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Silence Is No Longer An Option

July, 2017

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Open Letter to DC!

Open Letter to DC!

There are 545 of you, constituting 3 branches of OUR American government. There are roughly 324 million of us. With that in mind, I am here to warn you. You have provoked a majority of us to anger and a righteous indignation not felt since these words were so eloquently penned 241 years ago:

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

That you have stirred the ire of so many, should give you pause. It should cause you to consider why so many have turned their attention to the nation’s capitol and government as the focus of blame….but it won’t. It has become apparent that you really don’t care what our feelings, opinions or motives are. You don’t bother to ask. It’s not for our lack of effort to be heard.

Your indifference to the needs of your constituents is rooted in a lack of consequences for your actions. You feel no impact from your decisions. So insulated are you from the people and their struggles that you have, in your own minds, established a separation of powers. To you, that separation does not exist between your several branches and agencies, but between you and your rightful masters, We The People.

Your policies and edicts wound but you do not bleed. They strip us, yet you remain clothed. They steal but you suffer no loss. They destroy while you continue to build. They violate but you give no account. They consume but you remain full. They deprive but you are increased.

How long can this façade be maintained? How long before even the most uninformed among the citizenry come to the realization that you, claiming to serve us, have been serving us indeed? You are serving us to each other and dividing our substance among yourselves.

You, members of the ruling class, are in violation. You are in violation of the trust of the people you govern. You are in violation of the oath you took to obtain your office, seat or bench. You are in violation of the very Constitution you were elected to safeguard and maintain…but you could care less.

There is a well of frustration rippling just under the surface. The American people, those who recognize your naked, blatant indifference to what our nation is and for what it was established, will restore you to accountability. If there is one thing I am certain of, it is that the American people have a way of overcoming obstacles, even if said obstacles are corrupt government officials. The innovation that is a hallmark of American ingenuity, will drive solutions. Even now, parties are forming/organizing, groups are coalescing, citizens are informing/educating, networks are being established and resources are being brought to bear. All of these things have one purpose in mind…to unseat you from your fragile makeshift thrones. It will happen. That is a promise!

History and natural law have long established that the longer a people are oppressed the more savage the recourse. I recommend you listen now, that you remember who serves who in our republic and that you heed this warning. Our tolerance has reached its end and our patience has met its limits. It is in your best interest to renew your commitment to the Constitutional confines clearly establishing the narrow scope of your activities with relation to the people. Your wrongs against We The People are being construed as a breech of trust and of the Constitution that binds the people.

In summary, control yourselves or you will have to be controlled.

Pendulum and the Paradigm

Paradigms are dangerous. They facilitate stagnation, resignation and apathy toward systemic hypocrisy. They stifle creativity and restrict solutions. They trap visionaries in a loop. Paradigms are the box that we are born into.

That isn’t to say that we are bound by the paradigm. It simply requires a great deal of energy or a profound level of inspiration to break the chains of cultural norms. Generations have been born, raised and died seeing no different path than the one prescribed.

To define our modern paradigm:
We are born, raised, go to school (learning to recite and memorize other’s knowledge), split into factions (higher education or enter the workforce), consume, marry, have children and recycle the paradigm.

The concepts of our current paradigm are based on the patterns set forth generations ago. Any major attempt to shift the paradigm or broaden the horizons of potential are met with resistance by those too timid or not sufficiently motivated to escape it. History is full of individuals who were willing, profoundly inspired and able to reveal to others that there was hope beyond the veil.

Galileo – shifted the paradigm by discovering that the earth was not the center of the Universe.

Plato – proposed reason to address the character and motivations of men and suggested more effective means of governance.

DaVinci – was the first real innovative mechanical engineer.

Luther – proposed his own religious declaration of independence from the church of Rome which destabilized the power structure in Europe for centuries.

Columbus – determining the earth was round, set out to generate new trade routes for the world.

Newton – came to the knowledge of gravity, making the study of physics more accurate.

Jefferson – declared independence from the throne of England giving birth to a government of, by and for the people, a concept unique in the world.

Not all paradigm shifts are to our benefit.

The Left – Right paradigm has proven to be a false premise. Currently the idea is that the more Right you go, the closer to the Constitution. The more Left you go, the more fascist. When in fact, the fascism is at both ends of the current spectrum. Regardless of the direction you shift, facism will be there to greet you. Hear me out. 

