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Silence Is No Longer An Option


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When a friend offered to hold a Liberty Rally on July 4th this summer, I naturally asked where. Philadelphia, PA was the reply. It made perfect sense. Upon broadcasting the news to others, I got a reply. Philadelphia is nothing like it was when our nation was founded. Being fully aware of that, I doubled down that it is the symbolism of the location not the condition.

This provides a perfect illustration contrasting the hope that Philadelphia represented when the nation was established and what America has become. Back in the day, etiquette, conduct, character and fashion were signs of self-respect and dignity. Now, to see someone walking down the street in their pajamas is the rule not the exception.

There is no shortage of answers as to why society is collapsing. ‘They have no moral compass.’ ‘God is no longer blessing the sinful nature of America.’ ‘Civility is lost in America today.’ ‘The rule of law no longer applies.’ ‘Everyone is broken up in factions.’ While all of these may be true representations of the condition we are in, they fail to capture the underlying problem.

America puts no effort into anything anymore. Preachers no longer go forth with an effort to preach to the lost but rather remain secure “preaching to the choir” (that is if they even put forth the effort to study the Word).  Teachers no longer put forth an effort to educate the unlearned, they simply help students pass a test. Parents no longer put forth an effort to raise children but simply perform the necessary tasks to keep their children alive until adulthood. Politicians no longer uphold the constitution but merely keep their constituents at bay.

What is the result? Children are brought up feeling like an inconvenience. They have no recognition of authority. They just want to survive school rather than learn from it. They have no concept of civic responsibility because they don’t know that they don’t know. The only loyalty they know is to the classmates that stood with them even if they were dreamers. They enter adulthood with no preparation, expectation nor regard for their position or heritage. To wander through Walmart in their pajamas, picking up what sounds good and then swiping an EBT card to purchase their heart’s desire, is the entirety of their existence. Their effort is limited to leaving their house to get what they want.

They lack self-respect and furthermore, they fail to realize that such a thing exists. They are and that’s all they know. The people are like cattle, knowing only the minimal expectations placed upon them. Begrudgingly, they accept the burden. In exchange, they are provided food, shelter and clothing via government subsidies. Peaceful subjugation has replaced rugged individualism and self-reliance.

Half of our population has fallen into this domesticated state at the expense of the other half. Where is the dream for a brighter tomorrow? Where are the aspirations of a generation? Where is the effort to rise above station and thrive? It was withheld by the previous generation. No effort was made to secure them in the roll call of American value, pride or heritage. In our lapse, others have come to rescue them from an unfulfilled life. The agenda is to forsake all that Made America Great. Knowledge, wisdom and effort have been set aside to please their benefactors. I assure you, the political capital raised through a generation with no guidance has fulfilled the progressive dream. They believe they incorporate labors of love to resolve society’s ills. All the while, they are increasing them.

Failure of effort has brought about this souless vaccum and only renewing those efforts will provide any restoration whatsoever. If the necessary effort cannot be applied, then America will be condemned to languish. Confounded by inaction, we stand to lose liberty and our American birthright.

The End of Surrender

What Difference Does It Make?

There have been many opportunities over the course of decades (since Reagan) to make the bold determination that the Democrat and Republican Parties have pulled off the biggest merger in the history of America. For some,  this is still too broad a stroke. As the Conservative brand continues to suffer an identity crisis and few can offer a concise definition of what “Conservative” means, we are forced to rely on our individual instincts…honed to greater or lesser degree by experience. Is it best defined by a party? Is it embodied in a man’s life’s work? Is it merely defined by the enemies of our Republic and what they choose to tear down at the moment? Has its definition simply been reduced to what it is not?

I like to think of it as the Sodium that keeps liberty fresh in our minds, 241 years after this nation was framed, the greatest bulwark against institutionalized tyranny. It defends and justifies the works of our first generation. It vindicates the toils of hand and mind that delivered an infant America into this world. 

To relegate its protection to one man or institution is anathema to American exceptionalism. Balance of power through equal checks and balances is integral to our system. The judicial branch checks the legislative branch. The legislative checks the executive branch. The three are checks in any combination on one another. There is an additional check deeply seated in the process. The people check the government. As it has, to many, become obvious, the time for us to check our government has arrived.

In February 2009 (on the heels of Rick Santelli’s viral video from the Chicago Board of Exchange)

, the movement known as the Tea Party, commenced. Born of frustration over excessive government spending, taxation and its indifference to our founding ideals, the Tea Party organized efforts to express America’s consternation at the irresponsibility of Washington, DC. 7 months later, 60-75,000 people marched at a Tea Party rally in the heart of our tone-deaf capitol, meaning to be heard. The apparent strength of this movement lay in 2 key factors.
1. It had no formal leader for the establishment to target.
2. There was no coordinated message/talking points for the establishment to dismantle.

With this new influx of people getting deeply involved in politics, new candidates emerged, candidates that spoke to the Tea Party’s aspirations of limited spending and government. This was the genesis of careers for men like Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Lee and Sasse. Their careers have mirrored the fate of the Tea Party. Whether absorbed or co-opted into the establishment through PACs, waning zeal, conceding positions on issues dear to them, much of the Tea Party has faded into the mists of the political landscape. The core still exists in pockets. Some politicians, carried in on the wave of Tea Party success, have maintained. Organizations still exist to promote the original heart and soul of the movement. It is not dead but it is far from the fiery, passionate, patriotic torch it once was.

Which leads me to my final point. With the dissolution or pacification of large elements within the Tea Party, what is the next point of escalation? If peaceably assembling outside their gates could not effect the necessary change in our representatives’ attitudes, maybe a new approach is the answer. You see, Obama and the Democrats spent upward of $7 Trillion over his eight years in office. In his first year in office, Trump and the Republican Party are halfway to that mark. Using this statistic as a basis, who is the greater of the two fiscal aggressors? The once beloved GOP, has committed too many acts of treason against Conservatism and Liberty itself, to retain our loyalty.

I, along with many others, have determined to put our resources into something independent of the Duopoly. We are establishing new parties and reinforcing existing ones. If you keep funding and voting to grant those who act against you more power, you are essentially responsible for your own defeat. If the GOP will not defund Planned Parenthood, defund the GOP. If they prove willing to spend your grandchildren’s money with designs on their children’s as well then supporting them is to condone the continuation of generational theft. Put your money and support into a party or a candidate that believes as you do. This time we are going to DC, not to protest but to stay. This time we are coming with paperwork.

Two parties cannot and were never meant to contain 324 million points of view.

Do We Need A 9/5 Project?

Address to the 50 Colonies

Many are familiar with the Glenn Beck inspired, 9/12 project. It cultivated the spirit of unity that existed when, not blacks or whites, Republicans or Democrats, rich or poor but Americans were attacked. When 9/11/2001 happened we came together in our outrage, horrified by the unwarranted, unprovoked and unequivocal attack against us. We were aghast and indignant that such senseless bloodshed could be carried out our soil…American soil. On the morning of 9/12/2001 we were Americans first. That solidarity, brief though it was, was unanimous.

I ask that you indulge me as I make my way to, what I hope to be, the very solid point that I want to convey. When studying the Bible, I consider the law of firsts. The first mention of something in the Bible often maintains its definition throughout. Let’s apply that same concept to America. When was the first time Americans were unanimous in their indignation toward a common foe?

The first real birth pangs, contractions, that announced the impending delivery of a new nation on the world stage occurred in 1765 with the arbitrarily established Stamp Act. A legislative body 4500mi away determined to gain profits by the taxation of every legal document penned in the colonies. This incited strife among the colonies toward their British contemporaries. Tensions mounted and revulsion replaced royal reverence. That the crown could impose such draconian measures against its own “British born” citizenry was appalling. Over the next 8yrs, the rift between the colonies and the crown widened. Nowhere was that gulf more evident than in the colony of Massachusetts.

In 1773, the event known as the Boston Tea Party, marked the crescendo of those souring relations. A healthy concentration of opposition to Britain’s overbearing and burdensome regulation existed here. Indeed, many of those who would rise to American founding prominence in the coming decades called it home. Escalation rapidly followed. The British, in an effort to retaliate against such insurrectionist upstarts, imposed heavy legislative sanctions on the colony. Being barred the right to import or export from the Boston Harbor, Massachusetts primary hub of trade, the toll was heavy. The soldiers and officials were granted immunity and could assault, even kill, the colonial residents without reprisal from any continental body. Many other laws were passed, meant to destroy the will of Massachusetts’ colonists. Their effect was quite the opposite. It hardened their resolve and not theirs alone.

