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Silence Is No Longer An Option

A Land Unleashed

There are 2.3 billion acres of land in the United States. 640 million acres of that belongs to the Federal government. The average price per acre is $3080.00. If that land were to be sold at average price, the Federal government stands to make nearly $1.9Trillion. Granted military bases require land to be owned by the Federal Government but that is only a fraction of the total landmass in their possession. A greater share is in lush land and green pastures. It’s as if they sought to incorporate purple mountains’ majesties and America’s fruited plain under their jurisdiction.

Taking into consideration that the property owned by the Federal Government physically exists in specific states, would it not be reasonable to sell it back to them or their residents? As it is extorting that money from the States or their residents, it would be apropriating funds that could be used to pay down our debt, applied toward over-extended programs that should not exist in the Constitutional scope of federal authority or it could be allocated to shore up our existing infrastructure that both sides of the aisle agree is failing.

In addition to generating an overlooked source of revenue, it would decrease a portion of beauracracy dedicated to overseeing and the caretaking of that property. The hands in which that property ultimately ended up in could be a source of property taxes (this concept is an aberration of liberty in itself but I’ll play ball for the argument). As in all things: whether taxes, property or right actions, these decisions are best left to the state or the individual to determine or define and deal with. Strangers to our towns, our communities or our homes should not and very sincerely do not have a right to dictate what goes on there.

As many topics in this instant access news cycle become flashfires of indignation, it may not be fresh in the minds of some that Cliven Bundy and Lavoy Finicum were victims of land grabs by the Federal Government. They stood up against such underhanded tactics and the results had widespread implications. One has been caught up in litigation for years. The other has left this world for greener pastures. The very existence of a Bureau of Land Management should be something that gives us serious pause. Of course, the subject has little romantic appeal to the hearts of the parties striving indefinitely for control of DC. They are fighting for control of those bureaus, departments and administrations, while I am fighting the existence of those portals of government waste. If the size of government were reduced to its Constitutional restraints, there would be a whole lot less for the parties to fight for control over. In turn, we might be far less inclined to give it to them.

Local control.
Local decisions.
Local policies.
Local impact.
What do we need DC for again?
That’s right…to think and act on our behalf. How has that worked out for us so far?
Waterways Of The United States.

By God, not government, we have our rights. I just thought you had a right to know.

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