The pendulum swinging back and forth in the sway of the parties illustrates the trap we have fallen into. Right now, in the year 2017, we see that all of the power accumulated by one side has been shifted to the other side. Neither side, while in power, is willing to relinquish it. Rather, they solidify it and bring it to bear against the other side.

The model is flawed in that it does not place liberty on the spectrum. As such, the usurpation of the terminology has shifted the definitions without informing the people. Identifying with the right is not what it was a generation ago. It is simply to align with the side that bore the title we have clutched on to. The banner is the same but the strategy and goal has shifted its loyalty. As such, I am no longer able to identify with the faction I so long adhered to. I am in the middle of the two factions as they fight each other over things I do not want using methods that I detest.

A point of observation: Trump took 1/3 or the GOP (these numbers are figurative) with him when he threw in for the presidency. Another 1/3 used him to stop Hillary in the election, even if reluctantly. The original 1/3 have never waivered. The second group continues to to justify their decision by pointing out what he is trying to accomplish and some of the “good” things he has.

It should be noted that the paradigm shifted before our very eyes. It was not a gradual or gentle slope. It was a monumental shift to positions that, only 9 months ago were abhorrent to 80% of Republicans. 1/3 of the GOP followed Trump wherever he led them. 1/3 of the GOP followed him in hopes of bringing him back to the fold. No matter how you view it, 2/3 of the GOP have ended up with Trump in places they never imagined being before this election cycle.

This paradigm shift is a paradox that runs contrary to the GOP’s platform. Rather than openly opposing the shift or repudiating it, 2/3 are just getting comfortable with the idea. The rest of us are just shaking our heads and face palming with one question on our collective conservative lips. “What just happened?”

For this reason, I warned in the primary and again in the general election, he will do more damage to conservatism than the left ever has.

A point of concern: What if the politicians we respect begin to enter into that 2/3 to try to bring him back? Will a portion of the remaining 1/3 follow, not Trump, but their chosen politicians, into his detestable positions? It seems to be a pattern. More people are crossing their own boundaries and sacrificing their principles to remain on the “winning team.”

The Constitution is my tether in the chaos. It is the political grounding that has maintained my moral compass. When the paradigm shifted in this election cycle, it was to the detriment of our American heritage. As such, it is imperative that we, as conservatives, hold onto what we believe, maintain solid foundations and most of all be ready to tear down the paradigm that has suppressed our God given rights as Americans for far too long. 

I talked to Samuel Adams

I had a dream I went back in time and was talking to Samuel Adams. It went something like this.

Hi Sam. I’m from the future.

Sam: Greetings young time traveler.

Say Sam, I think you guys need to add some stuff to the constitution like term limits for representatives.

Sam: Why sayist thou this?

Well things have gotten a little out of whack in the future.

Sam: In what way pray tell?

Do you want the long list or the short one?

Sam: Whatever seemeth expedient young man.

Homosexuality is now accepted as normal in society. The govt forces people to cater to them even if they object on religious grounds. Our children are being taught to accept their lifestyle as normal in our schools.

A large segment of society encourages illegal immigrants to sneak into America and they protect them in certain cities called sanctuary cities. The govt even gives them a drivers license, free healthcare, housing, free education and medical care.

Sam: What is this drivers license of which you speak?

It’s something the government sells you when you are 16 to be able to operate a motor vehicle and then they keeping selling it to you for the rest of your life. It’s a form of national identification disguised as a right to operate a motor vehicle. I know…what’s a motor vehicle..right? I’ll have to tell you some other time. Anyway, let me tell you some more.

The federal government now has dominion over almost every aspect of our lives. They control our food production, healthcare, our waterways and many are intent on taking away our right to protect ourselves by striking down the second amendment and removing our firearms from us. They manipulate our currency and have run our national debt to 20 trillion dollars. I know you don’t know what a trillion dollars is Sam but trust me, it’s a buttload.

Corruption is rampant at all government levels and the constitution is trampled on with impunity. Lawlessness is becoming more prevalent as judges give criminals token slaps on the wrists for the crimes they commit.

We are taxed at a rate that would give those Tea Partyers a heart attack.

Half of Americans now depend on the federal govt in some form for money doled out to them and they call it “entitlements”.

There is more Sam. Lots more but I think you get the idea.

Sam: Young man, thou musts be defecating me.

