m from the future.

Sam: Greetings young time traveler.

Say Sam, I think you guys need to add some stuff to the constitution like term limits for representatives.

Sam: Why sayist thou this?

Well things have gotten a little out of whack in the future.

Sam: In what way pray tell?

Do you want the long list or the short one?

Sam: Whatever seemeth expedient young man.

Homosexuality is now accepted as normal in society. The govt forces people to cater to them even if they object on religious grounds. Our children are being taught to accept their lifestyle as normal in our schools.

A large segment of society encourages illegal immigrants to sneak into America and they protect them in certain cities called sanctuary cities. The govt even gives them a drivers license, free healthcare, housing, free education and medical care.

Sam: What is this drivers license of which you speak?

It’s something the government sells you when you are 16 to be able to operate a motor vehicle and then they keeping selling it to you for the rest of your life. It’s a form of national identification disguised as a right to operate a motor vehicle. I know…what’s a motor vehicle..right? I’ll have to tell you some other time. Anyway, let me tell you some more.

The federal government now has dominion over almost every aspect of our lives. They control our food production, healthcare, our waterways and many are intent on taking away our right to protect ourselves by striking down the second amendment and removing our firearms from us. They manipulate our currency and have run our national debt to 20 trillion dollars. I know you don’t know what a trillion dollars is Sam but trust me, it’s a buttload.

Corruption is rampant at all government levels and the constitution is trampled on with impunity. Lawlessness is becoming more prevalent as judges give criminals token slaps on the wrists for the crimes they commit.

We are taxed at a rate that would give those Tea Partyers a heart attack.

Half of Americans now depend on the federal govt in some form for money doled out to them and they call it “entitlements”.

There is more Sam. Lots more but I think you get the idea.

Sam: Young man, thou musts be defecating me.

No Sam, I am not shi**ing you.

Sam: Why hast these travesties been allowed in the land of the free?

Because the form of government that you helped to create gave us the freedom to be self centered, ungrateful and apathetic towards our own governance Sam. While we pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we forgot that we hold the reins to our government, that’s it’s our responsibility to hold our representatives accountable and we have let them have free rein as we put our attention elsewhere. I bet you didn’t think that was going to happen, did you Sam?

Sam: Ye dost underestimate our wisdom young time traveler. We anticipated that this could happen and gavest thou a solution should it happen. Why doth thou suppose that it is written in the Declaration of Independence that it is the right and duty of the people of America to overthrow a government that acts against thy common interests or threatens the safety of the people without probable cause?
Why dost thou thinketh I penned these words “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin”?
It is up to thee, young man, to exercise thy freedoms we have provided for you.

OK Sam. I’ll take your words back with me and post them on Twitter and Facebook.

Sam: You must tell me about this Twitterbook young man.

I don’t have time Sam. I gotta run. 2017 is calling.

(I didn’t have the heart to tell him that America elected a multi-billionaire as it’s president that admits he’s bribed politicians most of his life, is a bully and narcissist of the highest order, thinks that women are a second class citizen and threatens his fellow politicians with their jobs if they don’t do what he wants. That would have only led to me having to tell him that this guy’s last gig was a reality show host and I know I would have been there for an hour explaining that.)

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2 Comments to I talked to Samuel Adams

  1. Steve Lindsey Steve Lindsey says:

    Yeah Sam would have dropped dead on the spot if you told him how the government they gave us has been so corrupted.

  2. Dragon63 says:

    I think our Founders did anticipate the trends of human nature, if not technology. Homosexuality, slavery and tyranny have been with us throughout human history. I’m sure our original patriots would be saddened that Americans failed to maintain what they established.
    Vincit qui patitur – He conquers, who perseveres
    #Bible #Truth #Constitution #Liberty #COS

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