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Silence Is No Longer An Option

November, 2017

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We May Not Be Winning But We Cannot Lose

Till the Dawn’s Early Light…

Is it a mark of our culture that I want to kick the dust from my heels everytime I go out into the world? Be in the world but not of it. The time will come when we are no longer able to turn the tide of evil but are rather called to resist it…to not succumb to its pressure…to hold fast that which we have been given.

Reagan called America the shining city on a hill. It was meant to gleam in the midst of a dark world and to demonstrate a better way to those huddled masses yearning to be free. With that beacon of preservation, people the world over knew a place, a refuge existed. It was a guide post for the righteous, a place where their aspirations were still cherished among the kingdoms of men. Then something happened.

Cracks formed in our foundations. Weakness and cowardice took root in the hearts of the American citizen. We hid from our duty. It was not for pride that we dwelled on such a lofty purch, not arrogance that maintained our status. It was a firm knowledge in our hearts that we were preserving the lighthouse so that others may find their way home. We remained above the rest to maintain that fire of liberty. We knew that if we should let the light falter or the hope dim that no one would take our place. No one would guide others out of the shadows. And no one has.

Since Reagan had his time in the spotlight and held up a mirror to show us the light was really in us, the American people, no one has amplified the American ideal. No one has dared challenge us to rise to our full potential. No one has thought to remind us that there exists a light that must be tended to. Quite the opposite. Our “leaders” have hidden that glow, begged us to suppress it so as not to offend and even attempted to extinguish it.

Spotlights shine forth from the halls of power in DC. They are vigilant in detecting those still hopeful, those willing to light the fire once more. At some point in the last 29 years, America forgot its purpose and shied from its responsibility to preserve the light and hope. Our nation ceased to be a godly majority, giving glory to the One who poured out His blessing from sea to shining sea in abundance. We rescinded our pledge of societal obedience and He, in turn, revoked His mercy. Now, in isolation from God’s will, we grope for solutions like the blind at midnight.

As the darkness that has enveloped the rest of the world settles in our land, there are still some, a remnant, who have the profound knowledge of what has befallen us. Being too few, we are merely tasked with a simple instruction. Hold fast to that which you have recieved, that no man may take thy crown. We are no longer in a position of keeping the light shining for those abroad. We are simply trying to keep the light shining for those nearby. In absence of those nearby seeking hope, we keep our lamps burning if only to keep us warm.

If this is that time, the commandment remains. Hold fast. If it is not that time, our perserverence has meaning and will shape our nation’s future for generations to come. Your knowledge of eschatology is insignificant when it comes to the Author’s will. What really matters, and always has, is our desire for obedience, no matter what generation we find ourselves a part of. Jesus dwelled in a wicked and rebellious generation. Take up your cross and follow Him.

The Weaponizing of Sex- The new war on men.

When did it happen? When did the war against men start? Maybe, it was when the whole “burn your bra” era or the whole Gloria Steinem feminist movement began? I don’t know. I do know there has been an ongoing war against men of all ages from trying to feminize young boys by taking out urinals in school to not allowing them to play like boys in the playground.





Today there are active measures being taken to insure that boys become girls and girls become radicalized and God help you if you act like a boy in school today.

Men are similarly being told that acting manly is an affront to women and you are somehow “abusing” them with your “manly powers”. The continued war on men is exemplified in the LBGTXYZ community.  We are being told we have to accept a man acting like a women who believes he/she may be androgynous or even another species altogether and if we don’t we are forced into sensitivity training.

Now comes the new front in the war. Sexual Harassment.

This too comes in many forms. Asking someone out on a date is now Sexual Harassment, looking at a women can be considered sexual harassment. Don’t say anything either,they definitely don’t compliment them on their dress etc.. That too is sexual harassment.

All this we are being told by the media right? So obviously women are being harassed by the tens of thousands every day.

Well according to the EEOC the rate has remained mostly unchanged and in fact has gone down on average over the past 10 years. So why is the media making it look like it is rampant and happening everyday? Well, sex sells and dirty sex sells a lot, especially if combined with a public person.

The other question is, when did it become a sin to question the veracity of an accuser especially if the accuser is a woman? When someone comes out and accuses a public person of some form of sexual harassment 20, 30 and 40 years ago they somehow retain their credibility while the accused is publicly lynched, what about their credibility?

