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Silence Is No Longer An Option

Do Not Be Afraid

I will be working this year on Independence Day, as I have for at least the past 20 years. I have made some earlier comments asking folks to consider whether or not we are independent or is that idea something that is slipping away, a little at a time, so very slowly and almost methodically that we don’t seem to notice….or if we do, don’t seem to care.

I do continue to say however, that as long as we still have even a single heartbeat, a thought or two in our heads that we are willing to share, and the time to pray a little as well, there is always hope. This nation is a great nation, and although she may be slipping from it’s foundation, the arrogance of any one man alluding to the idea that he or anyone else alone can make America Great is ludicrous at best, or perhaps even similar to a crock full of bovine excretion. For you see, making America Great begins with you, each and every one of you…collectively, If only we had a voice!…If only we were not afraid! For you see, the bullies in office, the liars and thieves who said one thing to secure your vote and refuse to even honor those words they used on you, should be summarily horsewhipped or kicked out of office….unless of course you are afraid to challenge them!

What kind of liberty can we ever hope to have if we refuse to be represented? Yes…IF WE REFUSE TO BE REPRESENTED.

Of course the answer I get for blaming us is often, if not always, the same. What can one man do…my vote doesn’t count….they don’t listen and I am frustrated. Trust me, I get it and have said many of those same things more times than I dare to remember. But at some point we have to say enough, and take back our country…..and the answer to how to do that first requires one very simple thing…..

Do Not Be Afraid. They want you silent…all of those fools in Washington…all of the talking heads who get paid big bucks to bullshit you daily on the media sources and tell you specifically what you are supposed to think. The biggest difference between folks like me and those others is that I get nothing out of this, and so when I say to you Do Not Be Afraid, I have no agenda and get no monetary gain from it, nor do I want or need any prestige or have my ego stroked. But then on second thought, maybe I do have an agenda….Liberty, precious liberty, may this nation always see the light that shines from Liberty!

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