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Soviet Style Disinformation

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union used disinformation both as an art and a science. They had more people working in the disinformation field that both their military and defense department combined.
So you ask what is “disinformation?” Is it the same as “misinformation?”
No, misinformation is when you read a newspaper talking about rising waters in the ocean then they have to retract the story because they got their facts wrong.
Disinformation is when you change history or make a parallel history to erase actual history so it fits your agenda. As I stated in the introduction the Soviets wanted to destroy the reputation of the United States. If they wrote things about Americans they would not write it in their press because it would be considered Russian propaganda. However, with their infiltration of the Western Press, they could write the very same story and gullible Americans and Europeans would eat the story up.
THAT is how disinformation works. THAT is also how the Trump organization works too. Up until the 2016 presidential election no ever heard that Rafael Cruz was involved in the assassination of JFK. Yet gullible Trump cultists took it as gospel. His team CHANGED American history because they knew his followers wouldn’t question it. During the campaign, Trump was asked about Manaforts ties the Russia. He categorically denied it and kept denying it so much so his followers defend him on the matter calling it “fake news.” Yet now Manafort has been indicted.
One of the biggest questions that comes up is why didn’t the German people overtake the Nazis? I mean at the time there were nearly 80,000,000 million Germans and of those 70,000 were Nazis. Well, we witnessed the same thing with Obama. How can so many liberals not see Obama’s continued dismantling of the constitution? Because he had control over them as cult leaders do. The same goes today for Trump supporters. No matter how many times they are faced with undeniable facts the blame gets shifted. It’s called fake news, etc., etc, etc.
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