We’ve seen this happen over and over. The Duke Lacrosse scandal is a prime example of this. A dancer accuses some of the team of raping her during a party and everyone came out against the men. They convicted them in the court of public opinion and wanted them expelled, jailed and castrated. Even conservative commentators like Greta Van Sustran came out and publicly convicted them. Professors and every feminist group all came out and found them guilty.


As we all know how that turned out, the men accused where innocent of the rape charges yet not one apology was offered by anyone. No one from Duke nor anyone that convicted them in the media.

Twana Brawley was another such case with the same results.

Our entire justice system is based on the idea that the accused will get to confront the accuser and a fair and impartial examination of the evidence will occur. In other words, Innocent until PROVEN guilty. When did this change and why are we allowing it?

Why do women get extra-legal protection from cross examination when they accuse someone of Sexual misconduct, especially, if that accusation is used as a politically motivated attack against someone who is not in lock step with whomever is behind the attack?

Why “must” they be believed? Taken seriously yes.. but we MUST.. MUST believe every word of the account and dare not question the motivations or even the veracity of the charge or else we too are participating in the continued abuse of the woman. If, in fact, we are all equal under the law then their accusations hold no more weight then the denial of the accused but that’s not today’s reality. Today we hold these women up as victims of male dominance trotting them around the networks and media pundits allowing them to claim whatever act they said occurred without ever questioning if this accusation is even true and even when the truth is not what they said it was they are still held up and the man still damaged beyond repair..slinks off to obscurity.

The War on Men is real. Women are now being used as weapons against anyone the establishment or media points them at. This is like the call of racist. If used too much we become immune to the cry of it. Also women are now being seen as professional victims. What message is that sending to our young women? The message being sent to young men is, stay confused. Do women want you to act like a guy or some androgynous eunuch incapable of deciding if a kiss is harassment or is it something else entirely.


The Destruction Of The Conservative Brand

Were Did Everybody Go?

“Think not that I have come to bring peace, but a sword.”

It appears that this is the end of the line, that the devil has been loosed a little season. This is where I commit blasphemy against our sitting president. The First Amendment, at the time of this writing, still grants me that right. Donald Trump is the conductor of this apocalyptic orchestra. Too harsh? Too bad. From my position of political rogue, rebel, reprobate and relic I consider it my duty to speak with a voice of dissent, to give the minority report against our nation’s decline.

Prior to the 2016 primary, we were still battling Obama’s Barakalypse and the dismantling of our country. Our representives demonstrated themselves to be incapable of conducting any meaningful resistance to his agenda. Under his tenure, we lost our economy, our jobs, our security, our national dignity, our improving race relations, our ability to identify our enemies, our Constitutional limits on government, our civic responsibility and our sense of common decency. The only thing we had not lost was conservative solidarity.

Enter Donald J. Trump. He swept aside an entire field of better and worse candidates to become the new front man of the GOP. No better candidate existed to eliminate conservatives from the lineup, than (self-proclaimed best at everything he does) Donald Trump. He certainly proved he could shoot a man on 5th Avenue without losing any of his supporters…providing it was a conservative that took the bullet.

How someone with so little character can be this adept at destroying reputations is the question of our age. The Republican Party demonstrated its willingness to play ball or obstruct. Sadly, the majority of Republicans who oppose him are not doing so for the lofty cause of preserving our Constitutional republic but because he is cutting in on their action. Hannity never really had a reputation to lose. Rush feigned neutrality while simultaneously dedicating at least an hour of every program to explain why Trump was succeeding. His veil of objectivity was practically translucent. Bill (my good friend John Boehner) Cunningham got a tingle up his leg every time Trump spoke. Allen West laid down his reputation at the altar. Breitbart and Drudge went all in for the cause. FOX donated millions in free publicity to Trump’s campaign. The real shocker, of late, has been Mark Levin’s transition from reluctant Trump voter to a sycophantic mouthpiece for the president’s ever elusive agenda. According to Levin, Trump is the most Conservative president since Reagan.

Before this election cycle, we knew what Conservative meant. We knew abortion was wrong. We knew any significant reduction in taxes needed to be accompanied by an equally significant cut in spending. We knew limited government was the real solution. We knew that many of America’s institutions were being assailed and cast down. We knew who our ideological enemies were and fought against the progressive agenda as a united front. We knew the foundation of American values was the bible and the Constitution. Those values were independently verifiable. We were not ruled by our emotions or governed by feelings but by things higher than ourselves. The rule of law and scripture were our anchors. That WAS our common ground. It is lamentable that this is no longer the case.