Though, Boston demonstrated a unique boldness among its neighbors, the sentiments were echoed throughout the colonies. These impositions and retributions were no longer going to be tolerated. As the decrees, the long train of abuses, from the crown and parliament of Britain were meant to suppress revolt in one colony, they were meant to prevent it elsewhere. Meant to…

This is the central point. An attack on one was an attack on all. Rather than cower in fear, the America colonies united against their common enemy. They fortified their resolve in that unity and, this is the important part, they acted. On September 5th 1774, the first Continental Congress convened. Each colony sent delegates to attend, observe and lend a guiding voice to its proceedings…what would amount to the delivery of our newborn nation.

Now this is not to say we need a revolution but we very certainly need to reassert our sovereignty in the face of a common enemy. If we are going to exist as anything more than 50 colonies grumbling our frustration at the arbitrary nature in which laws, taxation and undue regulations are handed down to us, then we need to act. We need to take back our sovereign will. We need to acknowledge that our nation is fast approaching the “Natural State.” We all have a stake in regaining control of our government and the best way to accomplish that is to create a 9/5 Project.

I refuse to accept that my grandchildren are meant to receive a heritage of slavery to debt. I refuse to believe Washington, DC has the authority to establish edicts that impart favor on one group or lobby at the expense of others or the people at large. I refuse to believe that a core premise upon which our nation was founded has been set aside: “No taxation without representation.” If they have ceased to represent us, then they have defaulted on their commitment to us. Are we to remain subjects of a rogue American government or will we resurrect our rightful sovereignty as individual citizens and masters of our representative republic? Out of necessity, we need to revive the spirit of our origin that manifested itself in Philadelphia on that distant day: September 5th, 1774.

Is a 9/5 Project practical, possible or even needed? Who would comprise its attendants? Share your thoughts. Be a guiding voice.

Defeating The Dual Party Dichotomy

The Color War

You have heard it has been said:

“You must vote for _______ to defeat the other party.” I say unto you, there is no longer a difference.

$20,000,000,000,0000 in debt has been amassed by your party. The Red Team has laid this burden on the backs of 324 million Americans. It is the greatest testimony to the ineptitude of The Red Team’s incompetence. I will put that in perspective. If you possessed 20 Trillion dollars in 1 dollar bills and equally (America is all about equality) distributed them to the entire population of the United States, each man, woman and child would be shackled to a bag of money weighing 136lbs. Did they spend all of that? No, but they have made little to no effort at reducing it. They always predicate this with the soothing words; “I believe in lower taxes and reduced spending.” In essence, Fiscal responsibility plays second fiddle to defeating the enemy.

The equivallent of 17.5% of the current population of the United States has been murdered in the womb through the process of abortion. The Red Team has made its attempts to limit abortion through legislation that hinders, but does not end, postericide. These efforts amounted to shooting a pop gun at a scalpel-wielding lawyer. The Red Team recognizes that abortion is ‘legal’ and so, with hat in hand, they apologize for their ineffectiveness in the right to life arena. They always predicate this with the token statement; “I am a Pro-Life Conservative” to abate the anger of their constituents but this simply maintains the arsenal of votes necessary in defeating The Blue Team

“Liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right to do what we ought.”
~ Lord Acton

As Americans, we are ever striving for that place of balance between liberty and social order, appealing for The Red Team to enact legislation that affords us greater sovereignty in our daily activities. In recent times, The Red Team has been inclined to legislate on emotional rather than principled grounds. Public sentiment, always a cause adverse to a Conservative position and amplified by the media in all of its manifestations, appears to sway against bedrock conservative values. As such, The Red Team has found the middle ground between, not conservative ideals and liberal ones, but between perceived public sentiment and the extreme of liberal, bordering on socialist, views. When arriving at the table of negotiation, the first chip to be tossed out by The Red Team is you. Your loyalty is their leverage. Captivated by your fear that a state or district may turn blue, you will concede to relinquish what you believe in favor of “the best deal we can get” on every policy and issue.

When was the last time The Red Team achieved a victory on your behalf? When was the last time yours was even a position on which negotiations began? In my lifetime, I can remember no point when The Red Team stated openly, ‘we are not conceding on abortion?’ When was the last time The Red Team maintained a position of strength on the issues you care most about? In the last 20 years, your party has been in charge of the presidency and the legislative branch with a favorable showing of Constitutional judges in the supreme court 2 times.

It should be obvious that:
1. They haven’t the will to fight for your beliefs, though they staunchly claim them every 2-4 years.
2. They believe there is no value in conservative ideals and abandon them at the first sign of trouble.
3. They use the the right keywords to elicit turn out on election day like clicks on a website with a high SEO score.

The Red Team is leading you into an ambush and your faith convinces you that you are being led by competent leadership. You are being led from defeat to defeat. The Blue Team controls the field, following every bit of advice Sun Tzu, Noam Chomski, Saul Alinski, Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon B. Johnson had to offer. The Red Team’s strategy is simple. ‘Give us more ammunition (votes) and we can finally start winning battles.’ All the firepower in the world cannot compensate for poor strategy or tactics. The Red Team has demonstrated, without exception that they possess no will to win. You merely fulfill your role as cannon fodder in their effort to provide a safe place to offer The Blue Team their terms of surrender.

As the nation turns purple, you are shown maps that tell you there are increases in territorial occupation marked as Red States. You are fearful of the Blue Team gaining your real estate. When you come to the realization that the map is false, when it occurs to you that there is no red state or blue state but a blurring of every boundary between views then…only then will you realize that the war is over and The Red Team has already signed the peace treaty. The GOP is merely the Viche party convincing you that surrender was the best course of action.

I encourage you to join the resistance to our occupation. I encourage you to discover the unique position in which you are placed. If you truly believe in Conservative values, the founding documents of our republic and if you possess a deep seated passion to restore the most noble aspirations of Americanism then I recruit you to join me in turning the entire United States map gray with alternatives to the Dual Party, binary choice and consolidation of convictions that could never and were never meant to contain 324 million points of view.

Or Is It Showtime?

Shut Down!

Now what?
The legislative branch of our Federal Government has made good on its warnings and demonstrated that gridlock is the natural result of the ultra-partisan conditions that exist in 2018 America. Whether this is a source of agitation, apprehension or elation, the fact that the government has reached the end of its financial rope and hangs there freely swinging from “left” to “right” illustrates the high level of ineptitude exhibited by our elected representatives.

If you take nothing else away from this article, please let this next point sink in. The shutting down of the Federal Government means they have essential ran out of money to operate with and perform their obligations to the people. $20,000,000,000,000 dollars in debt and they still have to make the difficult decision to fund themselves every 6 months. It is called leveraging public opinion to favor all the concessions necessary for Washington, DC to resume its functions again.

As they string everyone along, feigning to fight on your behalf, remember this, it is YOUR money…your taxes, they are fighting to spend on themselves. They have propped themselves up as the wisest among us and have long maintained the view that they are far better at spending and handling OUR money than we are. Indeed, I’m convinced.

I cannot say, at the end of this melodramatic episode, that things will not change to some degree but I can say, with certainty, that they will not improve. In another year, we will be back here again, forced to concede on every point just so the Federal leviathan can continue to consume and grow. The very fact the partisan rhetoric is identical and interchangeable regardless of which party is in “power, ” should reveal the essential element of truth. It is all a performance on an elaborate stage, not meant to bring laughter or tears but nonetheless to elicit an emotional reaction from the unwitting public participants once known as their rightful masters.

Mark this pattern well. It will play out again and again like reruns of Gilligan’s Island…contrived and foolish. The script and scenerios will be rearranged for freshness but there are only 2 characters (gotta love binary choices) to deliver the lines. I am infuriated that this well-worn gimmic still garners an audience, that the people have not recognized the degree of condescension issuing forth from our capitol (this implies that condescension may be merited to a point) and despite all of the unanswered demands for change the people believe they are getting it.

Do not believe for a moment that the timing is lost on me. Right now, the average American worker with W2s in their hand ready to file for that tax return are seeing the shut down as a potential hinderance to obtaining their refund. Politicians are quite adept at finding the best place to apply pressure and using it to maximum effect. No weaker point exists in the average struggling America than in their wallet. Stand in the way of that and they will be willing to place a crown on the president’s head to open up the coffers. In two weeks, it will not simply be tax paying citizens prevented from recovering some of their losses. It will be the large numbers of people on a fixed income, relying solely on the functioning of the Federal Government for their very survival, that coming in the form of Social Security checks. Hammer: meet anvil.

