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Silence Is No Longer An Option

The Little Trump Train That Couldn’t by Donna Fallis

Trump went to the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem. Put his hand up and posed for a photo-op. The same day, a huge sink hole opened in front of Mar-a-Lago. That might be a coincidence, or it might be a warning. However, for the hundreds posting Trump with an aura and angel wings and claiming that God chose the Donald, you might consider this. By that same token, God would have had to choose Obama, as well. It’s more likely that God allowed us to choose our own demise.

Non-Trumpers, who did not vote for the lesser of two evils and did not vote for Hillary either, have been bashed, cursed and threatened with death yet still we hold to the same values we had when Obama was in office. So the next time you choose to correct us, coerce us, or threaten us if we don’t get on board the Trump Train, let me ask you, “Obama was elected. He won. He was in office for 8 freaking years. Did you get on the Obama Train?” I didn’t and I won’t hop on board the Trump Train either.

• The Wall hasn’t been built.

• Obamacare hasn’t been repealed.

• Planned Parenthood was funded through September in the budget agreement.

• Trump kept Obama’s Dreamer Act and added 18 thousand to the program.

• Middle-class taxes aren’t going down if Mulvany has his way. He and Trump figure to lower the upper-class taxes to 15% but the middle-class is going from 7% to 10%.

• The House has passed 150 pieces of legislature. Trump says he’s signed 48 pieces–most from Obama’s leftovers. So, there are 102 bills still sitting in the Senate.

• Trump has signed 38 EOs. If an EO is linked to a bill that congress has passed (such as the individual mandate EO he signed), it has to go through Congress. He has relieved the regulations for his corporate buddies.

• He stated, and this important, that we are pulling out of the non-binding portion of the Paris Accord. However, the binding portion is still in effect until 2019 and won’t truly be gone until a year later–so Trump hasn’t saved us diddly-squat.

• We are donating $50 million to Ivanka’s women’s charity. Since she’s such a down to earth girl, I’m sure we can expect great return on that money—after the Trump’s have figured out how to siphon off their share.

• We will be paying for family leave, baby care, etc. as a result of Ivanka’s socialist policy that her daddy agreed to.

• The travel ban that finally made it through courts bans the same countries that Obama had banned, but does not ban the worst proliferate-rs of terrorism, Saudi Arabia.

• We have agreed to take in Syrian refugees and this administration has almost doubled the number we will accept.

So, when you ask me why I won’t support Trump. Read this list. Then add to it the fact that those of us who bothered to vet candidates, found that over the 70 year period Trump has been alive, he hasn’t kept many promises. In fact, most people who have had dealings with him, would warn you to stay away.

Not to put too-fine a point on it. We–the American people–have failed to protect the most innocent among us. As a result, 60 million babies have been aborted, as of this month. We have no reason to think that God would want to save us from ourselves.

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