Now those who claim the conservative title are fighting against each other about whether our Constitutional rights should be dialed back a little or preserved according to the founders’ intentions. Who do have to thank for bringing this discussion, once debated strictly with those on the left, into our camp? Who has advocated on behalf of universal healthcare? Who lauded Planned Parenthood for the great work they do to benefit women? Who now calls DACA a good idea? Who has endorsed and lavished praise on every progressive, not-quite-as-bad-as-the-Democrats, bill that this GOP dominated DC has offered up?

Am I setting too high a standard for our president? No, my expectation was that “conservatives” would maintain a higher standard when selecting a president to restore that which was lost or destroyed under Obama. Trump has proven who the real Conservatives are and who are his supporters (they are not exclusive). One year in office and all Trump has accomplished is a body count count of reptutations stacked up on 5th Avenue.

Before you accuse me of sabotaging our cause, do 2 things:
1. Define what the cause is.
2. Go back to your anti-Obama posts from 2 years ago, substitute Trump for Obama and repost them on Facebook or Twitter.
Nothing budgetary or legislatively has changed since Obama was in office. The budget is the same. Healthcare is the same. Planned Parenthood still has spending money.

The president signs laws and enforces them. Stop investing all of your confidence in the office of the president. All positive activity since Trump took office has been accomplished by the people. The power has and always should reside with the people. Real Conservatives understood that once upon a time. Then again, Conservatives are right where we are supposed to be but no one else is

Do you have more liberty today than you had even 10 years ago?

By Jim Blume. Have we the citizen became your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore; these, the homeless, tempest-tossed

I was just talking to a friend about the choices that were made for us all concerning things such as medical insurance coverage, and it hit me that as I have always said, social government programs are most often about one simple thing; control. Additionally, we see massive debt, continued increased spending, problems concerning the rights of immigrants, and many more agendas as well, and I wonder if this all may have forgotten the rights of the actual citizen. Or are we really that dumb that we need the government to make a myriad of individual personal decisions for us? It seems as though Roosevelt thought so when he signed into law the Social Security Act August 14, 1935.

What does We The People mean any more when we seldom see any movement concerning our dissent? Of course the politicians will tell us that since we elected them, we made a decision at the ballot box and that alludes to making everything our fault for the apparent shortsightedness. But then too we never get a chance to actually see bills that pass and when we do it is always thousands of pages of legalese we could not possibly understand, and we are given only a few hours to respond. In other words, those who represent us operate in secret and do not want us to get in their way.

Some will call me a radical for even daring to say these things, so let me leave it with this simple question; Do you have more liberty today than you had even 10 years ago? You have to decide for yourselves whether I am full of it, or maybe you could determine that it is time to fight back. But regardless of what we do, please don’t take heed of repairs that are essential to your barn door after the horse has escaped.

This nation was built upon the desire for liberty. Do we really even understand what that means anymore?

Active Shooter-Think before you act.

I was asked to write an article for an active shooter situation. My conundrum is where do I start? There are so many variables involved, I’m just not sure I can give enough information in this article to be truly useful.

For this article I’m going to make some assumptions. The first is that you the reader are sufficiently armed with a 9mm or .45. You are trained in it’s use and have a backup magazine and you are not the immediate target of the shooter.






Location. Where you are changes how you may react to the threat. In a Mall you have multiple choices whereas if in a small restaurant, school or church you have fewer available choices.

Exits-Where are they, how far are they, and where is the shooter? If moving towards an exit does it put you in the shooters arc of fire? If the shooter is drawn to the crowd can you maneuver away from the crowd towards another exit? Sometimes you may be able to use the flight instinct of a crowd to maneuver away from the shooter. Never move directly away from a shooter if you can help it always move perpendicular left or right. It’s easier to hit a target moving directly away then it is hitting one side to side.

Concealment vs Cover

What is concealment and what is cover. Concealment is hiding from view.. think hide and seek, while cover is safe from enemy fire. In a mall or store hiding behind a rack of clothes is “Concealment” that type of concealment will not stop a bullet. However, hiding in a back office with concrete block walls is cover, most rounds won’t penetrate this type of cover. Always look for cover don’t just hunker down like a deer in the headlights.. Move, move fast and with purpose away from the shooter and look for cover.

Engage or don’t engage

Are you by yourself or with your family?