If the shut down can have this much of an impact on the daily lives of so many then no greater example exists that such a government has exceeded its authority and scope. It cannot maintain itself because of its size. It cannot afford itself because of its responsibility. It cannot negotiate because of its partisanship (this should be enough to prove a need for a new party even if only to mediate from a position of neutrality). It cannot handle the affairs of state because, honestly, it has forgotten how. Incompetent people convince a majority that they are capable and once occupying the office they learn from statesmen how to be just as ineffective as those who have mastered the art.

My wish is that the people could extricate themselves from DC’s entanglements, that a desire for liberty would be revived in the heart of Americans and that a new generation of statesmen would supplant the political creatures inhabiting the Federal level of our not-so-limited government. Those statesmen should go to DC with the intent of healing what ails our broken republic. Should that happen, I have one recommendation: first and foremost, Do No Harm.

Navigating the Turbulence of American Political Discourse

Uncharted Waters

The American experiment was just that. It was an amalgamation of philosophy, born of historical experience and devised by learned men with aims of reducing the harm inflicted by governments upon their citizen/subjects throughout history.

In the deftly written birth announcement of our nation, Jefferson stated clearly that it was incumbent upon the people to rid themselves of any government deemed destructive of their liberty and to establish one of new form as they saw fit.

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
~ Thomas Jefferson (Declaration of Independence)

In these volatile times wrought upon our generation, the will of the people has been subverted and liberty has few champions in the halls of power. With that in mind, can anyone honestly say that they trust their fellow countrymen to institute any form of government beneficial to the whole? Can such a government truly appease the masses? What inspiration would the people draw upon to formulate a grand vision of limitless potential? The people cannot even express appreciation for the republic that got away from them.

So sound were its methods in the beginning, that the world watched and waited for reality to bring us out of our optimistic revelry. With confidence, they anticipated our swift decline so they could delight in the foolishness of our calamity. But we did not decline. We did not provide them with entertaining dismay. We survived. We succeeded. We set the standard. Rather than mocking our failure they were forced to marvel at our greatness.

If those nations would have waited two and one half centuries they could have had the last laugh. Now, with all of the world in such disarray, such a state of moral degradation and in a descent that reveals no hope of slowing, America still stands superior. Though we are following the path that other nations have clearly proven to end in destruction, we have an external contrast and example to avoid should we choose to heed it.

We have incorporated many detrimental ideas into our political discourse. We have attempted to bastardize socialism…to give it a post-modern American twist and make it better. We have fornicated with the past ills of humanity. We have voluntarily sought to reassert a form of monarchy over us. We have willfully encouraged our own invasion by opening wide our borders and ceding territory without a shot fired.

Those Americans among us who have taken part in these regressive tendencies have been told about the uniqueness of our founding principles but have never seen them applied. On the other hand, we can only tell them about those lofty ideals but, having no example to demonstrate them, we fail to impact their world view. On both sides of the fight are Americans who will have to come to terms with the other’s existence.

Our nation was conceived in turmoil. The people were divided on every subject. Factions of loyalty existed across the spectrum, even among the founders. There were Tories, Whigs loyalists, abolishionists, insurrectionists, farmers, statesmen, Federalists, Anti-Federalists, revolutionaries, aristocrats, clergy, atheists, laymen, natives, slaves, parliamentarians and confederates bent on gaining prominence for their pet position. As such, the conditions now, being similar, are favorable for sweeping change.

Will we complete the transition to total despotism? Will we restore the originalist view of our Republic without the shadow of slavery looming over the process? Will we forge some new or, as of yet, undiscovered method of governance? To find out the answers to these questions we simply need to ask our rivals to come to the table. A common element will be shared by most in the room. Washington no longer represents any of us. I can say nothing with such conviction as I say this: I will be damned if that table will be located in DC. Furthermore, it cannot happen on social media where animosity is equal to anonymity.

People need to meet in person where emotions may better be tempered with civility much as it was in the days of America’s construction. If such a quorum cannot be obtained without bloodshed, then America is lost already. I may be naive or even gullible to assume such a meeting could take place. My optimism is out of necessity. I guarantee that things will not long continue as they are nor are they sustainable in their current condition. How we proceed must be discussed. We must, as a whole people, precariously navigate these uncharted waters or we will most certainly collapse into chaos and impulse more similar to the French Revolution.

A Land Unleashed

There are 2.3 billion acres of land in the United States. 640 million acres of that belongs to the Federal government. The average price per acre is $3080.00. If that land were to be sold at average price, the Federal government stands to make nearly $1.9Trillion. Granted military bases require land to be owned by the Federal Government but that is only a fraction of the total landmass in their possession. A greater share is in lush land and green pastures. It’s as if they sought to incorporate purple mountains’ majesties and America’s fruited plain under their jurisdiction.

Taking into consideration that the property owned by the Federal Government physically exists in specific states, would it not be reasonable to sell it back to them or their residents? As it is extorting that money from the States or their residents, it would be apropriating funds that could be used to pay down our debt, applied toward over-extended programs that should not exist in the Constitutional scope of federal authority or it could be allocated to shore up our existing infrastructure that both sides of the aisle agree is failing.

In addition to generating an overlooked source of revenue, it would decrease a portion of beauracracy dedicated to overseeing and the caretaking of that property. The hands in which that property ultimately ended up in could be a source of property taxes (this concept is an aberration of liberty in itself but I’ll play ball for the argument). As in all things: whether taxes, property or right actions, these decisions are best left to the state or the individual to determine or define and deal with. Strangers to our towns, our communities or our homes should not and very sincerely do not have a right to dictate what goes on there.

As many topics in this instant access news cycle become flashfires of indignation, it may not be fresh in the minds of some that Cliven Bundy and Lavoy Finicum were victims of land grabs by the Federal Government. They stood up against such underhanded tactics and the results had widespread implications. One has been caught up in litigation for years. The other has left this world for greener pastures. The very existence of a Bureau of Land Management should be something that gives us serious pause. Of course, the subject has little romantic appeal to the hearts of the parties striving indefinitely for control of DC. They are fighting for control of those bureaus, departments and administrations, while I am fighting the existence of those portals of government waste. If the size of government were reduced to its Constitutional restraints, there would be a whole lot less for the parties to fight for control over. In turn, we might be far less inclined to give it to them.

Local control.
Local decisions.
Local policies.
Local impact.
What do we need DC for again?
That’s right…to think and act on our behalf. How has that worked out for us so far?
Waterways Of The United States.

By God, not government, we have our rights. I just thought you had a right to know.

Who Serves Whom?

American Aristocracy

An American aristocracy is emerging. So few find themselves in positions of power and authority over so many. This did not happen over night. It has occured while the people slumbered, while people settled into calm indifference and while they were subtly encouraged (or trained) to look the other way. A nobility has established itself in our capitol’s court without oversight or accountability. They do as they please and spend what they will from the public coffers to appease the lords and ladies who have appealed for their favor.

Royal decree was the bane of the colonists’ existence circa 1775. Two hundred and forty two years later, our nation kneels in willing acceptance of its masters and financial chains.

For the sake of perspective, there are 546 members spread throughout three branches of the Federal Government in Washington, District of Columbia. Of course, this does not take into account, the bloated bureaucracy

1 – Elected President of the United States

1 – Appointed Vice-President of the United States

435 – Elected Members of the House of Representatives

100 – Elected Members of the United States Senate

9 – Appointed Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States

There are approximately 326,473,468 people in the United States of America.

The average net worth of congress has reached $1,008,000.

The average American has a net worth of $182,000.

That means that the average Senator and Congressman is worth 5½ times more than the average American. Let that sink in for a minute. Now, I do not begrudge wealth but I do begrudge those who amass it while in roles of public service whose primary function seems to be levying taxes, fines and fees on the rest of us. I do realize that some of them were wealthy before they entered office but the accumulation does not cease while they reside in D.C, it increases. Bear in mind, Darryl Isa, who has the highest net worth at $448,000,000, made 100 million of that over 2 years while in office. What is so lucrative about being an elected representative?

Furthermore, those same representatives have been able, over the course of time, to concentrate much of the authority under themselves and over the people. How does an elected body, of, by and for the people take that misplaced trust from their constituents and use it to consolidate so much power, amass so much wealth and maintain their status, office and position?

