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Silence Is No Longer An Option

JUST CUZ HE SAYS SO? (or do you have more?) by Jim Blume

JUST CUZ HE SAYS SO? (or do you have more?)

To anyone who continues to say “they are stopping Trump from doing things”, please be a little more specific.

You see, I am but a simple minded man who does not just climb on to band wagons on a whim, nor because someone alludes to something based on feelings alone. I need a little more proof than just because you said so, or because Trump says so.

I also wonder if those who bang on the drum of discontent as to how they percieve Trump being treated have considered what our form of government actually is and why we seem to have stumbling blocks included all along the process of government. It is called checks and balances for those of limited memories, and although many of us have serious concerns with our so called representation, we do not have nor want a king either.

So please, give us some logic; reasonable specifics as to how this man Trump is being mistreated and people like myself will consider those things you willingly and with full knowledge provide. Remember too, again with full knowledge, that if you provide anything other than feelings, others will have an obligation to respond. In some social circles, they call that conversation, or dialogue…..and in many cases, that is how we learn.

Additionally, and although we all know the news to be a misrepresentation of truth in far too many cases, please tell me how fake news has harmed the president, and if you can show me that, let’s then discuss the swamp Mr. Trump also created in the arena of fake news as he daily submits lies and innuendos as well as incomplete statements that you who find his treatment a serious broach of etiquette accept with all your being.

One day you may understand that we want to understand, and we have never given up on this country or our fight for it’s solvent and viable continuation as a constitutional republic. But what we see is hype, and smoke and mirrors, and bait and switch…..or can you be specific and please tell me what it is that has stopped the president from doing the things he wants to do? And is what he wants to do even possible or constitutional? Or can you perhaps show us whether or not any of that matters to you? and why?

Let me make it a little easier for you folks; just give us a list of just one thing that is not only what Trump promised or wants to do that is within his powers as president constitutionally that anyone has stopped him from doing?

And to be fair to others as well, I suppose you should be allowed to list your one or more items that Trump has either done or tried to do which is not within his constitutional powers.

IF…IF….we are to have a chance at succeeding as a nation, we certainly need to have a discussion. And that discussion should always question those who give us flat statements that we have to do this or that and never include the whys or the wherefores.

So tough it up, dig deep, and prove to people like me, the simple
minded who need more than the emotional appeal alone, that what you think along with with reason and logic proves anything.

I’ll keep the light on for ya.

Just an average guy who loves this country and wants to be able to reason things out.

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One Comment to JUST CUZ HE SAYS SO? (or do you have more?) by Jim Blume

  1. Dragon63 says:

    Solid, sir! Agree we need verifiable facts, not feelings!
    Libertas conservetur a fide Veritatis
    (Liberty is preserved by loyalty to Truth)
    #Bible #Truth #Constitution #Liberty #COS

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