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Silence Is No Longer An Option

Who Serves Whom?

American Aristocracy

An American aristocracy is emerging. So few find themselves in positions of power and authority over so many. This did not happen over night. It has occured while the people slumbered, while people settled into calm indifference and while they were subtly encouraged (or trained) to look the other way. A nobility has established itself in our capitol’s court without oversight or accountability. They do as they please and spend what they will from the public coffers to appease the lords and ladies who have appealed for their favor.

Royal decree was the bane of the colonists’ existence circa 1775. Two hundred and forty two years later, our nation kneels in willing acceptance of its masters and financial chains.

For the sake of perspective, there are 546 members spread throughout three branches of the Federal Government in Washington, District of Columbia. Of course, this does not take into account, the bloated bureaucracy

1 – Elected President of the United States

1 – Appointed Vice-President of the United States

435 – Elected Members of the House of Representatives

100 – Elected Members of the United States Senate

9 – Appointed Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States

There are approximately 326,473,468 people in the United States of America.

The average net worth of congress has reached $1,008,000.

The average American has a net worth of $182,000.

That means that the average Senator and Congressman is worth 5½ times more than the average American. Let that sink in for a minute. Now, I do not begrudge wealth but I do begrudge those who amass it while in roles of public service whose primary function seems to be levying taxes, fines and fees on the rest of us. I do realize that some of them were wealthy before they entered office but the accumulation does not cease while they reside in D.C, it increases. Bear in mind, Darryl Isa, who has the highest net worth at $448,000,000, made 100 million of that over 2 years while in office. What is so lucrative about being an elected representative?

Furthermore, those same representatives have been able, over the course of time, to concentrate much of the authority under themselves and over the people. How does an elected body, of, by and for the people take that misplaced trust from their constituents and use it to consolidate so much power, amass so much wealth and maintain their status, office and position?

We tolerate their edicts. We subordinate our contentment to textual criteria. We comply with (resentment) the volumes of regulations dictated by a fraction of a percent of the total population. That is not who Americans were meant to be!

The people have become so compliant, so passive, so predictable, so complacent, so lethargic in their civic duties that taking recourse doesn’t even occur to most of them anymore. Of those patriots who realize the shameful existence we are expected to endure, few have a strategy to restore the original tenets.

I don’t care what your views of the president are, your opinion of your congressmen or senators. I care how you view Washington D.C. as a whole. To come to the realization that 546 people acting in the capacity of public servants have the audacity to TAKE portions of your labor in the form of taxes and all they GIVE Americans in return are statutes of limitations. You cannot do this. You cannot produce that…unless, of course, we grant you approval. The American taxpayer is on the hook for $9600 per household. What do we acquire for such sums? We reenforce the system that demands that we pay our portion. We acknowledge that our public servants are really our masters by funding their control over us.

What does D.C. look like if we simply refuse to concede to their demands? It looks like a vacant lot with men and a few women throwing a tantrum because no one is listening to them. Our labor no longer funds their subsidies. Our efforts do not give dollars to an organization that encourages postericide. The sweat of our brow no longer pays for American nobility to extract sums to defeat OUR values.

What America needs right now is a show of force. We need a unifying act that demonstrates to an out-of-control Federal Government, that they are only allowed to do what we grant them permission to accomplish. We need to express, in no uncertain terms, that 546 people cannot arbitrarily rule over 325,000,000 citizens. We must demonstrate that constraints on their power exist. We must reduce them to the insignificant role they were meant to play in our lives and serve them up a harsh reminder of the limitations/shackles binding them, limitations clearly established (yet often ignored by both citizen and politician) in our United States Constitution.

Our birthright was bought by the blood of patriots. We have sold it for a cup of stew. There comes a time when a single meal of soup is no longer worth the price we pay in relinquished sovereignty. Will we so cheaply remit our lofty ideals? Will we so meagerly pass the torch to those who simply wish to extinguish ambition? Or will we sacrifice creature comfort for the sake of generations to follow, so that they may experience Americanism with the same vision our founders held in such esteem. Some of them died, never having witnessed the cause they sacrificed all to establish. In our time, blood is not required…merely resolve. If we lapse in our duty, among our posterity, there will be those braver and far more patriotic than us. They will be willing to bleed as our more noble patriachs once did.

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