We tolerate their edicts. We subordinate our contentment to textual criteria. We comply with (resentment) the volumes of regulations dictated by a fraction of a percent of the total population. That is not who Americans were meant to be!

The people have become so compliant, so passive, so predictable, so complacent, so lethargic in their civic duties that taking recourse doesn’t even occur to most of them anymore. Of those patriots who realize the shameful existence we are expected to endure, few have a strategy to restore the original tenets.

I don’t care what your views of the president are, your opinion of your congressmen or senators. I care how you view Washington D.C. as a whole. To come to the realization that 546 people acting in the capacity of public servants have the audacity to TAKE portions of your labor in the form of taxes and all they GIVE Americans in return are statutes of limitations. You cannot do this. You cannot produce that…unless, of course, we grant you approval. The American taxpayer is on the hook for $9600 per household. What do we acquire for such sums? We reenforce the system that demands that we pay our portion. We acknowledge that our public servants are really our masters by funding their control over us.

What does D.C. look like if we simply refuse to concede to their demands? It looks like a vacant lot with men and a few women throwing a tantrum because no one is listening to them. Our labor no longer funds their subsidies. Our efforts do not give dollars to an organization that encourages postericide. The sweat of our brow no longer pays for American nobility to extract sums to defeat OUR values.

What America needs right now is a show of force. We need a unifying act that demonstrates to an out-of-control Federal Government, that they are only allowed to do what we grant them permission to accomplish. We need to express, in no uncertain terms, that 546 people cannot arbitrarily rule over 325,000,000 citizens. We must demonstrate that constraints on their power exist. We must reduce them to the insignificant role they were meant to play in our lives and serve them up a harsh reminder of the limitations/shackles binding them, limitations clearly established (yet often ignored by both citizen and politician) in our United States Constitution.

Our birthright was bought by the blood of patriots. We have sold it for a cup of stew. There comes a time when a single meal of soup is no longer worth the price we pay in relinquished sovereignty. Will we so cheaply remit our lofty ideals? Will we so meagerly pass the torch to those who simply wish to extinguish ambition? Or will we sacrifice creature comfort for the sake of generations to follow, so that they may experience Americanism with the same vision our founders held in such esteem. Some of them died, never having witnessed the cause they sacrificed all to establish. In our time, blood is not required…merely resolve. If we lapse in our duty, among our posterity, there will be those braver and far more patriotic than us. They will be willing to bleed as our more noble patriachs once did.

Crisis of Conscience

To act according to your own values is the cornerstone of liberty. America began as an ideal to provide each with that opportunity. How far have we fallen? What can be more important than personal conviction? The edict of a political body or the command of a commander in chief cannot…was never meant to supercede the individual’s view of right action.

The individual is granted extraordinary power under the protection of the United States Constitution. The individual rights are the purpose of the establishment of our republic. Why does our current system seek to emulate the monarchies of the past? What convinces the modern American that each person’s liberty should be dependent on a committee’s assessment? What about elected servants’ decisions holds more weight than the conscience of one?

If a Christian were to adhere to every tenet of their faith, would they go to jail? That is the concern of those who understand why our nation was founded and the individual freedoms that remained in jeopardy from the “old world.” Is Christianity necessary in America? No. But…I will contend that America was established to grant a protection for men to exercise their faith as Christians without reprisal. As Christianity has waned in popularity, it still remains a cohesive religion and cannot be discarded despite its opposition to cultural norms.

When popular society has poured out its disdain on people of faith, it has placed the ball squarely in the government’s court. Does government play ball with mainstream society or does it preserve the intent of its foundation? If it errs on the side of the popular view it has ceased to possess its lawful morrings. If it condemns those who declare righteousness to be of an independent source, it has ceased to place its authority in God and seeks rather to appease men. No greater weakness can exist than to place firm reliance on the ever shifting positions of men. No fortitude can exist when public sentiment guides the dictates of men. When mortal men are the source of authority, untethered to the acknowledgment of a higher than themselves, their basest instinct will be the root of their desire.

When a mortal man believes his cause is noble, no source beyond himself can counter his ideals. Yet, when a mortal man recognizes that temporal ambition drives him, he can defer to a source of authority higher than himself, he may be apt to concede to that archaic law established long before men. It remains an independent confirmation standing in judgment of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Once upon a time in America, those who stood firm in their reliance upon conscience were showered with adoration. They were granted due respect. Weakness (toward which man has always been predisposed) placed conscience on the second or third tier when it came to their motivations. Expedience often wins the day in the lives of ordinary men. Then again, possessing the boldness to act on personal conviction and that rooted in a conscience, set men apart…made them figures to be wondered at, admired.

Then a shift occurred. It became arrogance to set standards so high, to place conscience before cause. Expedience took precedent of right action. Those once revered found themselves in a position akin to the enemy for adhering to values, for maintaining principles that hindered movement or cause. Nobility was cast aside in favor of its savage cousin: victory. Chivalry is dead indeed. In its place, stands the conquering hero, foreign in motive and deed to the cause which propelled him to triumph.

Without conscience to guide a man to right action, he is bound by nothing. He will ride the popular tide even if it means that he adopts many of the savage traits of the vanquished.

To delegate conscience to a place of refuse should be considered the greatest of American travesties and, I would contend, it provides the punctuation mark to our decline. If we continue to sear our consciences like a doctor burning nerves meant to alert us of the damage being done there will be no recovering.

Take inventory of the following items. Right action is demonstrated through integrity, honor, loyalty, truth and selflessness. Venerate these qualities and restoration is near at hand. Those who currently act upon those qualities are playing by rules long established. Those who condemn them in favor of winning have relinquished victory, cheering as they are defeated.

We May Not Be Winning But We Cannot Lose

Till the Dawn’s Early Light…

Is it a mark of our culture that I want to kick the dust from my heels everytime I go out into the world? Be in the world but not of it. The time will come when we are no longer able to turn the tide of evil but are rather called to resist it…to not succumb to its pressure…to hold fast that which we have been given.

Reagan called America the shining city on a hill. It was meant to gleam in the midst of a dark world and to demonstrate a better way to those huddled masses yearning to be free. With that beacon of preservation, people the world over knew a place, a refuge existed. It was a guide post for the righteous, a place where their aspirations were still cherished among the kingdoms of men. Then something happened.

Cracks formed in our foundations. Weakness and cowardice took root in the hearts of the American citizen. We hid from our duty. It was not for pride that we dwelled on such a lofty purch, not arrogance that maintained our status. It was a firm knowledge in our hearts that we were preserving the lighthouse so that others may find their way home. We remained above the rest to maintain that fire of liberty. We knew that if we should let the light falter or the hope dim that no one would take our place. No one would guide others out of the shadows. And no one has.

Since Reagan had his time in the spotlight and held up a mirror to show us the light was really in us, the American people, no one has amplified the American ideal. No one has dared challenge us to rise to our full potential. No one has thought to remind us that there exists a light that must be tended to. Quite the opposite. Our “leaders” have hidden that glow, begged us to suppress it so as not to offend and even attempted to extinguish it.

Spotlights shine forth from the halls of power in DC. They are vigilant in detecting those still hopeful, those willing to light the fire once more. At some point in the last 29 years, America forgot its purpose and shied from its responsibility to preserve the light and hope. Our nation ceased to be a godly majority, giving glory to the One who poured out His blessing from sea to shining sea in abundance. We rescinded our pledge of societal obedience and He, in turn, revoked His mercy. Now, in isolation from God’s will, we grope for solutions like the blind at midnight.

As the darkness that has enveloped the rest of the world settles in our land, there are still some, a remnant, who have the profound knowledge of what has befallen us. Being too few, we are merely tasked with a simple instruction. Hold fast to that which you have recieved, that no man may take thy crown. We are no longer in a position of keeping the light shining for those abroad. We are simply trying to keep the light shining for those nearby. In absence of those nearby seeking hope, we keep our lamps burning if only to keep us warm.

If this is that time, the commandment remains. Hold fast. If it is not that time, our perserverence has meaning and will shape our nation’s future for generations to come. Your knowledge of eschatology is insignificant when it comes to the Author’s will. What really matters, and always has, is our desire for obedience, no matter what generation we find ourselves a part of. Jesus dwelled in a wicked and rebellious generation. Take up your cross and follow Him.

