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Silence Is No Longer An Option

October, 2017

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The Constitution Serves Everyone

Come to the Table

I’m going to ask you to do something…many somethings that may cause you to cringe. You may well walk away, having no desire to entertain the notion. You may become angry that I would ask it of you in the first place. Nonetheless, here’s the pitch. I have to ask you to defend the Constitution.

‘Oh, is that all,’ you may be saying. First, consider the implications that this simple request entails. Let me ask a question here. Does the Constitution protect only those who protect, defend and admire it? No. If you are, by naturalization or birth, a citizen of the United States, you are afforded all of its protections.

It is and always has been accepted that there will be defiant dissidents in every generation. Protests, marches, rallies and disruptions, are woven into the fabric of our nation but there have been times when those integrated patches of material have been all that held this country together. As distasteful as dissent is, as ridiculous as the premise of the minority view and as vilified as the cause for which the raging voice is echoed, the rights must be afforded them to express it. To use moral outrage as the means by which it should be suppressed is to ignore the lessons of history and the message that is recorded in the blood of those who landed foul of tyrannical regimes beyond number.

With eloquent words conveying profound and fundamental truths, our founders, men like Jefferson, Hancock, Washington, Madison and Franklin drew up documents the likes of which the world had never seen. The enlightened minds of that time, delivered into the world, a preservation of man’s inherent right to defy tyranny. It established the means by which he could depose tyrants. It granted the individual superiority over his government. With collective vigilance, the people were meant to discern the signs that tyranny was attempting to gain a foothold in America and declare their suspicions openly.

Our republic has, from its very foundation, revealed a fundamental paradox. Discord and disagreement is as old as the Declaration of Independence, so it should be no surprise that the same lines of disagreement have lived to this very day. Some are inclined toward centralized governance while others seek to minimize government’s significance in our lives. The Constitution provides the confines and the rules of engagement to the combatants on both sides of this ideological conflict.

Yet, so fierce has this battle become that the Constitution can no longer contain it. Each side continues to stray further from its legal constraints. Back and forth, the pendulum swings, with each side attempting, not to bring focus back to the Constitution but merely to obtain the greater revenge against their opposition.

It can’t go on like this. This course leads to the dissolution of the Constitution and the republic it defines. The extremes of both sides will never yield. Socialism and Anarchy are waiting in the wings’ tips. They are the fringe elements and we outnumber them. If we refuse to concede to either side’s extreme elements then WE need to meet at the table to restore our defense of the Constitution. We need to stand up for the rights of our political opponents. We may absolutely stand diametrically opposed to their views but it is imperative that they have their right to express them. When another shift in power occurs, we will stand in need of them as well.

If you are willing to stand on the Constitution, you may find yourself standing side by side with liberals, Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, gays, straights, atheists, Christians, Muslims, gnostics and know-it-alls. If they are willing to stand on the Constitution, are you willing to stand with them?

America needs its patriots to #HoldTheLine. To defend your opponent’s rights is not to defend their beliefs but to defend the Constitution that protects their beliefs. That is what may be required should you decide to defend the Constitution.

Freedom Ltd.

The desire for freedom lies deep in the heart of all men and they are willing to do a great deal to achieve it. What makes America’s system unique, apart from acknowledging that undeniable truth, is the desire to help others experience it. In the overarching history of human experience, no cave scribbling, no papyrus, no scroll, no doctrine or document written ever secured more freedom for the individual than the United States Constitution.

How is it that this cornerstone, this foundation of liberty is such a strange occurrence on the world stage among governments past and present? All other nations have been established for the express purpose of controlling their subjects to a greater or lesser extent. Freedom was always reserved for the powers that be to exercise with relative impunity. While, with that of the people governed, it was issued at the discretion of government.

