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Silence Is No Longer An Option

The Time Has Come to Defeat the Left

It Ends Now

Let’s put an optimistic spin on things.

Hollywood, the Rivendell of the liberal kingdom, has been exposed as a haven of wickedness that makes even the LGBTQ…community turn away in disdain. Feminists are playing damage control for their silence on matters of predatory behavior from their donor class. They are blushing that such things are occurring on their side of the aisle and for once they must adopt utter hypocrisy or acknowledge that the target of their animosity is no longer a stuffy conservative in the GOP (though, I’m sure it has its share).

That brings me to my next point, Democrat voters are disenfranchised, again, not by some stuffy conservative in the GOP (though, I’m sure it has its share), but by the upper eschalons of the DNC apparatus. For reasons as diverse as its adopted victim groups, the Democrat voters are turning on their own power base. The overthrow of Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primary to honor their commitment to the Clinton crime family has soured liberal fervor in the Ass’s camp.

– Of course, I would be remiss should I fail to mention this could turn out to be a negative. Much like the toppling of the Qaddafi regime destabilized Libya, the DNC dictator is no longer in power. This gives rise to the radical elements…factions once kept at bay by the establishment using them only so far as Democrats kept getting elected. Having been repeatedly poked with sticks of socio-economic and racial strife, the left’s attack dogs are now off the leash and they are pissed. Rhetoric is no longer effective to control them or to bring them to bear on specific targets. As determined as the are cunning, BLM and Antifa are ready to burn down the house and they could care less whether there are Democrats left inside.

The effect of this Democratic Diaspora is a mixed bag. We will see them turn on their own. Each victim group will seek to increase their status and standing. As the Democrat Party, once priding itself on keeping its secrets under lock and key by its rank and file, proves it can no longer pour out favors as abundantly as it once did, there will be no incentive for angry dems to keep their mouths shut or eyes closed. I foresee an end to the establishment Democrats not dissimilar to the fate of Jezebel.

How can we facilitate this collapse? We know the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. We could stand back and watch the fire burn, waiting for the rats that escape the barn. I prefer rather that we strike while the iron is hot. Give no quarter. Take the fight to them. Attack at their weakest point. If we take rest while they recover, when the fight commences, we will still be in our trench defending our own existence. For so long, we have failed to breakout. We have merely endured as they gain ground. They have chose the weapons, the terrain and fought only when it benefitted them. We have sat back, awaiting the next shelling and our only point of honor is an unyielding commitment to our “position.” We have to get up, clear the open ground and rout them completely.

Why haven’t we done it before now? Simple. We have lacked leadership. Waiting for cowaring officer politicians to galvanize their collective resolve and begin an offensive has accomplished only two things.

1. We keep losing more of ours to the enemy, whether by desertion or slander.
2. We are fighting each other over whether the cowards are right to wait or if we should charge.

We are not waiting anymore. The Democrats are at the weakest they have ever been. They have lost the media through its own irrelevance (communications). They have now lost Hollywood (recruitment). They have wasted most of the lies on Trump (ammunition). They have lost sight of their plans (objectives). We guarantee our own loss if we cannot or will not exploit the ineffectiveness of the left. To continue to wait on failed leadership to guide us will result in our utter defeat. We need to act now!

“Grab your gear…we roll out in 5. No, you won’t be needing a rifle but don’t forget your Constitution.”

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