The Destruction Of The Conservative Brand

Were Did Everybody Go?

“Think not that I have come to bring peace, but a sword.”

It appears that this is the end of the line, that the devil has been loosed a little season. This is where I commit blasphemy against our sitting president. The First Amendment, at the time of this writing, still grants me that right. Donald Trump is the conductor of this apocalyptic orchestra. Too harsh? Too bad. From my position of political rogue, rebel, reprobate and relic I consider it my duty to speak with a voice of dissent, to give the minority report against our nation’s decline.

Prior to the 2016 primary, we were still battling Obama’s Barakalypse and the dismantling of our country. Our representives demonstrated themselves to be incapable of conducting any meaningful resistance to his agenda. Under his tenure, we lost our economy, our jobs, our security, our national dignity, our improving race relations, our ability to identify our enemies, our Constitutional limits on government, our civic responsibility and our sense of common decency. The only thing we had not lost was conservative solidarity.

Enter Donald J. Trump. He swept aside an entire field of better and worse candidates to become the new front man of the GOP. No better candidate existed to eliminate conservatives from the lineup, than (self-proclaimed best at everything he does) Donald Trump. He certainly proved he could shoot a man on 5th Avenue without losing any of his supporters…providing it was a conservative that took the bullet.

How someone with so little character can be this adept at destroying reputations is the question of our age. The Republican Party demonstrated its willingness to play ball or obstruct. Sadly, the majority of Republicans who oppose him are not doing so for the lofty cause of preserving our Constitutional republic but because he is cutting in on their action. Hannity never really had a reputation to lose. Rush feigned neutrality while simultaneously dedicating at least an hour of every program to explain why Trump was succeeding. His veil of objectivity was practically translucent. Bill (my good friend John Boehner) Cunningham got a tingle up his leg every time Trump spoke. Allen West laid down his reputation at the altar. Breitbart and Drudge went all in for the cause. FOX donated millions in free publicity to Trump’s campaign. The real shocker, of late, has been Mark Levin’s transition from reluctant Trump voter to a sycophantic mouthpiece for the president’s ever elusive agenda. According to Levin, Trump is the most Conservative president since Reagan.

Before this election cycle, we knew what Conservative meant. We knew abortion was wrong. We knew any significant reduction in taxes needed to be accompanied by an equally significant cut in spending. We knew limited government was the real solution. We knew that many of America’s institutions were being assailed and cast down. We knew who our ideological enemies were and fought against the progressive agenda as a united front. We knew the foundation of American values was the bible and the Constitution. Those values were independently verifiable. We were not ruled by our emotions or governed by feelings but by things higher than ourselves. The rule of law and scripture were our anchors. That WAS our common ground. It is lamentable that this is no longer the case.

Now those who claim the conservative title are fighting against each other about whether our Constitutional rights should be dialed back a little or preserved according to the founders’ intentions. Who do have to thank for bringing this discussion, once debated strictly with those on the left, into our camp? Who has advocated on behalf of universal healthcare? Who lauded Planned Parenthood for the great work they do to benefit women? Who now calls DACA a good idea? Who has endorsed and lavished praise on every progressive, not-quite-as-bad-as-the-Democrats, bill that this GOP dominated DC has offered up?

Am I setting too high a standard for our president? No, my expectation was that “conservatives” would maintain a higher standard when selecting a president to restore that which was lost or destroyed under Obama. Trump has proven who the real Conservatives are and who are his supporters (they are not exclusive). One year in office and all Trump has accomplished is a body count count of reptutations stacked up on 5th Avenue.

Before you accuse me of sabotaging our cause, do 2 things:
1. Define what the cause is.
2. Go back to your anti-Obama posts from 2 years ago, substitute Trump for Obama and repost them on Facebook or Twitter.
Nothing budgetary or legislatively has changed since Obama was in office. The budget is the same. Healthcare is the same. Planned Parenthood still has spending money.

The president signs laws and enforces them. Stop investing all of your confidence in the office of the president. All positive activity since Trump took office has been accomplished by the people. The power has and always should reside with the people. Real Conservatives understood that once upon a time. Then again, Conservatives are right where we are supposed to be but no one else is

The Constitution Serves Everyone

Come to the Table

I’m going to ask you to do something…many somethings that may cause you to cringe. You may well walk away, having no desire to entertain the notion. You may become angry that I would ask it of you in the first place. Nonetheless, here’s the pitch. I have to ask you to defend the Constitution.

‘Oh, is that all,’ you may be saying. First, consider the implications that this simple request entails. Let me ask a question here. Does the Constitution protect only those who protect, defend and admire it? No. If you are, by naturalization or birth, a citizen of the United States, you are afforded all of its protections.

It is and always has been accepted that there will be defiant dissidents in every generation. Protests, marches, rallies and disruptions, are woven into the fabric of our nation but there have been times when those integrated patches of material have been all that held this country together. As distasteful as dissent is, as ridiculous as the premise of the minority view and as vilified as the cause for which the raging voice is echoed, the rights must be afforded them to express it. To use moral outrage as the means by which it should be suppressed is to ignore the lessons of history and the message that is recorded in the blood of those who landed foul of tyrannical regimes beyond number.

With eloquent words conveying profound and fundamental truths, our founders, men like Jefferson, Hancock, Washington, Madison and Franklin drew up documents the likes of which the world had never seen. The enlightened minds of that time, delivered into the world, a preservation of man’s inherent right to defy tyranny. It established the means by which he could depose tyrants. It granted the individual superiority over his government. With collective vigilance, the people were meant to discern the signs that tyranny was attempting to gain a foothold in America and declare their suspicions openly.

Our republic has, from its very foundation, revealed a fundamental paradox. Discord and disagreement is as old as the Declaration of Independence, so it should be no surprise that the same lines of disagreement have lived to this very day. Some are inclined toward centralized governance while others seek to minimize government’s significance in our lives. The Constitution provides the confines and the rules of engagement to the combatants on both sides of this ideological conflict.

Yet, so fierce has this battle become that the Constitution can no longer contain it. Each side continues to stray further from its legal constraints. Back and forth, the pendulum swings, with each side attempting, not to bring focus back to the Constitution but merely to obtain the greater revenge against their opposition.

It can’t go on like this. This course leads to the dissolution of the Constitution and the republic it defines. The extremes of both sides will never yield. Socialism and Anarchy are waiting in the wings’ tips. They are the fringe elements and we outnumber them. If we refuse to concede to either side’s extreme elements then WE need to meet at the table to restore our defense of the Constitution. We need to stand up for the rights of our political opponents. We may absolutely stand diametrically opposed to their views but it is imperative that they have their right to express them. When another shift in power occurs, we will stand in need of them as well.

If you are willing to stand on the Constitution, you may find yourself standing side by side with liberals, Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, gays, straights, atheists, Christians, Muslims, gnostics and know-it-alls. If they are willing to stand on the Constitution, are you willing to stand with them?

America needs its patriots to #HoldTheLine. To defend your opponent’s rights is not to defend their beliefs but to defend the Constitution that protects their beliefs. That is what may be required should you decide to defend the Constitution.

Freedom Ltd.

The desire for freedom lies deep in the heart of all men and they are willing to do a great deal to achieve it. What makes America’s system unique, apart from acknowledging that undeniable truth, is the desire to help others experience it. In the overarching history of human experience, no cave scribbling, no papyrus, no scroll, no doctrine or document written ever secured more freedom for the individual than the United States Constitution.

How is it that this cornerstone, this foundation of liberty is such a strange occurrence on the world stage among governments past and present? All other nations have been established for the express purpose of controlling their subjects to a greater or lesser extent. Freedom was always reserved for the powers that be to exercise with relative impunity. While, with that of the people governed, it was issued at the discretion of government.

Only the government was free to choose how men were to be controlled. They were free to limit the freedom of their subjects, to parcel its measure equally or, as was more often the case, distribute it unequally in exchange for favors for personal gain. They could allow men to handle their own affairs and move about freely in their daily lives. Yet, it was always in the power of the state to give or take at its leisure. If the people took too great an advantage of the liberty they were allowed, oppressive reprisal was sure to follow. They were restricted in travel, prevented the means to protect life or property. They were prevented from gathering to discuss matters of their own treatment. Government has always been keen on rounding up and disposing of those who can articulate the sentiment of the people effectively. The power of words can topple the most entrenched regimes. History is replete with such examples.