Ok harsh reality time.. Your first responsibility is to your family. If you can get your family to safety without engaging the shooter this is a best option scenario. Yes that means others are dying, but yours and your families safety is priority one. Only engage at this point IF you and your family are in the immediate zone of threat.


Once your family is out of harms way or you are by yourself and you decide to engage the active shooter. Now what?

More variables.. is it one shooter or multiple, handguns vs rifle vs shotgun one location or more then one.

Threat Assessment

In order of threat Rifle, Shotgun and then handgun. Once you have determined the threat level you need to approach the shooter using proper cover based on the threat presented. Running out into the open towards the gunfire only makes you a target.

Locate, Isolate and Target.

Locate-Once you locate the shooter DO NOT IMMEDIATELY ENGAGE. You don’t know if the shooter is alone or is there someone backing them up.

Isolate-You must observe the scene, is there someone behind or near the shooter that is not running but may be hiding yet appears observant of others?  Again running out shooting only makes you a target for another waiting for the “hero”.

Target-Ok now it’s time to put that “assumed” training to use. If your weapon has a safety is it off? Is there a round in the chamber? Are you close enough to give effective fire?

Fire from cover and don’t stop firing until the shooter has ceased their attack.

Part of your training should have been what we call the body armor drill.. “Two to the chest…one to the head… body armor or not the shooter is dead”.

You are going to be scared, you will most likely be hyperventilating, you will miss. It’s not like the movies where you see the good guy while dodging bullets from multiple automatic weapons..holding a pistol in one hand firing round after round taking out the bad guys.. and their bodies goes flying backwards is slow motion death spirals. This is why it’s important to fire and keep firing until the shooter is down. Once you fire the first round you will become the highest value target of the shooter.

You MUST maintain situational awareness.

The reason you fire from cover and not just stand out like you are at the OK Corral is..what if you missed the shooters backup or you missed the target with your first few rounds they are going to immediately fire back. You will need to return effective fire or retreat to a safer location. You may be forced to fall back.. DO SO. Dying in some grandiose last stand is for the movies. Dying does nothing to stop the shooter and only adds to the body count.

Also remember Law Enforcement is either on the way or onsite you may become a target of friendly fire if you continue to engage the shooter once they arrive.

As soon as you see the Police lay down your firearm go prone on the floor and DO NOT MOVE.. Don’t try to tell then your are not the bad guy. You will only confuse the situation further and may get yourself shot.



The recent shooting is Texas is a prime example of “What do I do if” and “How do I survive”? In that Church one armed person could have ended the rampage before it fully began. That’s a cold hard fact. The fact that there was a off duty deputy makes this even more tragic. He could have saved them if he carried his sidearm.

Additionally, the neighbor who is a NRA Instructor that shot the shooter ending the assault failed to accurately engage the suspect.  He fired only two rounds one hit the shooter in the leg and in the side. Now some would say “but he dropped the gun and ran” thus the threat was ended. Was it? The shooter had more weapons in the car and he left the scene where he could have killed others if he wanted to. I’m not faulting the guy at all. Many people think that when someone is shot they go flying backwards and their done for.. No that’s Hollywood again giving you the false impression that the battles over when it really hasn’t even begun sometimes.

Shooting at a real person and not a paper target is hard. For the most part most of you have never done it, so you might hesitate you might try to wound and not kill. The neighbor should have kept shooting until the shooter was down. What if he had on a suicide vest or the vehicle packed with explosives?

When engaging a suspect in the open you “Advance Fire” meaning you continue to close the distance while firing on the target until the target goes down and you stay on target until the threat is removed.

I guess the best advise I can give you is this. If you are not ready to fully commit to the encounter.. don’t engage.. unprepared heroes are just people waiting to die. Think cover vs concealment. Try to get to cover if possible and use your firearm only if necessary should you come face to face with the shooter. Do it quickly, don’t hesitate. Waiting only allows the shooter to switch targets towards you and places you in the zone of fire.

If you are immediately in the zone things change if you are hit and are still combat effective you will have to engage immediately. Fire and don’t stop firing from whatever position you find your self in. Self preservation is your only option.

Try to remember this one thing. If hit, and you are not immediately taken out of the fight you may still survive. In fact most do. So if you are shot, don’t lie back and accept death fight the bastard with everything you have.

I know, I’ve been in a couple of firefights and I’ve been shot. I’ve seen people who were fatally shot and yet keep firing and I’ve seen people who could have survived the shot lie back and wait on death.