No Sam, I am not shi**ing you.

Sam: Why hast these travesties been allowed in the land of the free?

Because the form of government that you helped to create gave us the freedom to be self centered, ungrateful and apathetic towards our own governance Sam. While we pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we forgot that we hold the reins to our government, that’s it’s our responsibility to hold our representatives accountable and we have let them have free rein as we put our attention elsewhere. I bet you didn’t think that was going to happen, did you Sam?

Sam: Ye dost underestimate our wisdom young time traveler. We anticipated that this could happen and gavest thou a solution should it happen. Why doth thou suppose that it is written in the Declaration of Independence that it is the right and duty of the people of America to overthrow a government that acts against thy common interests or threatens the safety of the people without probable cause?
Why dost thou thinketh I penned these words “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin”?
It is up to thee, young man, to exercise thy freedoms we have provided for you.

OK Sam. I’ll take your words back with me and post them on Twitter and Facebook.

Sam: You must tell me about this Twitterbook young man.

I don’t have time Sam. I gotta run. 2017 is calling.

(I didn’t have the heart to tell him that America elected a multi-billionaire as it’s president that admits he’s bribed politicians most of his life, is a bully and narcissist of the highest order, thinks that women are a second class citizen and threatens his fellow politicians with their jobs if they don’t do what he wants. That would have only led to me having to tell him that this guy’s last gig was a reality show host and I know I would have been there for an hour explaining that.)

Who has the Best Baseball Glove?

Who has the Best Baseball Glove?

To write the following without a string of blue words will be difficult. But I will try.

I really do not care what anyone will think of this piece after they read it, and I will not respond to any comments that may follow; those in support of my thoughts or otherwise. But I would like to warn anyone who might find themselves agreeing with my thoughts. To comment on such will get you lined up against the wall and summarily shot as it were by the new conservative movement which has swept our country. Freedom of thought, and the freedom to articulate such thought is now obviously dead in this country unless you are on board with the reality TV show happening in Washington. So I ask you to simply avoid making any comments of any sort of support. They will find you soon enough. Prepare!

This is me, my thoughts, and I am willing to stand on them alone.

I struggled along in life, making my way with some successes, and of course a few failures. Those often seemed to teach me the most. I was sent to church, received an education during classes there, although find that much of what I learned did not become understandable until later in life.

I spent all of my young life in a public school setting, and for some reason during those years I saw through the attempt at indoctrination and developed my own thoughts on the matter of things; especially government and liberty. I grew up realtivelyt poor and yet always found ways to get a few quarters together to be able to go the the Saturday matinee, bringing along a friend who could not otherwise afford the show. I remeber always being busy, and working whenever I could although still had plenty of time to be alone, often reflecting on the world around me and how I might fit into it.

I was never jealous of anyone who may have had more, but rather was happy for them that they seemed pleased by that which could be bought. I never saw the future in that, and developed an attitude that I would never be trapped by having to keep up with the Joneses or having to show off with all the new things I had. For you see, I never had any new stuff so it was easy. All I ever had that I knew I could rely on was that which I had within my head, and to this day, I consider that a work in progress.

During my childhood, I played a lot of baseball, and had to figure out places and people to play with or against. Every neighborhood though seemed to have a social class or structure unique unto themselves and fitting in was not always easy. Some would allow you the priviledge of playing a game with them, and others wouldn’t. I typically found ways to fit in and began to learn how to choose the battles I would fight and those I would avoid. I saw wealthy bullies, I saw poor envious bullies, and I saw people like myself who just wanted to get along. I saw weak kids who wouldn’t say anything and would often get picked on by those bullies, and suddenly my life began to have some purpose!

I have fought against bullies all my life, and I see no reason to stop now. As I noted earlier, my religious training is making more sense today than it ever has before. I see how evil is playing out all across the globe, and it frightens me. We now have larger than life super heros as noted by some, who are now in charge of things they have never truly understsood, the primary one being what was the basis for the founding of this country.

So, here is my point. In spite of me being just another flawed weak human being, I am at least intelligent enough to know that just because someone has the best and most expensive glove, doesn’t make him the best player….and yet here we are fighting over a bad man who is running our country like a silly little neighborhood game.