That history has demonstrated through a multitude of insurrections, uprisings, coups, rebellions, revolutions, territorial disputes, civil wars and wars in general (both great and small), that at no time have the whole of any people been content with their station in life. Equally disparaging on the masses was social strata. There existed caste systems, priesthood/clergy/worshippers, nobility/merchants/peasantry, aristocracy/proletariat, emperors/warriors/servants, slaves/masters, oligarchy/workers, or haves/have nots. Power was always possessed by the former at the expense of the latter. For most human beings, since man’s inception, the place of their birth and to whom they were born determined their fate from cradle to grave. It was the rare exception to the rule that one was able to break free from the bonds of their birth. That is until America.

You see, America dissolved all preconceived notions of superiority based on a person’s original condition. One born to a blacksmith could become prominent in real estate. One born to a criminal could become a judge. One born to a minister could find himself in prison. It was not prestige of name or monetary worth that established the value of the individual. It was his actions alone that determined his success or failure. America no longer observed traditional or legal barriers to stand in the individual’s way.

In America, limitations on freedom were put to paper as a declaratory decree. Our government, unlike many of its predecessors, would not be free to take the substance of the people for its own benefit. It was not free to determine those who would succeed or who would fail. It was not free to prevent people from forming opinions even if those opinions were adverse to its own existence. It was not free to take people off of the street without justification. It was not free to pass arbitrary edicts on the people without their consent. In fact, it is not free to do much of anything without the people’s permission and then only by our elected servants making those decisions on the people’s behalf.

This is to ilustrate the shift that has occurred in America, to demonstrate how skewed our vision has become and the original intent for our limited government vs the criminal intent with which it currently operates. Our government is no longer distancing itself from previous or even contemporary examples but rather is becoming an amalgamation of the very worst of them all. Left unchecked, it stands on the precipice of achieving the greatest consolidation of power that man can attain in this world. With all of the tools at its disposal it would, indeed, prove FREE to do whatever it desires and with whomever it pleases.

Every interaction between a man and his government results in an exchange of freedom.


The Time Has Come to Defeat the Left

It Ends Now

Let’s put an optimistic spin on things.

Hollywood, the Rivendell of the liberal kingdom, has been exposed as a haven of wickedness that makes even the LGBTQ…community turn away in disdain. Feminists are playing damage control for their silence on matters of predatory behavior from their donor class. They are blushing that such things are occurring on their side of the aisle and for once they must adopt utter hypocrisy or acknowledge that the target of their animosity is no longer a stuffy conservative in the GOP (though, I’m sure it has its share).

That brings me to my next point, Democrat voters are disenfranchised, again, not by some stuffy conservative in the GOP (though, I’m sure it has its share), but by the upper eschalons of the DNC apparatus. For reasons as diverse as its adopted victim groups, the Democrat voters are turning on their own power base. The overthrow of Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primary to honor their commitment to the Clinton crime family has soured liberal fervor in the Ass’s camp.

– Of course, I would be remiss should I fail to mention this could turn out to be a negative. Much like the toppling of the Qaddafi regime destabilized Libya, the DNC dictator is no longer in power. This gives rise to the radical elements…factions once kept at bay by the establishment using them only so far as Democrats kept getting elected. Having been repeatedly poked with sticks of socio-economic and racial strife, the left’s attack dogs are now off the leash and they are pissed. Rhetoric is no longer effective to control them or to bring them to bear on specific targets. As determined as the are cunning, BLM and Antifa are ready to burn down the house and they could care less whether there are Democrats left inside.

The effect of this Democratic Diaspora is a mixed bag. We will see them turn on their own. Each victim group will seek to increase their status and standing. As the Democrat Party, once priding itself on keeping its secrets under lock and key by its rank and file, proves it can no longer pour out favors as abundantly as it once did, there will be no incentive for angry dems to keep their mouths shut or eyes closed. I foresee an end to the establishment Democrats not dissimilar to the fate of Jezebel.

How can we facilitate this collapse? We know the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. We could stand back and watch the fire burn, waiting for the rats that escape the barn. I prefer rather that we strike while the iron is hot. Give no quarter. Take the fight to them. Attack at their weakest point. If we take rest while they recover, when the fight commences, we will still be in our trench defending our own existence. For so long, we have failed to breakout. We have merely endured as they gain ground. They have chose the weapons, the terrain and fought only when it benefitted them. We have sat back, awaiting the next shelling and our only point of honor is an unyielding commitment to our “position.” We have to get up, clear the open ground and rout them completely.

Why haven’t we done it before now? Simple. We have lacked leadership. Waiting for cowaring officer politicians to galvanize their collective resolve and begin an offensive has accomplished only two things.

1. We keep losing more of ours to the enemy, whether by desertion or slander.
2. We are fighting each other over whether the cowards are right to wait or if we should charge.

We are not waiting anymore. The Democrats are at the weakest they have ever been. They have lost the media through its own irrelevance (communications). They have now lost Hollywood (recruitment). They have wasted most of the lies on Trump (ammunition). They have lost sight of their plans (objectives). We guarantee our own loss if we cannot or will not exploit the ineffectiveness of the left. To continue to wait on failed leadership to guide us will result in our utter defeat. We need to act now!

“Grab your gear…we roll out in 5. No, you won’t be needing a rifle but don’t forget your Constitution.”

Hey, Atheists…It’s Our Turn

I decided to take a fight to the atheists. I’m directing this at the militant, anti-religious, atheists.
Between these two court cases it was determined school-sponsored prayer was no longer “legal.”

Engle Vs. Vitale (06.25.1962)
Abington School District Vs Schempp (06.17.1963)

The interpretation is flawed in that the First Amendment makes no reference to institutions of learning. It only references the prohibition of “CONGRESS” to make laws respecting organized religion. Read it with me now in its entirety.

1st Amendment to the United States Constitution:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

In 1962-3 the United States House of Representatives had no influence or justification in the manner of teaching children were exposed to. Nixon’s establishment of the National Institute of Education was not to come about for another decade. This was the pre-cursor to the Department of Education that was officially created under President Jimmy Carter on 10.17.1979. How was prayer in school a matter for the Federal Courts to decide? This would be a great case study on Federalism but I will leave that for another time. I digress, the Supreme Court found in the atheists’ favor on this matter.

With the Supreme Court in lock step with their judgment against God in the schools, the court of public opinion was quick to follow. Let us consecrate humanism in the public square. Let us cast down the monuments of God’s commandments, shedding the pretense that there is any greater than ourselves to which we must answer. In doing so, we ease the burden of conscience that has weighed man down for generations.

Let’s introduce the “Evolution” revolution. Let us claim that our God is merely a monkey who grew wise and left residual memories of our higher self (the one that descended from the tree tops) in our genetic code.

Let’s create a cultural revolution where what was once declared freedom is now deemed slavery, where what has been determined as up is really down and what was considered moral justification is merely viewed as bondage. We can go it on our own.

Let’s embark in a sexual revolution where whatever appeals to our flesh is true because it is felt. Let’s bestow new definitions on terms like fornication and rather delve into subjects of bondage. Let us declare children concieved in such liberating experiences to be an inconvenience and let them be dealt with accordingly. Eliminating tissue (whatever helps you sleep at night) is for expedience and nothing more.

Let us do what is right in our own eyes. Let us generate new contexts in which evil is justified. Let us declare righteousness as a selective name given to irrelevant societal moorings. Those moorings put boundaries on our human potential for peace and harmony anyway. Let’s dispell with such archaic limitations.

Genesis 11:4 

4. And they said, “Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”

There is nothing you can propose that has not been tried. It would never have to be considered enlightenment if the previous civilizations that adopted your pattern where still around today. They are no longer around for a reason. You cast out God and you are left with only yourselves to blame.

Look at the unsettling circumstance you find yourself in. You dwell in a savage world that seeks to elevate carnage to godhood. You resort to make laws to replace those commandments you once cast down. You ridicule Leviticus and Deuteronomy yet, establish more laws and regulations than God ever ordained. Why is that? Is man so much greater than his Creator? Do we not need to be controlled for your Godless society to shed the shackles of rule that God set forth? You fail to realize what we have warned you all along. God has told us how it will end should we turn our back on Him. Your defiance of Him has only proved Him correct. That has to be frustrating to you, but it’s accurate none-the-less.

In absence of God, you must put those equal to yourselves over you. You have to submit to the depravity that is man with power. Man wanted a king to rule over him and for his sins God gave him one.