Illegitimi non carborundum is a mock-Latin aphorism meaning “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”. Don’t let the bastards take your life without a price. Fight don’t cower don’t let them win.


BE PREPARED. Make them pay for every life they take by not letting them take yours.




Are You Being Told What to Believe?

Soviet Style Disinformation

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union used disinformation both as an art and a science. They had more people working in the disinformation field that both their military and defense department combined.
So you ask what is “disinformation?” Is it the same as “misinformation?”
No, misinformation is when you read a newspaper talking about rising waters in the ocean then they have to retract the story because they got their facts wrong.
Disinformation is when you change history or make a parallel history to erase actual history so it fits your agenda. As I stated in the introduction the Soviets wanted to destroy the reputation of the United States. If they wrote things about Americans they would not write it in their press because it would be considered Russian propaganda. However, with their infiltration of the Western Press, they could write the very same story and gullible Americans and Europeans would eat the story up.
THAT is how disinformation works. THAT is also how the Trump organization works too. Up until the 2016 presidential election no ever heard that Rafael Cruz was involved in the assassination of JFK. Yet gullible Trump cultists took it as gospel. His team CHANGED American history because they knew his followers wouldn’t question it. During the campaign, Trump was asked about Manaforts ties the Russia. He categorically denied it and kept denying it so much so his followers defend him on the matter calling it “fake news.” Yet now Manafort has been indicted.
One of the biggest questions that comes up is why didn’t the German people overtake the Nazis? I mean at the time there were nearly 80,000,000 million Germans and of those 70,000 were Nazis. Well, we witnessed the same thing with Obama. How can so many liberals not see Obama’s continued dismantling of the constitution? Because he had control over them as cult leaders do. The same goes today for Trump supporters. No matter how many times they are faced with undeniable facts the blame gets shifted. It’s called fake news, etc., etc, etc.

Savings 10 Years Down the Road or Groundhog Day?

As the government plays with their budget and also talks about tax breaks, we must consider all the ways we are taxed, most we never even notice. All along the chain, from the inception of a product, regardless of what it might be, we are taxed, and taxed, and taxed again.

Those taxes are not charged to us directly as the individual citizen so as we would notice the itemization of those taxes. But unless and until you consider that all of those taxes along the chain will be added to the final cost of goods and services paid by the consumer, you will not realize how well hidden the amount of money federal, state, and local governments receive. Additionally, the amount of cash flowing into the coffers of these governments are seldom even considered by the taxpayer.

Take for example the cost of a loaf of bread.

“Way back in 1975, Ronald Reagan commented that there were 151 taxes that went into the price of a loaf of bread, and that those taxes made up more than half of the cost. While much has changed since then, and I could not independently confirm all of the taxes that currently go into a loaf of bread, that quote is still true in spirit if not in detail.

Farmers may be eligible for subsidies, but they pay property taxes and income taxes. The trucker who takes the grain to market pays taxes for his license, his rig and his fuel. The grain elevator has property, employment, income and sales taxes. The miller, the bakery, the store and every other link in the chain has its own taxes as well, whether they are assessed on property, sales, income, wages, fuel or what have you.” (investopia)

While there may be no way to stop the hidden taxes, or maybe we should call them unnoticed taxes, they are in reality a part of what makes our government work. Copious amounts of money flowing in and out of government’s hands which we would hope would be used to fulfill essential responsibilities.

But as the political theater continues, we often miss some things that may well be beyond the understanding of the average taxpayer. We will be told things that those running our government want us to hear,things which will either get us on board or angry with the budgetary and/or spending process. We will be told just enough so as to help those in government to continue doing exactly what they want.

But as in all things, it begs the question; “is half the truth the truth?”

I do not have the time nor the ability to track government spending. But, I never see serious debt reduction, and I never see serious cuts in spending. I always see massive spending bills and I always hear just how wonderful those bills are and how they are always said to “give us savings 10 years down the road”. While that quote could be applied to Congressman Ryan who says it annually, many others say that as well. Since I have heard them say it for so long, I am beginning to wonder if we are in some sort of time warp or perhaps we are in a Bill Murray Groundhog Day scenario where we will never get to the 10 year savings point.