Only the government was free to choose how men were to be controlled. They were free to limit the freedom of their subjects, to parcel its measure equally or, as was more often the case, distribute it unequally in exchange for favors for personal gain. They could allow men to handle their own affairs and move about freely in their daily lives. Yet, it was always in the power of the state to give or take at its leisure. If the people took too great an advantage of the liberty they were allowed, oppressive reprisal was sure to follow. They were restricted in travel, prevented the means to protect life or property. They were prevented from gathering to discuss matters of their own treatment. Government has always been keen on rounding up and disposing of those who can articulate the sentiment of the people effectively. The power of words can topple the most entrenched regimes. History is replete with such examples.

That history has demonstrated through a multitude of insurrections, uprisings, coups, rebellions, revolutions, territorial disputes, civil wars and wars in general (both great and small), that at no time have the whole of any people been content with their station in life. Equally disparaging on the masses was social strata. There existed caste systems, priesthood/clergy/worshippers, nobility/merchants/peasantry, aristocracy/proletariat, emperors/warriors/servants, slaves/masters, oligarchy/workers, or haves/have nots. Power was always possessed by the former at the expense of the latter. For most human beings, since man’s inception, the place of their birth and to whom they were born determined their fate from cradle to grave. It was the rare exception to the rule that one was able to break free from the bonds of their birth. That is until America.

You see, America dissolved all preconceived notions of superiority based on a person’s original condition. One born to a blacksmith could become prominent in real estate. One born to a criminal could become a judge. One born to a minister could find himself in prison. It was not prestige of name or monetary worth that established the value of the individual. It was his actions alone that determined his success or failure. America no longer observed traditional or legal barriers to stand in the individual’s way.

In America, limitations on freedom were put to paper as a declaratory decree. Our government, unlike many of its predecessors, would not be free to take the substance of the people for its own benefit. It was not free to determine those who would succeed or who would fail. It was not free to prevent people from forming opinions even if those opinions were adverse to its own existence. It was not free to take people off of the street without justification. It was not free to pass arbitrary edicts on the people without their consent. In fact, it is not free to do much of anything without the people’s permission and then only by our elected servants making those decisions on the people’s behalf.

This is to ilustrate the shift that has occurred in America, to demonstrate how skewed our vision has become and the original intent for our limited government vs the criminal intent with which it currently operates. Our government is no longer distancing itself from previous or even contemporary examples but rather is becoming an amalgamation of the very worst of them all. Left unchecked, it stands on the precipice of achieving the greatest consolidation of power that man can attain in this world. With all of the tools at its disposal it would, indeed, prove FREE to do whatever it desires and with whomever it pleases.

Every interaction between a man and his government results in an exchange of freedom.


The Time Has Come to Defeat the Left

It Ends Now

Let’s put an optimistic spin on things.

Hollywood, the Rivendell of the liberal kingdom, has been exposed as a haven of wickedness that makes even the LGBTQ…community turn away in disdain. Feminists are playing damage control for their silence on matters of predatory behavior from their donor class. They are blushing that such things are occurring on their side of the aisle and for once they must adopt utter hypocrisy or acknowledge that the target of their animosity is no longer a stuffy conservative in the GOP (though, I’m sure it has its share).

That brings me to my next point, Democrat voters are disenfranchised, again, not by some stuffy conservative in the GOP (though, I’m sure it has its share), but by the upper eschalons of the DNC apparatus. For reasons as diverse as its adopted victim groups, the Democrat voters are turning on their own power base. The overthrow of Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primary to honor their commitment to the Clinton crime family has soured liberal fervor in the Ass’s camp.

– Of course, I would be remiss should I fail to mention this could turn out to be a negative. Much like the toppling of the Qaddafi regime destabilized Libya, the DNC dictator is no longer in power. This gives rise to the radical elements…factions once kept at bay by the establishment using them only so far as Democrats kept getting elected. Having been repeatedly poked with sticks of socio-economic and racial strife, the left’s attack dogs are now off the leash and they are pissed. Rhetoric is no longer effective to control them or to bring them to bear on specific targets. As determined as the are cunning, BLM and Antifa are ready to burn down the house and they could care less whether there are Democrats left inside.