We’ve tried your way, admittedly against our will. We are disgusted by what it has brought about. For the duration, the demand will be that you sit down, shut up and let those of us who know God return Him to His rightful place in our society.

You have had your way. It leads to death. It is our time now. Either get out of the way or kneel down and pray that Christ receives you, forgives you your guilt and sees fit to heal our land.

The Real Assault on Our American Heritage

The Endgame: Play by Play

Before everyone gets distracted by arguing about how great or sinister Heffner was, I’d like to put a last “Kap” on the “Kneelers” controversy.

During the 2016 football season, Colin Kaepernick QB for the San Francisco 49ers, decided to kneel rather than stand for the National Anthem. This was to demonstrate solidarity with blacks oppressed by police brutality, a message similar to that of the #BlackLivesMatter movement which originated in Ferguson, Missouri…or did it?

#BlackLivesMatter originated with the self-defense shooting death of Treyvon Martin during an assault on George Zimmerman. Activist Alicia Garza posted on Facebook following the Zimmerman acquittal:

“Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter, Black Lives Matter”

After which, Patrisse Cullors shared it with the, now famous, #BlackLivesMatter. It did not begin with the police shooting of Michael Brown (what has become synonymous with white police killings of African American youth). It began when a hispanic-American (Zimmerman) shot a black youth (Treyvon).

Where does taking a knee fit in? After Colin Keapernick made his stand by sitting, Nate Boyer (former Green Beret and player for the Seattle Seahawks) contacted Colin to discuss a middle ground that would be more respectful, that being to kneel beside his fellow teammates. Colin agreed. Nate stood beside him which drew the ire of both sides of the issue.

Though, Kaepernick has never openly endorsed #BlackLivesMatter, his stand (or lack thereof) has been taken up by their movement. Now, #TakeAKnee has many BLM sympathizers among NFL players following suit. President Donald Trump has further exacerbated the situation, amplified the protest’s exposure and appealed to the patriotic sentiments of millions of Americans by calling for the SOBs to be fired at a rally ahead of last weekend’s NFL games.

It would not be necessary to bring Trump into the discussion but for one thing. He has failed to adequately study the history of dissenting movements through the ages. When any leader has openly sought to suppress protest it tends to solidify the resolve of the protesters. Those who protest are joined by those who do not necessarily hold the cause as their own, but none-the-less stand in solidarity with those who do. The effect is much like pouring water on a gas fire.

Now that the fire is spreading and more groups are co-opting the cause as their own, what will be the end game? What is the final resolution to this situation? All we have to do is look at the stated motivations of groups like BLM. They went after the Confederate Flag as a symbol of racist oppression. Solidifying resistance against the demand that they publically be removed was difficult because to many Americans, the Confederate flag did represent racism. That concession was granted. Next came the removal of Confederate statues. This was a hill patriots, again, were unwilling to die on. So statues fell, flags were banned and a portion of our population’s heritage was erased from the landscape.

“Who controls the past, controls the future.
Who controls the present, controls the past.”
~ Orwell ‘1984’

I stood in opposition to the banning of the stars and bars as well as the casting down of monuments because I perceived a bigger game in play. Progressive groups are always focused on the longterm. In dividing us over each of the aforementioned issues, the progressive victories have been easily attained. This fire will continue to burn until the desired goal is obtained, that of eliminating the National Anthem from pregame ceremony. We have allowed this issue to become so divisive that to solve it, the NFL (which as an organization seems to passively condone #TakeAKnee) could reach the conclusion that the National Anthem not being played at all would be the simplest solution.

Make no mistake, our American heritage is the target. Elimination of symbols is the method. How many stories have you read, in recent years, where the American flag was determined to be offensive and removed by demand of certain elements of our population? How many letters have been added to the sexual orientation list (LGBTQ….)? All of these have been accomplished “progressively.” Are we getting the picture in HD yet?

This culture war is not to be fought with bullets but offenses. It is not being waged for blood but feelings. The wounds are emotional. It has the potential to bring about America’s capitulation without a shot fired. When a Hispanic-American civilian shooting an African-American in self defense can be manipulated into a movement of African-Americans against white cops then the insidious and effective nature of the threat can never be underestimated. Hold the Constitutional line, check your emotions and keep your wits about you.

How Federalism Provides the Way Out

Your State Here ______

When I was younger a slogan made its rounds.
“Buy American, the job you save may be your own.”
Shift that a bit. “Build communities, the one you have is yours alone.”

We’ve hit our plateau of national level politics. 2016 was the most divisive time in American history since Grant and Lee went toe to toe. We are still splitting over it almost 9 months later. Whether you were with Trump, Cruz, Sanders or Clinton you have been caught up in a system that has failed you. Forget chess, politics is more akin to euchre. If you have the highest card, you better have all of them to play or you will lose “Big League.”

This is the first time a vast majority of Americans did not get what they wanted in an election. We ended up with the refuse to choose from, the lowest card. That is not all bad. We are coming to a realization, collectively, that we cannot agree on where we are going as a nation. We the People want to rebel. We want to cast off the choices we were forced into by 2 parties that would rather make deals with each other than deal with US. There is a solution. Decentralize!

In most projects, people are broken down into small groups. Each group is tasked with providing a solution to a particular problem. When the groups get together to discuss their results, progress is made. Group A solved this problem. Group B tried this and it failed. Group C found some flaws in Group A’s solution and offered corrections. Each state is one of those groups. Forget party lines and a Federal Government that spends too much time trying to solve the problems of 324 million people (if only their motives were so pure). Focus on 50 states and let each decide their own fate.

The greatest solution at hand in the political arena is Federalism. The liberals can do with their states as they see fit. The conservatives can do with theirs as they see fit. If Indiana decides to adopt Constitutional Carry, it has no effect on Illinois’ gun regulations. If California decides to tax the highest income earners at 45 percent and Texas chooses to refrain from taxing income at all, so be it. It is the will of the people that dictates the direction of the country. The only point that should be graven in stone is whatever policies your state adopts will not effect the other states. Texans should not have the wealth of their prosperity confiscated to solve the problems created by failed California policies. There will be no federal government bailout for the costs accrued by those failed policies. Idaho can learn from Maine and Maine can learn from Virginia. Arizona can learn from Arkansas and Arkansas can learn from Utah.

If state representatives are focused on the good of their own citizens, then the people they meet at the gas station and grocery stores will greet them with a nod and a smile. If their policies are detrimental to their constituents, then the people they see everyday will know those who have enacted laws against their will. They will treat their representatives accordingly.

Washington, DC has proven its unwillingness to be held accountable. Accountability is most easily cultivated where we live (communities, towns, counties and states). Each of our states is provided a naturally acknowledged check against Washington’s interference in the lives of state citizens. I believe firmly in each state reasserting its authority in matters pertaining to its own internal affairs. The states need to start defending their people.

In truth, local, county and state governance does not have the celebrity status or glamor of national politics but politics is very real. It should not be what it has become, a sport, an entertainment industry, a coliseum event. It is serious and has the potential to destroy our heritage, one that was purchased by the lives of our forbears. This is the part where you, as the citizen of your state, recognize the power of your state’s role and its impact on your life. This is where you come to the knowledge that your state can protect you from Federal overreach, that is if they realize the power they possess in the statehouse. It is time to remind them what Federalism is and how to apply it.

Your Congressmen are decided by the people of your state. Your Senators are decided by the people of your state. You judges are decided by the people of your county. Your mayors are decided by the people in your neighborhood. The GOP and the Democrat parties are national institutions. It is time to discard them as they have you. It is the local office that needs your attention. It is the school board that needs to be populated with Federalist candidates. The judgeships, mayor’s office, state senate positions all need to provide representation for the forgotten element of society… We The People.

I’m going to do “Hoosier” and you can do “Sooner.” You can do “Yooper” and they can do “Show Me.” You be your state and I’ll be mine. California cannot be Texas. Connecticut cannot be Alabama. South Dakota cannot be Louisiana. If your state does it well, mine should follow your example. If your state fails mine will not bail you out. #Federalism…problem solved. You do you, I’ll do me. What better way to unite than to decide, ‘you go your way and I’ll go mine,’ collectively?

Remember, America

What does liberty, limited government and independence look like? Few who live now can remember what our founders saw for our future.

