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Silence Is No Longer An Option

September, 2017

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The Real Assault on Our American Heritage

The Endgame: Play by Play

Before everyone gets distracted by arguing about how great or sinister Heffner was, I’d like to put a last “Kap” on the “Kneelers” controversy.

During the 2016 football season, Colin Kaepernick QB for the San Francisco 49ers, decided to kneel rather than stand for the National Anthem. This was to demonstrate solidarity with blacks oppressed by police brutality, a message similar to that of the #BlackLivesMatter movement which originated in Ferguson, Missouri…or did it?

#BlackLivesMatter originated with the self-defense shooting death of Treyvon Martin during an assault on George Zimmerman. Activist Alicia Garza posted on Facebook following the Zimmerman acquittal:

“Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter, Black Lives Matter”

After which, Patrisse Cullors shared it with the, now famous, #BlackLivesMatter. It did not begin with the police shooting of Michael Brown (what has become synonymous with white police killings of African American youth). It began when a hispanic-American (Zimmerman) shot a black youth (Treyvon).

Where does taking a knee fit in? After Colin Keapernick made his stand by sitting, Nate Boyer (former Green Beret and player for the Seattle Seahawks) contacted Colin to discuss a middle ground that would be more respectful, that being to kneel beside his fellow teammates. Colin agreed. Nate stood beside him which drew the ire of both sides of the issue.

Though, Kaepernick has never openly endorsed #BlackLivesMatter, his stand (or lack thereof) has been taken up by their movement. Now, #TakeAKnee has many BLM sympathizers among NFL players following suit. President Donald Trump has further exacerbated the situation, amplified the protest’s exposure and appealed to the patriotic sentiments of millions of Americans by calling for the SOBs to be fired at a rally ahead of last weekend’s NFL games.

It would not be necessary to bring Trump into the discussion but for one thing. He has failed to adequately study the history of dissenting movements through the ages. When any leader has openly sought to suppress protest it tends to solidify the resolve of the protesters. Those who protest are joined by those who do not necessarily hold the cause as their own, but none-the-less stand in solidarity with those who do. The effect is much like pouring water on a gas fire.

Now that the fire is spreading and more groups are co-opting the cause as their own, what will be the end game? What is the final resolution to this situation? All we have to do is look at the stated motivations of groups like BLM. They went after the Confederate Flag as a symbol of racist oppression. Solidifying resistance against the demand that they publically be removed was difficult because to many Americans, the Confederate flag did represent racism. That concession was granted. Next came the removal of Confederate statues. This was a hill patriots, again, were unwilling to die on. So statues fell, flags were banned and a portion of our population’s heritage was erased from the landscape.

“Who controls the past, controls the future.
Who controls the present, controls the past.”
~ Orwell ‘1984’

I stood in opposition to the banning of the stars and bars as well as the casting down of monuments because I perceived a bigger game in play. Progressive groups are always focused on the longterm. In dividing us over each of the aforementioned issues, the progressive victories have been easily attained. This fire will continue to burn until the desired goal is obtained, that of eliminating the National Anthem from pregame ceremony. We have allowed this issue to become so divisive that to solve it, the NFL (which as an organization seems to passively condone #TakeAKnee) could reach the conclusion that the National Anthem not being played at all would be the simplest solution.

Make no mistake, our American heritage is the target. Elimination of symbols is the method. How many stories have you read, in recent years, where the American flag was determined to be offensive and removed by demand of certain elements of our population? How many letters have been added to the sexual orientation list (LGBTQ….)? All of these have been accomplished “progressively.” Are we getting the picture in HD yet?

This culture war is not to be fought with bullets but offenses. It is not being waged for blood but feelings. The wounds are emotional. It has the potential to bring about America’s capitulation without a shot fired. When a Hispanic-American civilian shooting an African-American in self defense can be manipulated into a movement of African-Americans against white cops then the insidious and effective nature of the threat can never be underestimated. Hold the Constitutional line, check your emotions and keep your wits about you.

How Federalism Provides the Way Out

Your State Here ______

When I was younger a slogan made its rounds.
“Buy American, the job you save may be your own.”
Shift that a bit. “Build communities, the one you have is yours alone.”

We’ve hit our plateau of national level politics. 2016 was the most divisive time in American history since Grant and Lee went toe to toe. We are still splitting over it almost 9 months later. Whether you were with Trump, Cruz, Sanders or Clinton you have been caught up in a system that has failed you. Forget chess, politics is more akin to euchre. If you have the highest card, you better have all of them to play or you will lose “Big League.”

