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Silence Is No Longer An Option

If President Trump is Impeached..then what?

America has three distinct groups in reference to the election. We have the “NeverTrumpers” the “ForeverTrumpers” and the “ResistTrumpers”. Groups like BLM, Antifa and others all fall into one of these groups.

With the exception of the “Forevertrumpers” all others want to unseat the current President. Some by a coup others by using the democratic process. Almost all really don’t understand how the process works.


You can impeach a President (see Bill Clinton) and that President may still¬† retain the office of President. Impeachment can only be used if the President is “CONVICTED” of a crime or has so egregiously performed the duties of President as to place the Nation in danger.

Bill Clinton was impeached not because he had sex in the oval office but because he lied under oath about it. Thus he perjured himself.. a crime. Trump has done neither, but we hear calls for impeachment from Schumer, Maxine Waters and the “NeverTrumpers”/”ResistTrumpers” because Trump lied about this or that. Yet he has not done so under oath. He, like the rest of us, gets “Due Process” but to hear it from these groups the 4th doesn’t apply to Trump.

But let’s play the “assumption” game. Let’s assume Trump is impeached AND removed from office, btw that takes a majority vote from Congress to do so.

So Trump’s removed and Vice President Pence becomes President and someone like Paul Ryan becomes the Vice President. Now think for a minute, do you really believe that would be the end of it? Do you really believe the Democrats would allow that to stand? No, they would sue saying this is an illegitimate President demanding both step down and Hillary installed as the rightful President. The 9th circuit would intervene and declare the Democrats are right and try to usurp the democratic process and stay any transition of the presidency that does not include Hillary and all of it headed to the Supreme Court. The same Court that gave us Obamacare.

Is this a likely scenario? Maybe, could be. I could see it happening.. A Constitutional crisis would be the result and our government, which is barely functioning as it is, would be thrown into chaos and turmoil. Even if the SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Constitution that still would not end this, we would effectively have a completely dysfunctional government incapable of getting anything done and may not even be able to defend this country if needed.

Now what would this mean to the 2018/2020 elections?


This is the question you should be asking yourselves. If this hypothetical scenario happens before the 2018 election we (republicans) would see a major loss in the House and Senate. Why? Because the “ForeverTrumpers” would refuse to vote and the Independents would most likely swing to the Democrats thus guaranteeing a rout in the elections most likely continuing in 2020.

You can forget the “Wall”, Tax Cuts, Immigration reform (unless its pure amnesty) or any other “Conservative” agenda item. You can bet gun control, free healthcare, free education and anything else they can give away would be on the plate. This guaranteeing a long run of Democrat controlled Congress and Presidents.

We all have the same affliction. The “See I told you so” one. We all want that vindication of being proven right especially those of us that study politics and research the information. The sheeple out there could care less all they care about is what Hollywood is doing and whatever Colbert is telling them. They will sway to and fro by what ever the MSM tells them.. So they will not know about the Constitutional issue nor will they care.

When the Media tells them this is an illegitimate Government and “Courts” have agreed then they too will rise up and demand “justice”.

Is this what you really want? Is Trump so unpalatable that you are willing to risk it all just so you can say “See I told you so” ? If so, continue on, continue passing on stories from CNN and Huffpo. Stories so biased that not one shred of journalistic values could be found if one looked.

Full disclosure: I was a “NeverTrumper” too. I didn’t vote for Trump and actively campaigned against him. I too knew he would be a disaster. So far I’ve not been disappointed. However, he was elected President. For better or worse he is the one. We can either support his polices that help us and condemn the ones that don’t or we can just hate everything about him and continue down the path of destruction. One way we can hope it all works out the other leads to chaos and a democrat controlled future. One I’m sure we will regret.

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2 Comments to If President Trump is Impeached..then what?

  1. Bill Blood Bill Blood says:

    I’m afraid that the GOP itself has already guaranteed a breakup of the majority or one or both the House or Senate Steve. Even without impeachment. It’s a foregone conclusion IMO.

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