After today, I resign and abdicate my responsibilities toward making a better America. I guess you have to have a lot of money to have any impact over the minds of the citizens who I hope will never forget Liberty as it is being stripped away from them. To all those who have talked out in condescending fashion over the last year, ask yourself, it this really what you learned so long ago in Bible Study Classes? Is this new morality and how we see people who do not comply get treated the way of the future?

Bad people doing bad things often find supporters too. History is full of them.

To the Conservative Remnant in DC

I loved Glenn Beck’s monolog this morning. That representatives were emailing him afterward to say that it is a lose lose situation, that they dont know what to do, warmed my soul a bit in the midst of these chilly political winds. To those who are lost, I provide this candle of wisdom to dissipate the darkness with which they are surrounded.

To the remnant of conservatives in the Senate and the House;

I recommend you vote your conscience. If it is a moral dilemma for you then you still have one. Stop calculating, stop strategizing, stop playing the game. If the anguish is there, then the option to abandon DC and their ever swiftening decent into a souless abyss should be the clear decision.

Forget about money. Forget about tribes. Forget about elections. Remember the fundamentals of the Constitution, the principles and the moral compass that guided you to make a difference in DC in the first place. This is the moment you can make that difference. Remember the people that sent you.

Social trends are fleeting and popularity shifts with the tides. Emotions change daily. Don’t fall prey to those who would use you now to further an agenda and toss you aside after you have served them. Most assuredly, you will be in the same crisis of conscience in a week, two weeks a month or even fifteen years down the line (assuming your conscience has not been seared).

For the people, for the memory of the Constitution and for those messengers who died to deliver it to us, stand in honor. The Capitol is a hill worth dying on. The opposition you display is the minority report to all that Washington has laid upon the people. You may not win the battle but it will be remembered what you stood for and it will be defensible under the scrutiny of posterity.

Placing your fingerprints and approval upon something you personally hold in disdain is to relinquish all you have promised to represent. Hold the line! Don’t settle or negotiate. Don’t succumb to hopelessness. Don’t trust the beast that has bitten us time and again. Be steadfast in your conviction and commitment.

There are worse fates than losing, namely to become your own enemy in order to win.

What Is the Real Difference Between Communism and Socialism?

Those of us that have lived under communism have a riddle we like to spout off. “What’s the difference between a communist and a socialist? The socialist hasn’t yet decided on how to kill you.”

During our last election cycle, we had a candidate who claimed he wanted democratic socialism. How does that work? Do you vote who starves? I suppose it was ironic during the New Hampshire primaries that Bernie Sanders did a majority of the work getting his message out and getting most of the delegates but then Hillary, who did almost no work in New Hampshire comes away winning the state with “Super Delegates.”

These proponents of Democratic Socialism insist that it has no communist basis yet the former name of Communist Romania was Socialist Republic of Romania. For those of us old enough to remember Russia’s former name (USSR-Union of Soviet Socialist Republic), it was another communist regime bragging how socialist it was.

On that note let’s be fair and compare the two. For ease of reference, I will use some of Bernie’s platforms.

In April 2015, the Associated Press quoted him:

What we have seen is that while the average person is working longer hours for lower wages, we have seen a huge increase in income and wealth inequality, which is now reaching obscene levels. This is a rigged economy, which works for the rich and the powerful, and is not working for ordinary Americans … You know, this country just does not belong to a handful of billionaires.”

That sounds nice but now let’s look at what previous “visionaries” said in their day. Vladimir Lenin was the father of the communist movement in Russia. In fact, he was considered socialist but he brought it forth via the Bolsheviks, Russian Communist Party. Lenin saw in Russia the potential, and desperate need, for socialism. The oppression endured by the Russian people was extreme. Peasants barely survived tilling the fields of wealthy landlords, and workers labored 14-hour days in the industrial sweatshops of Russia’s capitalists. Frequent uprisings against these conditions rocked city and countryside, and the people were open to revolutionary ideas. Lenin showed the people that the source of their oppression was capitalism, and the solution lay in socialism.

Deja-vu? What eventually happened to this socialism? Who took over after Lenin? A man that killed more of his own countryman that all that died in WWII, Joseph Stalin.

Bernie’s plan to redistribute the wealth was to tax the rich. Who amongst us thinks the rich alone will be taxed? Who are the rich? Those that own business: banks, manufacturing, food processing, etc.

Let’s take a look at what the communists did when they first took power in Romania.