This is the first time a vast majority of Americans did not get what they wanted in an election. We ended up with the refuse to choose from, the lowest card. That is not all bad. We are coming to a realization, collectively, that we cannot agree on where we are going as a nation. We the People want to rebel. We want to cast off the choices we were forced into by 2 parties that would rather make deals with each other than deal with US. There is a solution. Decentralize!

In most projects, people are broken down into small groups. Each group is tasked with providing a solution to a particular problem. When the groups get together to discuss their results, progress is made. Group A solved this problem. Group B tried this and it failed. Group C found some flaws in Group A’s solution and offered corrections. Each state is one of those groups. Forget party lines and a Federal Government that spends too much time trying to solve the problems of 324 million people (if only their motives were so pure). Focus on 50 states and let each decide their own fate.

The greatest solution at hand in the political arena is Federalism. The liberals can do with their states as they see fit. The conservatives can do with theirs as they see fit. If Indiana decides to adopt Constitutional Carry, it has no effect on Illinois’ gun regulations. If California decides to tax the highest income earners at 45 percent and Texas chooses to refrain from taxing income at all, so be it. It is the will of the people that dictates the direction of the country. The only point that should be graven in stone is whatever policies your state adopts will not effect the other states. Texans should not have the wealth of their prosperity confiscated to solve the problems created by failed California policies. There will be no federal government bailout for the costs accrued by those failed policies. Idaho can learn from Maine and Maine can learn from Virginia. Arizona can learn from Arkansas and Arkansas can learn from Utah.

If state representatives are focused on the good of their own citizens, then the people they meet at the gas station and grocery stores will greet them with a nod and a smile. If their policies are detrimental to their constituents, then the people they see everyday will know those who have enacted laws against their will. They will treat their representatives accordingly.

Washington, DC has proven its unwillingness to be held accountable. Accountability is most easily cultivated where we live (communities, towns, counties and states). Each of our states is provided a naturally acknowledged check against Washington’s interference in the lives of state citizens. I believe firmly in each state reasserting its authority in matters pertaining to its own internal affairs. The states need to start defending their people.

In truth, local, county and state governance does not have the celebrity status or glamor of national politics but politics is very real. It should not be what it has become, a sport, an entertainment industry, a coliseum event. It is serious and has the potential to destroy our heritage, one that was purchased by the lives of our forbears. This is the part where you, as the citizen of your state, recognize the power of your state’s role and its impact on your life. This is where you come to the knowledge that your state can protect you from Federal overreach, that is if they realize the power they possess in the statehouse. It is time to remind them what Federalism is and how to apply it.

Your Congressmen are decided by the people of your state. Your Senators are decided by the people of your state. You judges are decided by the people of your county. Your mayors are decided by the people in your neighborhood. The GOP and the Democrat parties are national institutions. It is time to discard them as they have you. It is the local office that needs your attention. It is the school board that needs to be populated with Federalist candidates. The judgeships, mayor’s office, state senate positions all need to provide representation for the forgotten element of society… We The People.

I’m going to do “Hoosier” and you can do “Sooner.” You can do “Yooper” and they can do “Show Me.” You be your state and I’ll be mine. California cannot be Texas. Connecticut cannot be Alabama. South Dakota cannot be Louisiana. If your state does it well, mine should follow your example. If your state fails mine will not bail you out. #Federalism…problem solved. You do you, I’ll do me. What better way to unite than to decide, ‘you go your way and I’ll go mine,’ collectively?

Part 5 in the Are you Prepared Series The Final Chapter

Are you Prepared to take Responsibility

There’s a saying.. I carry a gun cause a Cops too heavy. Another is.. When seconds count Cops are minutes away.

In my first four articles I tried to get you the reader to think a little differently about potential life changing events. I wanted you to think about planning, the what ifs, what would you do, type of thinking.

In this, my final article in the series, I want to focus on everyday life events. Those events that do not affect a large portion of society. These events may affect only you personally or at least your immediately family.

Most of my readers are CCP (concealed carry permit) types or have guns at home.

How much training have you had with those firearms? I’m not really talking about just range time, which you need a lot of, I’m talking about Gun safety classes, shoot don’t shoot training etc..


We know as gun advocates that the left have for years tried to limit what gun you can buy or what type of ammunition or capacity of the magazine.

For the most part they have failed. So a new tactic has emerged. Going after the gun owner after you have used it to save yours or another’s life.

