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Silence Is No Longer An Option

By Brittany Pounders

Has the Church Found a New God in Donald Trump?

I’m really struggling right now. Not with politics. Politics is as ugly as I always know it to be. I’m used to that. Not just used to it, hardened and callused to it. I choose to fight in the arena, but I do so only because I’m passionate about my principles. And my principles are defined by my faith.

But right now my heart is struggling with everything I’ve ever believed. My struggle is with the church. I’m watching the reaction to how leaders in The Church, many whom I’ve known my entire life, are destroying their testimonies by not only accepting this reprobate- but are blasphemously using God’s Word to defend him!

I was floored and appalled when I read a comment on my Facebook page by a missionary this morning who our family has financially supported to “stop bitching” about Trump. I was emailed by a “Christian woman” yesterday who told me that I should “feel flattered if a man talked to me that way.” I get refusals from Christian fathers to respond when I ask if they were willing to sacrifice the “crotches of their daughters” to save the country from Hillary. They respond with venomous attacks because their answer will either make them look like a hypocrite or a reprobate. Another woman who was the wife of a former pastor told me in regards to the same question, “As far as my daughters and grand-daughters are concerned, I trust them to God’s care.” Maybe the victim’s fathers simply didn’t trust them into God’s care quite enough and Trump really isn’t responsible for any of it?

I sat in church yesterday morning and I just felt grieved. It was hard for me to participate. In fact, I left early. The amount of “church people” who are dismissing this entire debacle as acceptable and normal, and attacking the voices who are saying, “no, this isn’t who we are!!!” makes me question everything.

Do I even want to leave my little girl in the nursery with groups of people who feel it’s morally acceptable to defend this all for the sake of their party? The amount of church leaders who work in the youth groups who aren’t fighting this on a spiritual front and remaining silent leaves me wondering why bother? Where are the courageous men who are standing up and leading our boys towards Christ and demanding that they not become a part of the group who gives it up to go along? These are the men and women I entrust influencing the spiritual lives of my family… where is the righteous outrage? Where is the accountability as a body towards one another?

And for those of you who are wondering, I can assure you, my church is probably symptomatic of your church. The Church as a whole is destroying their testimony, their integrity, by their silence or outright acceptance.



I know we don’t look to man. Man will fail us. But man makes up the fellowship and part of it is becoming rotten.

Men and women who I trust to pour God’s Word into the heart of my children or care and nurture them in the nurseries of the churches, instead pours fuel on the cultural wars they declare to fight by declaring their unwavering support for a deviant because of…. politics? All the while declaring with a Bible in one hand and a shaking fist, that “we must trust God!” Apparently, we can only trust Him so far— we have to throw our testimonies under the bus to avoid Hillary Clinton – because He definitely can’t be trusted with that one.

There are two groups of people with whom I speak.

The first being the vocal Trump supporter who sacrilegiously declares that Trump is God’s appointed leader for this time. Those may be admired in their tiny echo chambers of mindless idiots. Outside of their tiny core, they’ve already lost all credibility. They will never again change hearts and minds and influence newcomers to their party and certainly not to their Bible Studies.

The second group is the formerly vocal political Christians who have suddenly gone dark and silent. You have no comments. You state piously on social media that “this has just become too ugly.” These are the cowards. You disappear when it actually matters—when the world is watching to see how we react to this as Christians.

This is the group who remains vocal on their principles when they have an audience who agrees with them. But they aren’t vocal on their principles when it might require a confrontation. These types of people are even more guilty of destroying their Christian testimonies because they clearly have the sense to know what’s wrong….but they don’t have the courage to stand up for what’s right. Suddenly, their statuses have a few Scripture verses that “might allude” to what’s going on… but they don’t dare translate that into every day current events and accountability towards their Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

As I’ve stated so many times. I’m not looking for a perfect president. I’ve never found a Republican candidate that I couldn’t support over the Democrat alternative. But I need to find one with whom I can find some sort of moral commonality.

So many times I have wanted to walk away from all of this. This election has broken me in so many ways. It has delivered me into some of my darkest moments- sometimes on a national stage that has left me wondering if I’ve done the right thing and if any of it is worth it.

It has left me with deep conversations with people in my life that I profoundly admire and respect. And they have reminded me that the church has made grave mistakes before. The solution is not to abandon it but to speak out and reform it.

So, while I admit I’m struggling. I remember that I stand shoulder to shoulder with good men who haven’t caved or been bought with massive donations. Many who don’t have large audiences but their courageous stands cost them just as much. Along with men like Russell Moore and Albert Mohler, who have identified this as the cancer that it is. New voices, like Wayne Grudem, who are waking up and issuing giant apologies to the church and to the nation for being so blinded.

The world is watching how the Christian community responds to this. And the church will own a lion’s share of the responsibility for the judgement that God brings on our country.

I pray He is merciful because we certainly do not deserve it.

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5 Comments to Has the Church Found a New God in Donald Trump?

  1. Dragon63 says:

    Thanks for posting, Bill… I’m right with Brittany
    Luke 16:10 (NIV) “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”
    #Bible #Truth #Constitution #Liberty #COS

    • PattyCake says:

      I set in church and cried after my Sabbath school teacher admitted he felt had by trump and several ppl quite coming that was die hard trump followers. I was proud of him. How much easier will it be to follow a anti christ? I see this as a test.

  2. Steve Lindsey Steve Lindsey says:

    Bill this was one of my biggest complaints with the “church” in the 2016 election cycle.
    People like Billy Graham Jr and others all coming out and by endorsing Trump said “this is the example by which we should all follow”.

    How is it possible that the most vile and paganistic of all of the candidates actually wins the endorsement of the christian community?

    I personally will never forgive these so called christian leaders for this.. it may not be very christian of me but neither was it of them to do so..

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