The effect of this Democratic Diaspora is a mixed bag. We will see them turn on their own. Each victim group will seek to increase their status and standing. As the Democrat Party, once priding itself on keeping its secrets under lock and key by its rank and file, proves it can no longer pour out favors as abundantly as it once did, there will be no incentive for angry dems to keep their mouths shut or eyes closed. I foresee an end to the establishment Democrats not dissimilar to the fate of Jezebel.

How can we facilitate this collapse? We know the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. We could stand back and watch the fire burn, waiting for the rats that escape the barn. I prefer rather that we strike while the iron is hot. Give no quarter. Take the fight to them. Attack at their weakest point. If we take rest while they recover, when the fight commences, we will still be in our trench defending our own existence. For so long, we have failed to breakout. We have merely endured as they gain ground. They have chose the weapons, the terrain and fought only when it benefitted them. We have sat back, awaiting the next shelling and our only point of honor is an unyielding commitment to our “position.” We have to get up, clear the open ground and rout them completely.

Why haven’t we done it before now? Simple. We have lacked leadership. Waiting for cowaring officer politicians to galvanize their collective resolve and begin an offensive has accomplished only two things.

1. We keep losing more of ours to the enemy, whether by desertion or slander.
2. We are fighting each other over whether the cowards are right to wait or if we should charge.

We are not waiting anymore. The Democrats are at the weakest they have ever been. They have lost the media through its own irrelevance (communications). They have now lost Hollywood (recruitment). They have wasted most of the lies on Trump (ammunition). They have lost sight of their plans (objectives). We guarantee our own loss if we cannot or will not exploit the ineffectiveness of the left. To continue to wait on failed leadership to guide us will result in our utter defeat. We need to act now!

“Grab your gear…we roll out in 5. No, you won’t be needing a rifle but don’t forget your Constitution.”

When Monuments Offend

We the Nation of the offended are perpetually butt-hurt over just about everything today. The most recent example is a Dove soap commercial where the scene shows a black women wearing a brown tank top and a white women wearing a white tank top they remove the tank tops and shower.

Apparently the commercial was not about soft skin.. oh no it was about how Dove soap, which is white by the way, can wash the black right off of you???




Dove has had to pull the commercial because the perpetually butt-hurt crowd said it was racist.

Its been going on for well, forever, but only recently has this crowd started joining hands with the anarchist and Socialist for a Democratic Society to form a more cohesive unit of uniformed butt-hurtness.


So why monuments and symbols?



Would removing all monuments and symbols end racism?

Of course not, you cannot take down a symbol of what you perceive to be racist and end what’s in the hearts of man.






I believe they know this would not affect racism at all. If anything it increases the likelihood that people who don’t harbor racist ideas or feeling will see this and start associating black people with “troublemakers” and this creates the very racism they say they want to stop.



Take a look at this picture what do you see?

Do you see the website?

Almost all of the signs now being held by Black Lives Matter and Antifa have this on their signs.
 is the Revolutionary Communist Party US. BLM and Antifa has teamed up with the communist party to sow disruption and chaos in America.

So by attacking symbols they are attacking the base foundation of how America sees itself. If they can make a statue, flag or other symbol to now mean it’s a symbol of racism and hate they can change the view of how Americans view themselves.

If you can change that view from the belief we are exceptional to that of shame we are then weakened as a society and will not stand against the tyranny of these groups.

We see this actually working at campuses across America. If you believe in America and freedom you are called a racist, attacked and in some cases literally kicked off campus or the University refuses to allow you to speak.

Make no mistake here we/America are under attack.


I pondered this: “We live in a societal construct where the many can agree to restrict certain freedoms.Should you chose to live in that society then you chose to abide by the restrictions, rules and regulations, but at what point does this start to breakdown and we refuse to comply?”