Gun Control Groups

NY Daily News

Burglar sues Home Owner

Burglar sues Home Owner #2

They are also going after the manufacturer of the guns or states that fell for the anti-gun hype.

Gun Control Groups sue Gun Mfg.

Sandy Hook Parents sue the maker of the Gun used.

You can be sued by anyone for anything. We all say ” well they will never win” and that may well be true but you will still have to hire a lawyer take time off from work and go to court.

The stress that this will cause will be tremendous. So before you strap on that gun you might want to look into a few things.

First you need to look into a umbrella policy from your Home Owners Insurance company. I have a 10 million dollar Umbrella policy that covers me for just about everything including getting sued for the use of my firearm. It cost less then $200 per year and you should purchase additional Concelaled Carry insurance from some one like this company: (not an endorsement)

Concealed Carry Insurance

Together this will help you alleviate some not all but some of that stress.


What type of ammo do you use? Is it the same as the police use?

I ask this because lawsuits are springing up over (hold on) “more than lethal” ammo.

Some of you may remember the Black Rhino rounds that were introduced in the early 90’s. Do you remember the furor it caused? The Federal suits for “more than lethal” rounds.

Ammo is too lethal

Depends on where you live (Liberal State) if you use ammo that is very effective you may find yourself on the wrong end of a judgement. I recommend finding out what the police use and buy that ammo, because if you are sued or arrested by overzealous police and DA.. you have a ready made defense in the tools that you used.

Another consideration is in the State where you live do you have a “Castle Law” aka “Stand your ground”? If not, it’s a good possibility that the laws of self defense restrict how and when you may use a firearm in defense of your home.

Most people mistakenly believe that if a person breaks into your home you have the right to use your firearm in defense of your life. In many States, you would be incorrect.

Many States have a “avenue of escape” rule. This states that if you have an “avenue of escape” you must take that route BEFORE using your firearm. In other words you MUST give the burglar your home.

Some jurisdictions see that as, if you can hide, you may not use your firearm.

The “Castle Rule” was adopted to erase or at least mitigate this ridiculous restriction on your right of self-defense. It allows the home owner to not have to run or jump out of a window but “stand your ground”  and secure your home.

In this article, “Are you Prepared to take Responsibility”, I’ve outlined a few of the legal obstacles that you may face if you actually have to use your firearm and gave you a couple of solutions.

In the next paragraphs  I want you to think about safety. Yours and your families.


Do you have a Security System?

If not, get one. Preferably one that has a battery back up and one that is cellular not landline based.

There are dozens of different services, some monitored some not,.. but the basic premise is you want something to alert you while you are home if someone enters your home. It doesn’t matter to your personal safety, if they do so, while your not home but personally I don’t want anyone to have the ability to enter my home and take their time there. No alarm system will stop anyone from entering. There is no burglar proof home unless you have steel doors and shatterproof windows but Security Systems do tend to make the casual burglar choose another house, plus the added fire and Carbon Monoxide/Radon detection warnings are always good to have.


Do you carry a firearm? How do you carry it?

If it’s in your glove-box or buried in a purse how accessible is it really? I’m not an open carry proponent for various reasons but if your firearm isn’t readily accessible it will not do you any good to have it.

Carrying a gun is a huge responsibility and you should take it seriously. There’s a movie where one of the lines is: ” with great power comes great responsibility” this is true when you carry. You literally have the power of life and death. This is how a jury will see it so make sure if you use justifiable.


I can’t teach you tactical awareness from a blog not can I teach you proper shoot don’t shoot techniques. So you will have to do this on your own.Its only your life and the welfare of your family so what are you waiting for?


I know personal responsibility is not in large supply today we all fall prey the demon of procrastination. Why do today what can be put off for tomorrow right? Granted everything cannot be accomplished in one day but the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.


The US has had two strikes from Hurricanes recently. One in Texas and one in Florida.

Being prepared is more then having a few spare meals or some bottle water, it’s a state of mind, a lifestyle change.

If you are in the path of these types storms do you have a plan to evacuate? Do you have “Bug Out Bags” ready?

Do you have spare fuel, food water? Have you checked your spare tire is your car fueled up? There are hundreds of items on your checklist you need to consider. Even if you are not in the path are you prepared for the power outages?

The time to start thinking about this is NOT when you hear the Police loud speaker telling you you must evacuate.

Make a plan…work the plan… execute the plan the life you save may be your own.