One of the first actions taken by the Communist Party in Romania soon after coming to power was the so-called “nationalization” of private property. The term itself was coined by the Communist propaganda, to reflect the ideology they were trying to impose: the property was “returned” to the nation, i.e. to the people who helped build it in the first place. In reality, nationalization meant the confiscation of property from upper social classes (deemed “the enemies of the working class”), without any retribution or compensation.

The first phase started with the confiscation of commercial property: banks, factories, mines, workshops, shipyards, media and telecommunication companies, insurance and transportation companies, etc. The National Bank and all credit institutions were the first to be nationalized in December 1946, followed by the rest of private commercial property on June 11, 1948, when a law was adopted by the Communist government of that time. This also marked the switch to a planned economy, which was to be directed and supervised by the “State Committee for Planning”.

What Sanders calls the average American the Romanian communists called the working class. Sander’s democratic socialism wants to punish entrepreneurs. His version is to strip them of their hard earned money. In Romania, they were sentenced to prison for “having undeclared inventory and for selling goods without an invoice.”

It didn’t end there in 1950 the communist Parliament passed decree 92.

Decree 92 for the nationalization of real estate, issued on April 19, 1950, and published in the Official Bulletin, issue 36/April 20, 1950:

In order to support the strengthening and the development of the socialist economy of the People’s Republic of Romania,

In order to ensure the good management of the housing sector, which has been subjected to degradation through sabotage by rich landlords and exploiters who own a large number of houses.

Does that sound like Bernie’s top 1%? When the Party’s appetite for more land and houses guess who they came after next? The working class.

As in economics, the Bernie propagandists feel health care should be equal across the board. No matter the cost, no matter the person, no matter the government intrusion into your personal life healthcare must be State run. Although that may sound like something from Sanders’ campaign trail that was actually a similar mantra of the Bolsheviks of 1917.

In Old Russia, medical care was a consumer-oriented business. Doctors’ incomes and their standard of living were totally dependent upon professionalism and reputation in the wider community. Patients decided which doctor to use, which hospital to go to, and which pharmaceutical products to trust. Doctors worked hard to establish their reputation, an important part of which came from providing charity care for the poor. Expectations of high income, along with the status of being a member of a respected profession, generated strong competition for acceptance into medical schools. Contrary to the socialist myth-makers, medical care in Imperial Russia was widely available and provided in a fairly cost-efficient manner. Both the profit motive of the competitive marketplace and the spirit of charity assured the provision of quality medical services throughout Russian society.

As you see, the only difference between socialism and communism is the spelling.


For America or A…Man? The Cruz Dilemma

Dissolution has happened! I can’t tell you all how infuriating it is to see the division occuring so completely among US. WE ARE THE LAST STAND FOR THE CONSTITUTION! All I see is a group of people sitting down and refusing the cause because of ONE MAN!

First of all, Ted Cruz made a fundamental commitment to a Full Repeal of Obamacare. He is now negotiating to make it the best deal possible. How many of you refused the lesser of 2 evils because evil is evil? How many of you believe socialized medicine is evil? How many have watched the “conservative” Party succumb to progressive pressure? What does progressive mean? It means to gradually implement policies that assert communist values on an unwitting populace.

I have trust issues with anyone who dwells in DC. In my estimation, DC is the root of the problem. We have watched the Freedom Caucus hemorrhage membership, seen politicians we trusted bow to this administration to be a part of it (many we held above reproach until they ascended to prominence in various positions of the cabinet or administrative roles) and seen family and friends go all in for what DC was cooking as the new sheriff came to town.

A one year biography of Cruz’s activities should illustrate the gradual slide, that if not checked, could draw many of his staunchest supporters to follow suit.

1. Free the Delegates were brushed aside in the rules committee. Did Senator Cruz denounce the actions of the RNC on behalf of the state delegations that were openly suppressed? After all, Free the delegates was initiated to give the people a voice in the Republican Party. He never asked for this move (though his leadership did inspire many to take up the cause) so…OK…shake that one off.

2. The speech at the convention which drew the ire of the Washington Cartel (aka: who’s who among those Cruz stood up to), was finished with a call to “Vote Your Conscience.” Many’s consciences were to write in Cruz. Those who could not, for fear of nullifying their down ballot, were forced to look to other parties for their conscience vote. Cruz disavowed the write in campaigns. We can let that slide. He couldn’t win by write in anyway so we can’t blame him….

