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Silence Is No Longer An Option

The Real Assault on Our American Heritage

The Endgame: Play by Play

Before everyone gets distracted by arguing about how great or sinister Heffner was, I’d like to put a last “Kap” on the “Kneelers” controversy.

During the 2016 football season, Colin Kaepernick QB for the San Francisco 49ers, decided to kneel rather than stand for the National Anthem. This was to demonstrate solidarity with blacks oppressed by police brutality, a message similar to that of the #BlackLivesMatter movement which originated in Ferguson, Missouri…or did it?

#BlackLivesMatter originated with the self-defense shooting death of Treyvon Martin during an assault on George Zimmerman. Activist Alicia Garza posted on Facebook following the Zimmerman acquittal:

“Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter, Black Lives Matter”

After which, Patrisse Cullors shared it with the, now famous, #BlackLivesMatter. It did not begin with the police shooting of Michael Brown (what has become synonymous with white police killings of African American youth). It began when a hispanic-American (Zimmerman) shot a black youth (Treyvon).

Where does taking a knee fit in? After Colin Keapernick made his stand by sitting, Nate Boyer (former Green Beret and player for the Seattle Seahawks) contacted Colin to discuss a middle ground that would be more respectful, that being to kneel beside his fellow teammates. Colin agreed. Nate stood beside him which drew the ire of both sides of the issue.

Though, Kaepernick has never openly endorsed #BlackLivesMatter, his stand (or lack thereof) has been taken up by their movement. Now, #TakeAKnee has many BLM sympathizers among NFL players following suit. President Donald Trump has further exacerbated the situation, amplified the protest’s exposure and appealed to the patriotic sentiments of millions of Americans by calling for the SOBs to be fired at a rally ahead of last weekend’s NFL games.

It would not be necessary to bring Trump into the discussion but for one thing. He has failed to adequately study the history of dissenting movements through the ages. When any leader has openly sought to suppress protest it tends to solidify the resolve of the protesters. Those who protest are joined by those who do not necessarily hold the cause as their own, but none-the-less stand in solidarity with those who do. The effect is much like pouring water on a gas fire.

Now that the fire is spreading and more groups are co-opting the cause as their own, what will be the end game? What is the final resolution to this situation? All we have to do is look at the stated motivations of groups like BLM. They went after the Confederate Flag as a symbol of racist oppression. Solidifying resistance against the demand that they publically be removed was difficult because to many Americans, the Confederate flag did represent racism. That concession was granted. Next came the removal of Confederate statues. This was a hill patriots, again, were unwilling to die on. So statues fell, flags were banned and a portion of our population’s heritage was erased from the landscape.

“Who controls the past, controls the future.
Who controls the present, controls the past.”
~ Orwell ‘1984’

I stood in opposition to the banning of the stars and bars as well as the casting down of monuments because I perceived a bigger game in play. Progressive groups are always focused on the longterm. In dividing us over each of the aforementioned issues, the progressive victories have been easily attained. This fire will continue to burn until the desired goal is obtained, that of eliminating the National Anthem from pregame ceremony. We have allowed this issue to become so divisive that to solve it, the NFL (which as an organization seems to passively condone #TakeAKnee) could reach the conclusion that the National Anthem not being played at all would be the simplest solution.

Make no mistake, our American heritage is the target. Elimination of symbols is the method. How many stories have you read, in recent years, where the American flag was determined to be offensive and removed by demand of certain elements of our population? How many letters have been added to the sexual orientation list (LGBTQ….)? All of these have been accomplished “progressively.” Are we getting the picture in HD yet?

This culture war is not to be fought with bullets but offenses. It is not being waged for blood but feelings. The wounds are emotional. It has the potential to bring about America’s capitulation without a shot fired. When a Hispanic-American civilian shooting an African-American in self defense can be manipulated into a movement of African-Americans against white cops then the insidious and effective nature of the threat can never be underestimated. Hold the Constitutional line, check your emotions and keep your wits about you.

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