Remember, America

What does liberty, limited government and independence look like? Few who live now can remember what our founders saw for our future.

Being a member of Generation X, I can honestly say I have only Reagan to refer to when it comes to any semblance of American values. He spent much of his time in office simply telling the people there can be a better way. He provided great analogies and gave remarkable speeches. Yet, for all of his vision, he could not change the nation on his own. All he could hope to achieve in eight years was to knock down the thick brush that had obscured our better path. He told us to follow our hearts and pursue our dreams. He could not dream for us. He remains to my generation, a marker, a tethering ledge on our decent into madness.

Reagan was not among our founders. He was merely a reflection of their highest aspirations, a lantern in the dismal swamp that has darkened our ambitious pursuits. In our linear measure of history he was a landmark or maybe a memorial to all we have discarded along the way. To return to his brief respite in the midst of our decline would be to concede defeat. It would not do justice to the American vision. It would be nothing more than a concession that good enough would be the pinnacle of the American experiment. We would need to climb still further, strive for the peak of our destiny and at the top of that mountain would be the founders and their guiding documents.

Each passing generation continues the downward march. Fewer in each even look back at the origin of our journey, now obscured by clouds. Liberty has become a myth, a legend, a wives tale as it fades into our collective memory.

To secure liberty for our children we must retrace our steps, to follow the flagstones back up the forgotten path. Look to Reagan and regain his optimism. Look back, still further, to Coolidge and cling to his humble, principled and quiet fortitude. Don’t stop there, rather find Lincoln with the burden and sacrifice of unity. Now gaze afar off to the first generation. We see Madison, the architect of government’s containment. Before him we see Jefferson, the physician that attended the birth of the United States of America. Then there, in distant memory is Washington, the first shining example of a statesman, in all of his humble reluctance, taking the newly generated title of president, and setting the standard of a God-fearing leader.

In all of their words, there lies a healthy store consisting of equal parts wisdom and admonition. Our founders did not invent but instead discovered eternal truths that transcend generational circumstance. They refined governing principles and retained, for the people, a cage in which to restrict its expansion. It is the pet of the people to be nurtured but never to be given dominion over them.

I am as guilty as most of speaking in platitudes, but there have been those in every generation that eloquently demonstrated what America was intended to be. Listen to them and gather those within our own generation who can carry the dimming torch of liberty. Restoring America to its original condition is not an inconvenience that has fallen upon us. It is the greatest calling on all of us and our time. America stands now in greater jeopardy of being forgotten than at any other point in our history.


It’s about time we begin to understand 2 things, then the nation will begin to heal.

1. Government is the problem.
2. We the People are responsible to clean up the mess.

I could easily add more to this list such as a need to return to principles set down in our founding documents, and a return to the morals taught to us by our creator, and even many more. But those are what is necessary for the second item on my list to be possible.

We spend a great deal of time watching and listening to the people in government who are doing more to separate us from each other, and most often all for their own sick purposes of notoriety and fame.

Damn those who talk out of both sides of their mouths, and also damn the easily led fools who follow them down the path to the destruction of our Republic.

Do I dare say damn them? The is a big yes. For after so many years of trying to work within conventional wisdom, that which was taught to us by those who wanted to change us, after so many years watching people accept and participate in political correctness and all of the efforts to not hurt anyone feelings, it is time to dare!

Does that mean I now believe we should be bully’s, or work to badger others into doing things as we know to be right and just? No. But it does mean that unlike the boisterous loud mouthed hypocrites, we can be loud and bold but true to our principles. I believe the term might be righteous indignation. And a person does not have to be a pompous ass to exhibit that characteristic.

The last part of this, in my opinion, is to not let yourself become fearful. Do not become silent out of fear from retribution or retaliation or even saddened and frustrated when you get attacked. Those who resort to such tactics are certainly part of the problem. And then lastly, never become like them. It is almost catchy as this all plays out, when someone attacks you and you allow yourself to be baited into acting just like them, the ones who baited you.

There is a fine line in all of this and as I watch it play out, that fine line is the path that too few are even following. We are being manipulated and divided and meandering around in a wasteland of stupidity led by people and factions that are all about greed and selfish purposes benefiting only themselves.

And by the way, God put us all here, not just a certain few did He put into office to save us all. We The People is not just a cluster of lemmings for along with We The People, comes some responsibility…..and sadly too, blame. But move beyond that and look to answers rather than people placed on pedestals to be your savior…..for they ain’t it!