Where is our “RedLine”? When will enough be enough? We are already seeing push-back and assaults and yes even deaths. (See Charlotte)

Our National identity is under attack and so is our Religious Identity.

Freedom from Religion attacks

Have you seen the youtube video of the Christians being kicked out of a coffee shop in Seattle?

Gay Coffee Shop Owner kicks out Christians says “He would Fu*k Christ”

Here a gay barista/owner literally refuses to serve several people and kicked them off the property why? Because they were Christians. He overheard them talking about their church and other activities and he (owner) said he was offended by their presence.

Our very foundations are being attacked daily. If you stand for the Constitution you are racist, a colonialist and backwards..  a christian? Then you are the source of all evil in the world and should be eradicated.


It’s a fact we own guns. Lot’s of guns. We, especially those of us that lean Right, feel this attack almost daily and quiet honestly we are getting more than a little tired of it.

How much further can they push us before we respond violently?








I believe that their end game is to force incidents like what happened in Charlotte where we can then be declared “White Supremacist”, Nazi’s etc.. to justify active violence against us while under the cover of the left and mainstream media.

This tactic isn’t new it’s been going on for a long time. Take the Civil War debate. Those of us that study history know that the war didn’t start over slavery. It started for the very same reason the Revolutionary War did. Taxation without Representation among other things. Yes, it was about slavery too, but one must remember the North held slaves at that time as well so the abolition of slavery wasn’t the central theme until much later.

The debate has been framed that it was all about slavery and everyone that fought for the South just wanted to keep slaves. That’s like saying that every solider that fought in the Gulf War did so because they were fighting just for the oil. That was the left’s narrative right? Bush was fighting the war to take over the oil fields for Halliburton and his “Big Oil” buddies applying the same logic then the men and women were just there to secure oil for America.

Charlotte was a classic example of “framing a narrative”. There were many people there who were not part of the “white supremacist” group but were there to protest Antifa and the attack on America’s symbols. But what was reported? Antifa was good everyone else was a white supremacist. Where they there.. Yes, was it the majority of the crowd? Well, according to Charlotte Police reports

I outlined in earlier story’s that the Deputy Mayor of Charlotte intentionally allowed the Antifa & Black Lives Matter crowd to attack the counter protesters. But it was ok because some of the counter protesters where indeed white supremacist.

Hate is Hate

It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, red or green.. if you hate, your hate is no more justifiable then their hate and when you allow your hate to spill over into violence it is not justifiable under any circumstance.


We are more separated as a Nation then at any time in recent history. We have allowed the Politics of personal destruction to rule us. We have the NeverTrumpas and the Trumpatoids fighting each other and if your not in one camp of the other you are a traitor who voted for the other side.

We have Black supremacist vs White supremacist each threatening war, anarchist like Antifa threatening violence and war against anyone who doesn’t accept their view of America. A surge in Neo-Nazism as well as the Black Panthers and Black Separation theology. All not being covered or not been covered fairly by the mainstream media and politicians doing what politicians do best, lie and do nothing.


I suspect we will see a ever increasing assault on our values and views of America. Antifa has promised a “Day of Rage” on November 4th to attack all signs of racism and Nazism as they see it. Black Lives Matter is sure to join with the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. Their goal is to topple the American Government (their words) and they state they will attack and kill first responders rather its EMT’s, Fire or Police.

Antifa vows violence Nov 4th

Is the mainstream media part of it?

NewsWeek calls Antifa Nov 4th a “Right Winged” Conspiracy

Antifa Tweeter sites and websites proclaim:


So is it a “Right Winged” conspiracy of not? If you listen to the mainstream media yes.. yes it is. I guess we will see if it is or not. But does anyone really believe that they don’t want this to happen?

Is this the RedLine for us?


Hey, Atheists…It’s Our Turn

I decided to take a fight to the atheists. I’m directing this at the militant, anti-religious, atheists.
Between these two court cases it was determined school-sponsored prayer was no longer “legal.”