Will tax breaks to the rich help the economy or will it help politicians get more campaign contributions? Will tax credits to those who are not even citizens remain justified so that the voter base can be increased by one political party? Will highways to no where or other such pork projects be added to bills so that a congressman or senator can look good to the constituents, or will those highways bypass a particular community perhaps making it a ghost town in the years to come?

We can all come up with fraud, waste, and abuse examples that have occurred or are occurring over time. But one simple fact remains, government has responsibilities to perform and must get the funding to fulfill those responsibilities. Initially, those responsibilities were found in the enumerated powers section in our constitution. Of course today, we all know that government is more than just that, some things justified and others damned sure not.

But, for each and every one of us to sit here and discuss all the individual nuts and bolts of budget and spending talks without demanding that government live within it’s means and work diligently to reduce the debt, makes us somehow just puppets who are easily distracted. I think better of us than that.

If President Trump is Impeached..then what?

America has three distinct groups in reference to the election. We have the “NeverTrumpers” the “ForeverTrumpers” and the “ResistTrumpers”. Groups like BLM, Antifa and others all fall into one of these groups.

With the exception of the “Forevertrumpers” all others want to unseat the current President. Some by a coup others by using the democratic process. Almost all really don’t understand how the process works.


You can impeach a President (see Bill Clinton) and that President may still  retain the office of President. Impeachment can only be used if the President is “CONVICTED” of a crime or has so egregiously performed the duties of President as to place the Nation in danger.

Bill Clinton was impeached not because he had sex in the oval office but because he lied under oath about it. Thus he perjured himself.. a crime. Trump has done neither, but we hear calls for impeachment from Schumer, Maxine Waters and the “NeverTrumpers”/”ResistTrumpers” because Trump lied about this or that. Yet he has not done so under oath. He, like the rest of us, gets “Due Process” but to hear it from these groups the 4th doesn’t apply to Trump.

But let’s play the “assumption” game. Let’s assume Trump is impeached AND removed from office, btw that takes a majority vote from Congress to do so.

So Trump’s removed and Vice President Pence becomes President and someone like Paul Ryan becomes the Vice President. Now think for a minute, do you really believe that would be the end of it? Do you really believe the Democrats would allow that to stand? No, they would sue saying this is an illegitimate President demanding both step down and Hillary installed as the rightful President. The 9th circuit would intervene and declare the Democrats are right and try to usurp the democratic process and stay any transition of the presidency that does not include Hillary and all of it headed to the Supreme Court. The same Court that gave us Obamacare.

Is this a likely scenario? Maybe, could be. I could see it happening.. A Constitutional crisis would be the result and our government, which is barely functioning as it is, would be thrown into chaos and turmoil. Even if the SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Constitution that still would not end this, we would effectively have a completely dysfunctional government incapable of getting anything done and may not even be able to defend this country if needed.

Now what would this mean to the 2018/2020 elections?


This is the question you should be asking yourselves. If this hypothetical scenario happens before the 2018 election we (republicans) would see a major loss in the House and Senate. Why? Because the “ForeverTrumpers” would refuse to vote and the Independents would most likely swing to the Democrats thus guaranteeing a rout in the elections most likely continuing in 2020.

You can forget the “Wall”, Tax Cuts, Immigration reform (unless its pure amnesty) or any other “Conservative” agenda item. You can bet gun control, free healthcare, free education and anything else they can give away would be on the plate. This guaranteeing a long run of Democrat controlled Congress and Presidents.

We all have the same affliction. The “See I told you so” one. We all want that vindication of being proven right especially those of us that study politics and research the information. The sheeple out there could care less all they care about is what Hollywood is doing and whatever Colbert is telling them. They will sway to and fro by what ever the MSM tells them.. So they will not know about the Constitutional issue nor will they care.

When the Media tells them this is an illegitimate Government and “Courts” have agreed then they too will rise up and demand “justice”.

Is this what you really want? Is Trump so unpalatable that you are willing to risk it all just so you can say “See I told you so” ? If so, continue on, continue passing on stories from CNN and Huffpo. Stories so biased that not one shred of journalistic values could be found if one looked.

Full disclosure: I was a “NeverTrumper” too. I didn’t vote for Trump and actively campaigned against him. I too knew he would be a disaster. So far I’ve not been disappointed. However, he was elected President. For better or worse he is the one. We can either support his polices that help us and condemn the ones that don’t or we can just hate everything about him and continue down the path of destruction. One way we can hope it all works out the other leads to chaos and a democrat controlled future. One I’m sure we will regret.