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Silence Is No Longer An Option

Actions Have Repercussions by David Reid

Actions have repercussions and the Donald’s actions couldn’t have been done more effectively if it were Hillary doing it. For those that actually avoid the media, especially Fox the liar’s media, many actually listen to what comes out of Trump’s mouth instead. We watch what he signs in the Oval office as EO’s, and his actions closely; who he meets with, and what happens after those meetings take place.

Consider the following.

Tillerson announced that the Donald had increased Syrian refugees from 830 to 1500 per week. That came directly from his own mouth, so it can’t be argued.

Trump threatened the freedom caucus about his healthcare plan, which was nothing more but Obamacare redone. He is now threatening Senators to pass it, or he will destroy them. These are men in his own party he is threatening, you know, Republicans, not Democrats.

Trump pushed for and received a 1.1 trillion dollar omnibus package that fully funds sanctuary cities, Planned Parenthood, common core education, refugees, etc. The wall – not mentioned, and perhaps next year.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is pushing for paid maternity leave, which is another democrat socialist program, and the Donald is pushing it now. Since when do democrats get to dictate government programs?  Especially since they aren’t elected, and it is illegal for Trump to involve family in the White House. So much for 5 US code 3110. Just ignore it.

How about Trump pleading with the NRA to accept his gun control, and Obama’s no fly lists. That would see the assault rifles outlawed and more criminals killing innocent civilians, just like every other no – gun zone in the nation.  But obviously no one cares unless they are the victims.

How about Trump ignoring the constitution, which again isn’t unusual; he said in 2015 that he loved Obama’s executive orders, but they didn’t go far enough. If elected, he would continue the back-room deals with democrats to seal the deal, even if it meant bypassing the constitution and congress to do it. He then said in October 2016 that the constitution has to take a back seat and be ignored for his agenda to proceed. I guess if the people don’t care about constitutional law and want to be ruled by a dictator, just ignore everything he said.

How about Trump making millions off the people with his blatant acts of conflict of interest?  He is negotiating for new hotels, resorts, golf courses, escort services, etc in foreign countries to pad his own pockets – not the people.

How about Trump attacking other countries, but praising Carrier, since he owned stock in the company, but they are now cutting jobs that will go to Mexico. Ford – same thing and instead of Mexico, jobs are going to China now. So much for Trump praising the companies for staying in the US and not a peep from him over the job losses.

How about his asinine tweets that display the mentality of a two-year-old and make the nation the laughing stock of the world.

Trump is a criminal, a perverted man that has abused women for most of his life. There are thousands of court dockets on file where he has to appear in court for extortion, fraud, theft, money laundering, and sexual assault. It is all factual, backed up by mountains of documents and his own words, but did the people listen? – nope, because they were gullible and manipulated to follow evil and now the nation will pay for it’s arrogance.

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