3. Ted Cruz announced his support for the GOP presidential nominee. Amid mounting pressure from the Republican National Committee, headed by Reince Priebus, and threats that his funding would be pulled for his next senate bid in 2018, he conceded. This was a much bigger hurdle for all of us. For many it was too much of a shift to follow. He lost credibility with some (nearly me). I justified his actions because of his oath to support the nominee. “it is better not to make an oath than to make it and later break it”. I let that one go (admittedly it took some time).

4. Ted Cruz took the opportunity to praise Trump’s cabinet picks. I remember thinking that he seemed to be lavishing praise on a cabinet comprised of heavy hitters from Wall St. and the banking industry to demonstrate his willingness to make peace with the administration. So how has that cabinet list played out? Sessions wants to reduce restriction on confiscation of property without due process. Tillerson’s state department released their assessment of Israel’s role as aggressor in the West Bank settlements. Communications Director Sean Spicer shut down live feed of daily press briefings, insulating himself and the official statements from public scrutiny. Suspicious, but he had to play the game to get conservative things accomplished. So, again…move along.

5. The coffin nail for me took place after the visceral battle that happened in the House. You remember the one in which Freedom Caucus members were named and publicly threatened as targets to be primaried. We lost a few members of the Freedom Caucus to the DC Care bill. By the time the vote came through, not as a full repeal but a mildly modified and reworded version of the original Obamacare bill, what did Ted Cruz do? He praised the House, in general, and specifically the HFC for getting the bill passed so it could be gutted in the senate. It was not gutted. It was, again, modified and re-released. It wasn’t a full repeal. It wasn’t a repeal with a more palatable replacement. It was a crutch to keep the healthcare bill viable for the next administration to reconfigure to suit their needs. Socialized medicine is on the books, care of DC and their glorious bipartisanship that has spanned 2 administrations and parties. There was the Cruz/Lee Amendment, an attempt to soften the blow when the bill was passed, a consolation prize if you will, that the establishment used to tie Cruz to the bill and then summarily scrapped, having served its purpose. That was in spite of Cruz’s attempt to make it more appealing to the establishment with his last minute, independent modifications.

Now here we are. Half are calling Cruz out for his progressive shift from Rebellious Conservative firebrand to GOP uniter. The other half are condemning those for having so little faith in the man who has stood for so much and fought so hard.

I don’t care where you stand on the subject of Cruz past, present or future. I care about keeping the battle alive. I care about the future of my four children. If Cruz is weary of the fight, he should step aside and we should send new blood to man the line. If he is going to remain in the battle; settling, negotiating with evil (which socialized medicine most certainly is) and conceding Constitutional territory will no longer cut it.

But I digress, Washington, DC is the enemy and it is with DC that we are at war. Their power grows as ours is diminished. We must listen to them while they ignore us. They consolidate our prosperity and the substance of our labor, confiscating our inheritance. They break the will of our representatives and pressure them to conform to their image. They reduce liberty to a package of words to be handed out at every election. They consume land and life for their own gain. They erect regulatory fences to insulate themselves from consequence. They dwell in towers of their own making and exclude all but their own from visiting. They break every siege engine that We the People raise against them. From their lofty walls, they pour out disdain on the peasantry. They capture, destroy or subvert any who dare resist their designs both within and without the Halls of Power.

By all means, let’s make it about a man. Let’s see the sun rise and set on his actions. Let’s put our entire arsenal in his hands and let him fight on our behalf. Our success was his ability to get into the castle at all. We watched him fight on the parapets, heard the clashing of steel. He disappeared from view after wounded.

He is now inside the walls. He is negotiating on behalf of the army that sent him. He is trying to accomplish the best terms possible. Will it be a #Truce or is he negotiating surrender? He is most certainly not obtaining victory. We watch and wait from outside the gates. If it is a Truce, will we honor it, or will we continue to fight the resistance?
If it is surrender, will we stoically don our shackles and enter the dungeons of socialism? Do we send in a volley of arrows, knowing that he may be wounded in the attack?

Cruz is a POW. He may be establishing a resistance from within. He may be informing DC on the best way to secure our trust. He may be trying to work with his captors for his own good or appealing for leniency on our behalf. The man who charged into DC with a sword and Gadsden banner held aloft is in no position to obtain victory. Does he negotiate terms or does he stand proudly to the death (political terms)? What action is most likely to unite the majority of us?