Engle Vs. Vitale (06.25.1962)
Abington School District Vs Schempp (06.17.1963)

The interpretation is flawed in that the First Amendment makes no reference to institutions of learning. It only references the prohibition of “CONGRESS” to make laws respecting organized religion. Read it with me now in its entirety.

1st Amendment to the United States Constitution:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

In 1962-3 the United States House of Representatives had no influence or justification in the manner of teaching children were exposed to. Nixon’s establishment of the National Institute of Education was not to come about for another decade. This was the pre-cursor to the Department of Education that was officially created under President Jimmy Carter on 10.17.1979. How was prayer in school a matter for the Federal Courts to decide? This would be a great case study on Federalism but I will leave that for another time. I digress, the Supreme Court found in the atheists’ favor on this matter.

With the Supreme Court in lock step with their judgment against God in the schools, the court of public opinion was quick to follow. Let us consecrate humanism in the public square. Let us cast down the monuments of God’s commandments, shedding the pretense that there is any greater than ourselves to which we must answer. In doing so, we ease the burden of conscience that has weighed man down for generations.

Let’s introduce the “Evolution” revolution. Let us claim that our God is merely a monkey who grew wise and left residual memories of our higher self (the one that descended from the tree tops) in our genetic code.

Let’s create a cultural revolution where what was once declared freedom is now deemed slavery, where what has been determined as up is really down and what was considered moral justification is merely viewed as bondage. We can go it on our own.

Let’s embark in a sexual revolution where whatever appeals to our flesh is true because it is felt. Let’s bestow new definitions on terms like fornication and rather delve into subjects of bondage. Let us declare children concieved in such liberating experiences to be an inconvenience and let them be dealt with accordingly. Eliminating tissue (whatever helps you sleep at night) is for expedience and nothing more.

Let us do what is right in our own eyes. Let us generate new contexts in which evil is justified. Let us declare righteousness as a selective name given to irrelevant societal moorings. Those moorings put boundaries on our human potential for peace and harmony anyway. Let’s dispell with such archaic limitations.

Genesis 11:4 

4. And they said, “Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”

There is nothing you can propose that has not been tried. It would never have to be considered enlightenment if the previous civilizations that adopted your pattern where still around today. They are no longer around for a reason. You cast out God and you are left with only yourselves to blame.

Look at the unsettling circumstance you find yourself in. You dwell in a savage world that seeks to elevate carnage to godhood. You resort to make laws to replace those commandments you once cast down. You ridicule Leviticus and Deuteronomy yet, establish more laws and regulations than God ever ordained. Why is that? Is man so much greater than his Creator? Do we not need to be controlled for your Godless society to shed the shackles of rule that God set forth? You fail to realize what we have warned you all along. God has told us how it will end should we turn our back on Him. Your defiance of Him has only proved Him correct. That has to be frustrating to you, but it’s accurate none-the-less.

In absence of God, you must put those equal to yourselves over you. You have to submit to the depravity that is man with power. Man wanted a king to rule over him and for his sins God gave him one.

We’ve tried your way, admittedly against our will. We are disgusted by what it has brought about. For the duration, the demand will be that you sit down, shut up and let those of us who know God return Him to His rightful place in our society.

You have had your way. It leads to death. It is our time now. Either get out of the way or kneel down and pray that Christ receives you, forgives you your guilt and sees fit to heal our land.

The 2nd Amendment: Is it time for a change?

That’s the main question is it not? I mean every argument from the anti-gun crowd is that the “Founders” couldn’t envision the AR-15, that it was never meant for us to have weapons of mass destruction. You don’t need a AR-15 or AK/SKS to hunt right?

Could it be time to have a Convention of States to redefine the 2nd?


I mean if we did have a COS and made the 2nd stronger and clearer a bit less open ended then maybe we can put to rest the arguments by the left that “Well Regulated” doesn’t mean Government regulations and Militia doesn’t mean Government sanctioned Military.

