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Silence Is No Longer An Option

Part 5 in the Are you Prepared Series The Final Chapter

Are you Prepared to take Responsibility

There’s a saying.. I carry a gun cause a Cops too heavy. Another is.. When seconds count Cops are minutes away.

In my first four articles I tried to get you the reader to think a little differently about potential life changing events. I wanted you to think about planning, the what ifs, what would you do, type of thinking.

In this, my final article in the series, I want to focus on everyday life events. Those events that do not affect a large portion of society. These events may affect only you personally or at least your immediately family.

Most of my readers are CCP (concealed carry permit) types or have guns at home.

How much training have you had with those firearms? I’m not really talking about just range time, which you need a lot of, I’m talking about Gun safety classes, shoot don’t shoot training etc..


We know as gun advocates that the left have for years tried to limit what gun you can buy or what type of ammunition or capacity of the magazine.

For the most part they have failed. So a new tactic has emerged. Going after the gun owner after you have used it to save yours or another’s life.

Gun Control Groups

NY Daily News

Burglar sues Home Owner

Burglar sues Home Owner #2

They are also going after the manufacturer of the guns or states that fell for the anti-gun hype.

Gun Control Groups sue Gun Mfg.

Sandy Hook Parents sue the maker of the Gun used.

You can be sued by anyone for anything. We all say ” well they will never win” and that may well be true but you will still have to hire a lawyer take time off from work and go to court.

The stress that this will cause will be tremendous. So before you strap on that gun you might want to look into a few things.

First you need to look into a umbrella policy from your Home Owners Insurance company. I have a 10 million dollar Umbrella policy that covers me for just about everything including getting sued for the use of my firearm. It cost less then $200 per year and you should purchase additional Concelaled Carry insurance from some one like this company: (not an endorsement)

Concealed Carry Insurance

Together this will help you alleviate some not all but some of that stress.


What type of ammo do you use? Is it the same as the police use?

I ask this because lawsuits are springing up over (hold on) “more than lethal” ammo.

Some of you may remember the Black Rhino rounds that were introduced in the early 90’s. Do you remember the furor it caused? The Federal suits for “more than lethal” rounds.

Ammo is too lethal

Depends on where you live (Liberal State) if you use ammo that is very effective you may find yourself on the wrong end of a judgement. I recommend finding out what the police use and buy that ammo, because if you are sued or arrested by overzealous police and DA.. you have a ready made defense in the tools that you used.

Another consideration is in the State where you live do you have a “Castle Law” aka “Stand your ground”? If not, it’s a good possibility that the laws of self defense restrict how and when you may use a firearm in defense of your home.

Most people mistakenly believe that if a person breaks into your home you have the right to use your firearm in defense of your life. In many States, you would be incorrect.

Many States have a “avenue of escape” rule. This states that if you have an “avenue of escape” you must take that route BEFORE using your firearm. In other words you MUST give the burglar your home.

Some jurisdictions see that as, if you can hide, you may not use your firearm.

The “Castle Rule” was adopted to erase or at least mitigate this ridiculous restriction on your right of self-defense. It allows the home owner to not have to run or jump out of a window but “stand your ground”  and secure your home.

In this article, “Are you Prepared to take Responsibility”, I’ve outlined a few of the legal obstacles that you may face if you actually have to use your firearm and gave you a couple of solutions.

In the next paragraphs  I want you to think about safety. Yours and your families.


Do you have a Security System?

If not, get one. Preferably one that has a battery back up and one that is cellular not landline based.

There are dozens of different services, some monitored some not,.. but the basic premise is you want something to alert you while you are home if someone enters your home. It doesn’t matter to your personal safety, if they do so, while your not home but personally I don’t want anyone to have the ability to enter my home and take their time there. No alarm system will stop anyone from entering. There is no burglar proof home unless you have steel doors and shatterproof windows but Security Systems do tend to make the casual burglar choose another house, plus the added fire and Carbon Monoxide/Radon detection warnings are always good to have.


Do you carry a firearm? How do you carry it?

If it’s in your glove-box or buried in a purse how accessible is it really? I’m not an open carry proponent for various reasons but if your firearm isn’t readily accessible it will not do you any good to have it.

Carrying a gun is a huge responsibility and you should take it seriously. There’s a movie where one of the lines is: ” with great power comes great responsibility” this is true when you carry. You literally have the power of life and death. This is how a jury will see it so make sure if you use justifiable.


I can’t teach you tactical awareness from a blog not can I teach you proper shoot don’t shoot techniques. So you will have to do this on your own.Its only your life and the welfare of your family so what are you waiting for?


I know personal responsibility is not in large supply today we all fall prey the demon of procrastination. Why do today what can be put off for tomorrow right? Granted everything cannot be accomplished in one day but the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.


The US has had two strikes from Hurricanes recently. One in Texas and one in Florida.

Being prepared is more then having a few spare meals or some bottle water, it’s a state of mind, a lifestyle change.

If you are in the path of these types storms do you have a plan to evacuate? Do you have “Bug Out Bags” ready?

Do you have spare fuel, food water? Have you checked your spare tire is your car fueled up? There are hundreds of items on your checklist you need to consider. Even if you are not in the path are you prepared for the power outages?

The time to start thinking about this is NOT when you hear the Police loud speaker telling you you must evacuate.

Make a plan…work the plan… execute the plan the life you save may be your own.










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