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Silence Is No Longer An Option

The 2nd Amendment: Is it time for a change?

That’s the main question is it not? I mean every argument from the anti-gun crowd is that the “Founders” couldn’t envision the AR-15, that it was never meant for us to have weapons of mass destruction. You don’t need a AR-15 or AK/SKS to hunt right?

Could it be time to have a Convention of States to redefine the 2nd?


I mean if we did have a COS and made the 2nd stronger and clearer a bit less open ended then maybe we can put to rest the arguments by the left that “Well Regulated” doesn’t mean Government regulations and Militia doesn’t mean Government sanctioned Military.

A COS could strengthen the 2nd but is there anything we could do without a COS to make sure that people that have criminal backgrounds don’t buy guns?


If you sell a firearm to a convicted felon you could face some serious criminal charges.

I never sell a firearm unless the person buying it has a valid Drivers license and a permit to carry. Additionally I take a photo the transaction and take a photo of the individual and attach all to my copy of the paperwork. If at any time the person balks at anything the sale doesn’t happen. That’s set in stone and I don’t compromise on it.


Federal Registry

Anytime a Federal Registry comes up we all go a little nuts. After all that’s what led to the rise of the Nazi regime. The government of Germany told it’s citizens that to curb violence they needed to know who had guns so if used they could track them by the firearm if left on the scene.

It soon morphed from a registry to “We the government” can best protect you so there’s no need to own guns for protection.. We all know where that led to.

Every gun with a serial number is registered.

So a Federal registry already exist. The first sale is recorded and the buyer is linked to that registered gun. If you sale that firearm and the person that bought it sold it to another and so forth and so forth and it was used in a crime… the original owner will be contacted by whatever agency is investigating the crime. The original owner may or may not have the paperwork and if not the investigation hits a roadblock.

What if..

What if we did have a law enacted that all transactions of private sales must be kept for a period of 10 years and documentation like the one I use above is the standard.

You maintain the paperwork the government never sees it unless a firearm is used in a crime and then they can request the paperwork from that transaction. If all parties adhered to this law then an end user possibly could be identified. Of course, like all laws if you failed to maintain the paperwork then you could be held civilly liable for damages.

This might help stem the P2P (Private to Private) illegal sale of a firearm to a minor or a felon. Of course, it does nothing to eliminate sales to people with mental disorders.

Its my property and I can do with it as I please.. Right? Yes, I think any infringement on that sacred right is wrong and should be fought vigorously. But with gun ownership comes great responsibility. (Sounds like a blog)

We keep records of any car we sale why then is it not sustainable to do so with our firearms. Yes the Federal Government can force you, by a warrant, to disclose that transaction but not until they go before a judge and justify that action, at least due process will be satisfied.

Gun Control

It appears it is inevitable that we are in for another round of useless “feel good” legislation. It may come in the form of a ban on accessories that make guns fire faster (bump stock) and I suspect they will try for another Magazine capacity restriction.

We already know none of this works, you simply cannot stop a lone wolf individual from committing mass murders on a large scale. We all know the stats that those scary black rifles are used in less than 1% of all shootings but of course that doesn’t matter. They’re scary so reason goes out the door.

What will work?

Confiscation. That’s it, nothing less then a total elimination of all firearms in America will stop mass shootings. The left knows this and it is really what they want. At the same time they also know it’s truly an impossible task, currently there are some 300 million firearms in America with 120 million individual owners. The guns per owner has increased to 1.45 per the last few years its been 0.96 per owner. While some owners may voluntarily give up their guns the vast majority will never do so. That leaves removal by force. We hear some argue that the military would do it. While that’s a possibility especially in the cities the logistics and frankly the resistance they would face in the suburban areas would be daunting, not to mention local guard units would likely side with the community and a real possibility of second civil war.


So what is the answer?

The reality is there isn’t one. We shouldn’t stop looking for a solution but honestly there is no solution to these types of events. Gun owners of America will never willingly give up their guns and the likelihood that we reach the point, without a National disaster, that the military is used to seize guns is extremely small.

I heard it said the other day that Freedom comes at a price at times, this is true. We enjoy unprecedented freedoms in America. Like speech there are times we don’t like what someone says, but they have an absolute right to say it and no one should want to use the force of government to stop them. The Right to own firearms shall not be infringed. Yet it has been infringed in several States and localities and in many instances the SCOTUS has allowed it. We live in a societal construct where the many can agree to restrict certain freedoms.Should you chose to live in that society then you chose to abide by the restrictions, rules and regulations, but at what point does this start to breakdown and we refuse to comply?

That is the real question.

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