Being a member of Generation X, I can honestly say I have only Reagan to refer to when it comes to any semblance of American values. He spent much of his time in office simply telling the people there can be a better way. He provided great analogies and gave remarkable speeches. Yet, for all of his vision, he could not change the nation on his own. All he could hope to achieve in eight years was to knock down the thick brush that had obscured our better path. He told us to follow our hearts and pursue our dreams. He could not dream for us. He remains to my generation, a marker, a tethering ledge on our decent into madness.

Reagan was not among our founders. He was merely a reflection of their highest aspirations, a lantern in the dismal swamp that has darkened our ambitious pursuits. In our linear measure of history he was a landmark or maybe a memorial to all we have discarded along the way. To return to his brief respite in the midst of our decline would be to concede defeat. It would not do justice to the American vision. It would be nothing more than a concession that good enough would be the pinnacle of the American experiment. We would need to climb still further, strive for the peak of our destiny and at the top of that mountain would be the founders and their guiding documents.

Each passing generation continues the downward march. Fewer in each even look back at the origin of our journey, now obscured by clouds. Liberty has become a myth, a legend, a wives tale as it fades into our collective memory.

To secure liberty for our children we must retrace our steps, to follow the flagstones back up the forgotten path. Look to Reagan and regain his optimism. Look back, still further, to Coolidge and cling to his humble, principled and quiet fortitude. Don’t stop there, rather find Lincoln with the burden and sacrifice of unity. Now gaze afar off to the first generation. We see Madison, the architect of government’s containment. Before him we see Jefferson, the physician that attended the birth of the United States of America. Then there, in distant memory is Washington, the first shining example of a statesman, in all of his humble reluctance, taking the newly generated title of president, and setting the standard of a God-fearing leader.

In all of their words, there lies a healthy store consisting of equal parts wisdom and admonition. Our founders did not invent but instead discovered eternal truths that transcend generational circumstance. They refined governing principles and retained, for the people, a cage in which to restrict its expansion. It is the pet of the people to be nurtured but never to be given dominion over them.

I am as guilty as most of speaking in platitudes, but there have been those in every generation that eloquently demonstrated what America was intended to be. Listen to them and gather those within our own generation who can carry the dimming torch of liberty. Restoring America to its original condition is not an inconvenience that has fallen upon us. It is the greatest calling on all of us and our time. America stands now in greater jeopardy of being forgotten than at any other point in our history.

No Country for Wise Men

Some of my favorite books have, at their center, a conflicted protagonist. The character is faced with a moral dilemma in which he has to fight the instinct for revenge and rise to the occasion or to be the better form of himself. In each of these stories is the older and much wiser character that speaks from experience, guiding the hero to the right path. This wise man has been immortalized in numerous films as well. Do the Right Thing, Boyz in the Hood, American History X, Kingdom of Heaven, Gran Torino, The Karate Kid, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Lion King and so on.

In real life, going back to the grandfather of Native America tribes (likely even to the origin of man), the elders were sought for advice on conduct. They were pursued for their understanding in navigation of difficult decisions. I like to idealize that this wise man exists in every community, that he sits waiting for the straying child to ask him what he knows, to point the deliniquint in the right direction and to shine the light through the darkness of confused actions.

My greatest concern is that this relationship is failing to be established. The community elder sits on his porch cursing the collapse of society. The delinquent child pours contempt on or curses the man’s condemning stare. The past generation and that forthcoming have nothing but enmity toward one another. Each generation loses more of its elders who, for lack of example, connection or desire to reach out create a deficit of wisdom in the next.

The result of this broken chain is a rapid decline in social responsibility, absence of respect and a collapse of community. The youth have always needed mentors. This generation fails to seek them and the last fails to offer them. The consequence is social tantrums that destroy the home of the young and old alike.

There is no shortage of those who wish to co-opt the roiling angst of our youth. The rapacious community organizer, the progressive organizations (Move On, Media Matters, PETA, Green Peace, Occupy Wall Street etc), Antifa, BLM, KKK, White Nationalists, gangs, cartels, dealers and demonstrators all vie for the affections of the youngest and most impressionable among us. No one is sitting on the porch asking the kid where he is heading in such a hurry. No one is offering an enlightened perspective. No one is providing an alternative. No one is explaining the dangers that lie ahead or the destruction they are speeding toward.

There is a deficit of wisdom and desire to share it. There are few that acknowledge a need for it. The only ones who benefit are those with political motivations that have nothing to do with the communities that are burned out in their wake. National agendas are able to harness the confusion of adolescence and through it our homes, the places we live are being consumed for the “Greater Good.”

An Inventory of our Domestic Enemies

Keeping the Wolves at Bay

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

~ Thomas Paine

We all know the Progressives are the root of many entangled branches growing rapidly to blot out the sun. They are America’s Lucifer, appearing to some as an angel of light to deceive and destroy.

We are embroiled in an increasingly bitter battle to expose them in the light of truth. They dwell in the shadows and proselytize the uninformed. To what end do they aim? They simply want to surround the shining city on a hill with the gates of hell, to extinguish the hope that it has instilled in people around the world and in its own citizenry. As the torch of liberty burns in the hearts of all men, they realize that it cannot be put out; so they intend to set its bearer on fire with it, redefine its meaning and through ignorance suppress it. At its core is the desire to subjugate the hearts and minds of the people.

The weapon of choice in defeating this enemy is education, to inform and convert the people to the Constitutional cause.

Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!
~ Muslim Brotherhood Motto

The Muslim Brotherhood and its chained attack dogs; CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram etc…operate with one goal in mind. Through cohersion, fear, violence and political manipulation they intend to subvert national sovereignty and establish a global theocratic calpihate with all people brought into submission under Allah.

The 4 stages to this end are as follows:
1. Infiltrate – Muslim migration to non-muslim nations.
2. Consolidate Power – establish regional pockets of radicalized culture (Shari’a communities or no go zones). Disregard for local and national laws believing their own to be supreme.
3. Open Hostility – regional conquest and acquisition of new territory (expanding the boundaries of their influence and Shari’a Law).
4. Islamic Theocracy – all people living in this territory are forced to convert, be forced to pay a tax to exist there or are killed for their opposition to Allah’s will.

Weapon of choice in defeating this enemy is local candidates who are willing to refuse building permits for multimillion dollar mosques in areas of little to no Muslim population. Set up a defensive perimeter through immigration policy that limits (not increase as has been recently done) Muslims from coming to America. Disregard the popular narrative that Islam is a religion of peace. The refugees are not fleeing peaceful nations. They are simply leaving one conquered region to create another.

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny…
~ Thomas Jefferson

While it is difficult to make a distinction between Progressives and politicians, the line does exist. Whereas Progressives exist outside of politics, the vehicle that drives their ambitions is the crooked politician.

Washington, DC has become a resurrected version of aristocracy and therefore stands in opposition to all that our republic was established to escape. We have the Bush family, firmly ensconced on the political scene since at least the 70s. Bush Sr. narrowly lost to Reagan in the 1980 primary, only to rekindle his political aspirations by taking the title of VP under Reagan, followed by his own 4 year term as president. Then the Clinton family took the stage by ousting Bush 41. After 8 years of the corruption Clinton offered us, Bush 43 reclaimed the family mantle of president. The Obama bloodline is too fresh to determine its staying power. Then comes Jeb with his effort to secure the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, only to be thwarted by Trump. We came so close to a royal challenge between King Bush III and Clinton II, a story right out the pages of feudal europe.

How many of our politicians are second generation lords and ladies of DC? How much power has been consolidated in DC by the two above mentioned families alone? Progressives simply have to make the choice between Ford and Chevy to get them where they want to go. With one party, it is a pickup truck, with the other it’s a sports car.

Weapon of choice to defeat the aristocracy of willing politicians offering themselves to the highest bidder is to destroy the parties that maintain their hold on power. We are not limited to Ford and Chevy. Chrysler exists, as does Harley Davidson. I’d opt for the Harley brand, myself. It represents the free spirit of individualism and a rugged rebellious nature. In addition to bringing down the parties, there is the Convention of States project, intent on shackling politicians with term limits to reduce their influence on the body politic. Last but not least, the 10th Amendment grants states the right to block unconstitutional regulations against their own citizens and to refuse federal funding that always comes with strings attached.

Make no mistake, this is a war for the survival of our Constitutional republic. We need to view it as such. It has to be decided now. In what way we will conduct it going forward? Defending our position is no longer enough. We need to march into enemy territory and take something back. Now pick up these weapons and let’s take a few trophy pelts to mark the occasion when the hunted became the hunters!