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Silence Is No Longer An Option

For America or A…Man? The Cruz Dilemma

Dissolution has happened! I can’t tell you all how infuriating it is to see the division occuring so completely among US. WE ARE THE LAST STAND FOR THE CONSTITUTION! All I see is a group of people sitting down and refusing the cause because of ONE MAN!

First of all, Ted Cruz made a fundamental commitment to a Full Repeal of Obamacare. He is now negotiating to make it the best deal possible. How many of you refused the lesser of 2 evils because evil is evil? How many of you believe socialized medicine is evil? How many have watched the “conservative” Party succumb to progressive pressure? What does progressive mean? It means to gradually implement policies that assert communist values on an unwitting populace.

I have trust issues with anyone who dwells in DC. In my estimation, DC is the root of the problem. We have watched the Freedom Caucus hemorrhage membership, seen politicians we trusted bow to this administration to be a part of it (many we held above reproach until they ascended to prominence in various positions of the cabinet or administrative roles) and seen family and friends go all in for what DC was cooking as the new sheriff came to town.

A one year biography of Cruz’s activities should illustrate the gradual slide, that if not checked, could draw many of his staunchest supporters to follow suit.

1. Free the Delegates were brushed aside in the rules committee. Did Senator Cruz denounce the actions of the RNC on behalf of the state delegations that were openly suppressed? After all, Free the delegates was initiated to give the people a voice in the Republican Party. He never asked for this move (though his leadership did inspire many to take up the cause) so…OK…shake that one off.

2. The speech at the convention which drew the ire of the Washington Cartel (aka: who’s who among those Cruz stood up to), was finished with a call to “Vote Your Conscience.” Many’s consciences were to write in Cruz. Those who could not, for fear of nullifying their down ballot, were forced to look to other parties for their conscience vote. Cruz disavowed the write in campaigns. We can let that slide. He couldn’t win by write in anyway so we can’t blame him….

3. Ted Cruz announced his support for the GOP presidential nominee. Amid mounting pressure from the Republican National Committee, headed by Reince Priebus, and threats that his funding would be pulled for his next senate bid in 2018, he conceded. This was a much bigger hurdle for all of us. For many it was too much of a shift to follow. He lost credibility with some (nearly me). I justified his actions because of his oath to support the nominee. “it is better not to make an oath than to make it and later break it”. I let that one go (admittedly it took some time).

4. Ted Cruz took the opportunity to praise Trump’s cabinet picks. I remember thinking that he seemed to be lavishing praise on a cabinet comprised of heavy hitters from Wall St. and the banking industry to demonstrate his willingness to make peace with the administration. So how has that cabinet list played out? Sessions wants to reduce restriction on confiscation of property without due process. Tillerson’s state department released their assessment of Israel’s role as aggressor in the West Bank settlements. Communications Director Sean Spicer shut down live feed of daily press briefings, insulating himself and the official statements from public scrutiny. Suspicious, but he had to play the game to get conservative things accomplished. So, again…move along.

5. The coffin nail for me took place after the visceral battle that happened in the House. You remember the one in which Freedom Caucus members were named and publicly threatened as targets to be primaried. We lost a few members of the Freedom Caucus to the DC Care bill. By the time the vote came through, not as a full repeal but a mildly modified and reworded version of the original Obamacare bill, what did Ted Cruz do? He praised the House, in general, and specifically the HFC for getting the bill passed so it could be gutted in the senate. It was not gutted. It was, again, modified and re-released. It wasn’t a full repeal. It wasn’t a repeal with a more palatable replacement. It was a crutch to keep the healthcare bill viable for the next administration to reconfigure to suit their needs. Socialized medicine is on the books, care of DC and their glorious bipartisanship that has spanned 2 administrations and parties. There was the Cruz/Lee Amendment, an attempt to soften the blow when the bill was passed, a consolation prize if you will, that the establishment used to tie Cruz to the bill and then summarily scrapped, having served its purpose. That was in spite of Cruz’s attempt to make it more appealing to the establishment with his last minute, independent modifications.

Now here we are. Half are calling Cruz out for his progressive shift from Rebellious Conservative firebrand to GOP uniter. The other half are condemning those for having so little faith in the man who has stood for so much and fought so hard.

I don’t care where you stand on the subject of Cruz past, present or future. I care about keeping the battle alive. I care about the future of my four children. If Cruz is weary of the fight, he should step aside and we should send new blood to man the line. If he is going to remain in the battle; settling, negotiating with evil (which socialized medicine most certainly is) and conceding Constitutional territory will no longer cut it.

But I digress, Washington, DC is the enemy and it is with DC that we are at war. Their power grows as ours is diminished. We must listen to them while they ignore us. They consolidate our prosperity and the substance of our labor, confiscating our inheritance. They break the will of our representatives and pressure them to conform to their image. They reduce liberty to a package of words to be handed out at every election. They consume land and life for their own gain. They erect regulatory fences to insulate themselves from consequence. They dwell in towers of their own making and exclude all but their own from visiting. They break every siege engine that We the People raise against them. From their lofty walls, they pour out disdain on the peasantry. They capture, destroy or subvert any who dare resist their designs both within and without the Halls of Power.

By all means, let’s make it about a man. Let’s see the sun rise and set on his actions. Let’s put our entire arsenal in his hands and let him fight on our behalf. Our success was his ability to get into the castle at all. We watched him fight on the parapets, heard the clashing of steel. He disappeared from view after wounded.

He is now inside the walls. He is negotiating on behalf of the army that sent him. He is trying to accomplish the best terms possible. Will it be a #Truce or is he negotiating surrender? He is most certainly not obtaining victory. We watch and wait from outside the gates. If it is a Truce, will we honor it, or will we continue to fight the resistance?
If it is surrender, will we stoically don our shackles and enter the dungeons of socialism? Do we send in a volley of arrows, knowing that he may be wounded in the attack?

Cruz is a POW. He may be establishing a resistance from within. He may be informing DC on the best way to secure our trust. He may be trying to work with his captors for his own good or appealing for leniency on our behalf. The man who charged into DC with a sword and Gadsden banner held aloft is in no position to obtain victory. Does he negotiate terms or does he stand proudly to the death (political terms)? What action is most likely to unite the majority of us?

I get it. This isn’t a popular message but it is a realistic one from someone who has fought in the trenches with you, held the line with you and kept granting the benefit of the doubt as you reassured me of his intentions. I will continue to fight but I promise you, I won’t be very effective without the most solid group of patriots to pass through America in over 100 years fighting along side me.
Let’s patch this up and get back on the wall.
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One Comment to For America or A…Man? The Cruz Dilemma

  1. Dragon63 says:

    Good article, and a bitter pill for me as a Cruz supporter in 2016 from the moment he announced his run… I still think he’s among the best, and really needs help, but if he is tiring or being compromised, he is making the case for term limits as well.
    Aeterna Vigilia Pretium Libertas – Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom
    #Bible #Truth #Constitution #Liberty #COS

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