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Silence Is No Longer An Option

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Come to the Table

I’m going to ask you to do something…many somethings that may cause you to cringe. You may well walk away, having no desire to entertain the notion. You may become angry that I would ask it of you in the first place. Nonetheless, here’s the pitch. I have to ask you to defend the Constitution.

‘Oh, is that all,’ you may be saying. First, consider the implications that this simple request entails. Let me ask a question here. Does the Constitution protect only those who protect, defend and admire it? No. If you are, by naturalization or birth, a citizen of the United States, you are afforded all of its protections.

It is and always has been accepted that there will be defiant dissidents in every generation. Protests, marches, rallies and disruptions, are woven into the fabric of our nation but there have been times when those integrated patches of material have been all that held this country together. As distasteful as dissent is, as ridiculous as the premise of the minority view and as vilified as the cause for which the raging voice is echoed, the rights must be afforded them to express it. To use moral outrage as the means by which it should be suppressed is to ignore the lessons of history and the message that is recorded in the blood of those who landed foul of tyrannical regimes beyond number.

With eloquent words conveying profound and fundamental truths, our founders, men like Jefferson, Hancock, Washington, Madison and Franklin drew up documents the likes of which the world had never seen. The enlightened minds of that time, delivered into the world, a preservation of man’s inherent right to defy tyranny. It established the means by which he could depose tyrants. It granted the individual superiority over his government. With collective vigilance, the people were meant to discern the signs that tyranny was attempting to gain a foothold in America and declare their suspicions openly.

Our republic has, from its very foundation, revealed a fundamental paradox. Discord and disagreement is as old as the Declaration of Independence, so it should be no surprise that the same lines of disagreement have lived to this very day. Some are inclined toward centralized governance while others seek to minimize government’s significance in our lives. The Constitution provides the confines and the rules of engagement to the combatants on both sides of this ideological conflict.

Yet, so fierce has this battle become that the Constitution can no longer contain it. Each side continues to stray further from its legal constraints. Back and forth, the pendulum swings, with each side attempting, not to bring focus back to the Constitution but merely to obtain the greater revenge against their opposition.

It can’t go on like this. This course leads to the dissolution of the Constitution and the republic it defines. The extremes of both sides will never yield. Socialism and Anarchy are waiting in the wings’ tips. They are the fringe elements and we outnumber them. If we refuse to concede to either side’s extreme elements then WE need to meet at the table to restore our defense of the Constitution. We need to stand up for the rights of our political opponents. We may absolutely stand diametrically opposed to their views but it is imperative that they have their right to express them. When another shift in power occurs, we will stand in need of them as well.

If you are willing to stand on the Constitution, you may find yourself standing side by side with liberals, Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, gays, straights, atheists, Christians, Muslims, gnostics and know-it-alls. If they are willing to stand on the Constitution, are you willing to stand with them?

America needs its patriots to #HoldTheLine. To defend your opponent’s rights is not to defend their beliefs but to defend the Constitution that protects their beliefs. That is what may be required should you decide to defend the Constitution.

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