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Silence Is No Longer An Option

Are You a Bot? A Cultist? You May Be Without Realizing It

Are you a “bot”? A Trumpbot or a Cruzbot or any other politician bot?  Do you identify yourself with one particular politician so much that you use phrases like “I support (insert your idol here) 100%” or “I stand behind (insert your idol here) no matter what”? I cringe when I hear people talking like that.

This infatuation of loyalty to the point of loss of critical thinking skills for yourself is killing us folks. If “their guy” does something right and lines up with their principles then they should get behind him or her. If they do something that doesn’t then speak out. Without guilt. And without excuses.

There are groups of people out there that are so cult oriented in this way that if you question anything “their guy” does then you are usually chastised, rebuked and blocked on social media because you actually used your mind instead of automatically accepting whatever their idol says as gospel. How dare you question my idol? Some Facebook groups have actually started hate campaigns against individuals and other groups that had the “audacity” to question their dear leader. Smearing reputations and lying non stop in an effort to discredit them, all because they didn’t like something someone said about their idol.

Ben Shapiro, a well known conservative blogger, public speaker, author and talk show host, states it well in his article “We Are Better Than This” when he says

Worship of any leader leads to violence, for the intolerance of opposing viewpoints often leads to violence. The whole American Revolution was a reaction to hero-worship, and it’s betraying American principles to worship any leader..

Although he targets Trump worship in the article the same applies to any politician. I left many of the groups I was in on Facebook for this very reason. It isn’t healthy and it does not advance the cause of liberty. It retards it.

My good friend Janice Barlow, writer at National Compass and financial adviser, puts it eloquently in the following comment she penned on Facebook regarding Ted Cruz:

I hold all politicians accountable.

I am just as disgusted by anyone who believes God put Ted Cruz in DC as I am that he put Trump there. The voters chose and in putting Trump there they chose badly.

WE seem to be, collectively, far more put out that Ted didn’t win than Ted himself is. If that is YOU, then re-examine your priorities. Ted may never be president and yes, that is a very real possibility.

Plan for alternative universes and move forward. This is a battle for conservatism and liberty and against socialism, not a puzzle of trying to get inside a Senator’s head to figure out why he leans this way or that or votes more RINO than we want him to at times.


It’s not about Ted Cruz. It’s about why he originally went to D.C. before Trump took some of his optimism and fighting spirit away.


And to me, it’s obvious. If you see it differently, then maybe I’m missing something. I just think narrow focus is dangerous. I’m pulling for him to do the right thing on health care but remember, this isn’t just one vote in a stream of Ted votes. THIS is his baby. This is what he fought for for YEARS. Full repeal. His legacy. He can’t do it alone but he can stand on principle. Or not. Further division lies ahead if we don’t stand #UnitedForFreedom.

No politician can be everything to everyone. They have failings just like we all do. They’re not gods. They’re not super heroes. They’re not your savior. Even if they have a Liberty score of 98% there’s still that 2%. If you make statements like “I stand behind (insert idol here) no matter what” then you have to stand behind him or her when they do that 2% thing too.

So stop it with the cult worship. You look like idiots that can’t think for themselves.

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One Comment to Are You a Bot? A Cultist? You May Be Without Realizing It

  1. NeverAgain1861 says:

    This is some awful writing. It’s like someone is trying to be a white trash version of Buckley. The writer mostly depends on the thoughts of others and what little he composes himself is just nasty name calling. Really, we have lowered ourselves as Conservatives to childish names such as “Cruzbot” and “Trumpbot”?

    No wonder we are losing the argument.

    Luckily some of the other articles on here make the Conservative argument much better. This writer should think about keeping his thoughts to himself instead of damaging our argument.

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