A COS could strengthen the 2nd but is there anything we could do without a COS to make sure that people that have criminal backgrounds don’t buy guns?


If you sell a firearm to a convicted felon you could face some serious criminal charges.

I never sell a firearm unless the person buying it has a valid Drivers license and a permit to carry. Additionally I take a photo the transaction and take a photo of the individual and attach all to my copy of the paperwork. If at any time the person balks at anything the sale doesn’t happen. That’s set in stone and I don’t compromise on it.


Federal Registry

Anytime a Federal Registry comes up we all go a little nuts. After all that’s what led to the rise of the Nazi regime. The government of Germany told it’s citizens that to curb violence they needed to know who had guns so if used they could track them by the firearm if left on the scene.

It soon morphed from a registry to “We the government” can best protect you so there’s no need to own guns for protection.. We all know where that led to.

Every gun with a serial number is registered.

So a Federal registry already exist. The first sale is recorded and the buyer is linked to that registered gun. If you sale that firearm and the person that bought it sold it to another and so forth and so forth and it was used in a crime… the original owner will be contacted by whatever agency is investigating the crime. The original owner may or may not have the paperwork and if not the investigation hits a roadblock.

What if..

What if we did have a law enacted that all transactions of private sales must be kept for a period of 10 years and documentation like the one I use above is the standard.

You maintain the paperwork the government never sees it unless a firearm is used in a crime and then they can request the paperwork from that transaction. If all parties adhered to this law then an end user possibly could be identified. Of course, like all laws if you failed to maintain the paperwork then you could be held civilly liable for damages.

This might help stem the P2P (Private to Private) illegal sale of a firearm to a minor or a felon. Of course, it does nothing to eliminate sales to people with mental disorders.

Its my property and I can do with it as I please.. Right? Yes, I think any infringement on that sacred right is wrong and should be fought vigorously. But with gun ownership comes great responsibility. (Sounds like a blog)

We keep records of any car we sale why then is it not sustainable to do so with our firearms. Yes the Federal Government can force you, by a warrant, to disclose that transaction but not until they go before a judge and justify that action, at least due process will be satisfied.

Gun Control

It appears it is inevitable that we are in for another round of useless “feel good” legislation. It may come in the form of a ban on accessories that make guns fire faster (bump stock) and I suspect they will try for another Magazine capacity restriction.

We already know none of this works, you simply cannot stop a lone wolf individual from committing mass murders on a large scale. We all know the stats that those scary black rifles are used in less than 1% of all shootings but of course that doesn’t matter. They’re scary so reason goes out the door.

What will work?

Confiscation. That’s it, nothing less then a total elimination of all firearms in America will stop mass shootings. The left knows this and it is really what they want. At the same time they also know it’s truly an impossible task, currently there are some 300 million firearms in America with 120 million individual owners. The guns per owner has increased to 1.45 per the last few years its been 0.96 per owner. While some owners may voluntarily give up their guns the vast majority will never do so. That leaves removal by force. We hear some argue that the military would do it. While that’s a possibility especially in the cities the logistics and frankly the resistance they would face in the suburban areas would be daunting, not to mention local guard units would likely side with the community and a real possibility of second civil war.


So what is the answer?

The reality is there isn’t one. We shouldn’t stop looking for a solution but honestly there is no solution to these types of events. Gun owners of America will never willingly give up their guns and the likelihood that we reach the point, without a National disaster, that the military is used to seize guns is extremely small.

I heard it said the other day that Freedom comes at a price at times, this is true. We enjoy unprecedented freedoms in America. Like speech there are times we don’t like what someone says, but they have an absolute right to say it and no one should want to use the force of government to stop them. The Right to own firearms shall not be infringed. Yet it has been infringed in several States and localities and in many instances the SCOTUS has allowed it. We live in a societal construct where the many can agree to restrict certain freedoms.Should you chose to live in that society then you chose to abide by the restrictions, rules and regulations, but at what point does this start to breakdown and we refuse to comply?

That is the real question.