I get it. This isn’t a popular message but it is a realistic one from someone who has fought in the trenches with you, held the line with you and kept granting the benefit of the doubt as you reassured me of his intentions. I will continue to fight but I promise you, I won’t be very effective without the most solid group of patriots to pass through America in over 100 years fighting along side me.
Let’s patch this up and get back on the wall.

Hype, Hyperbole and Propaganda

It’s Not Just Crime That Police Have To Fight

There is a down side to almost every technological or societal advance.  Take medicines and medical procedures, people are living longer because of them but that stresses our ability to pay things like social security and Medicare.

Advancements in machines gives us robotics that can produce more goods faster and more consistently but at the cost of jobs, less taxes and that stresses the system even more.

Today we have information at our fingertips. Want to know the longest homerun ever recorded? Google it. You’ll find it. Want to know the largest iceberg every recorded, Google it… You’ll see that an iceberg the size of Delaware just broke off Antarctica and you would swear it’s never happened before, that is if you only read the “sponsored” pages on the internet. Do a little more research you would discover that this particular iceberg doesn’t even rank in the top 5…

Why is that important?  It shows that while we have the information instantly available it is still filtered information. Filtered by whatever the search engine algorithms wants to give you and filtered by whoever has paid or understands how to manipulate Google search parameters to get their information on the first page of the search.

Buy your way to the Top

Just because you see it on the internet doesn’t make it factual.

Videos are no different than search results… they can be edited; scenes added that never even occurred or just faked entirely…

Fact or Fiction

Along with information everyone is now a videographer we all have cameras.

For example: One can easily believe that the US is being hit by a vastly increased number and intensity of Tornados, you hear that on the news plus you can see it live as it happens.

Fact is the number is down and has been down since the 70’s.

Which way the wind blows

You wouldn’t know that if you just read social media and some media outlets all proclaim weather is getting worse because of Global Warming Climate Change.

Now comes the newest hot trending action item… Outing Police Brutality.

Georgia Officer beats homeless woman

We’ve all seen this video. It starts out showing a Police Officer using an ASP to beat a poor defenseless homeless women (CNN words not mine) almost senseless. Social media exploded with people all being judge, jury and in some cases wannabe executioner… of the police officer in the video.

However, the case isn’t that simple.  Apparently the woman was causing a disturbance in the store and the police were called. Upon arrival at the store the officer was met by the woman who tried to shove her way past, when the officer didn’t allow her to exit she became combative, screaming and striking the officer multiple times.

Show of hands who has a cat? Ever touch a cat and startled it so badly that it attacked you? Were you able to grab it or did you let it go?

When Cats Attack

Most Police Officers have four basic tools.

  1. Gun
  2. Mace or Taser
  3. Baton
  4. Hands

In the hierarchy of use Hands (physical restraint) is mainly used while placing a suspect under arrest. Generally it is not a preferred method of stopping a resisting subject because it pits one’s own strength against the subjects.

Another show of hands.

Who has ever been in a fight?

I mean a real knock down drag out kind of fight? Not many of you right? Let me tell you going 60 seconds of a real wrestling, punching fight is almost impossible unless you are in peak physical conditioning.

It does a LEO no good to get into a physical fight only to be unable to affect the arrest because you’re too winded to get it done.

So training and in fact, most departments policy, is to NOT engage physically with a resisting suspect but to escalate and use a baton or even a Taser/mace.

It is generally the Officers desecration on which to use. However with that being said, most officers detest mace simply because it’s ineffective in gaining compliance and also affect the officer and could leave him/her blinded in a potentially hostile environment.

The Taser is not carried by all departments because of recent lawsuits making the liability of its use akin to using lethal force and like mace it is not always effective especially if the suspect is on drugs.

That leaves the Gun or ASP/Baton. The Officer in the video used an ASP on the individual.

OK again a show of hands;

Ever been spanked?

Uhh, I mean as a child not as an adult. Did you comply with your parent’s wishes at least for a while? Why? Pain right … it hurt.

It’s called pain compliance. All LEO’s are trained in some degree of Pain Compliance. Some of us but very few are trained in advanced pain compliance i.e. pressure points, joint manipulation etc… Think Vulcan nerve pinch without the loss of consciousness.

The Situation:

Once the woman in the video chose to physically touch the officer and not to comply an arrest was inevitable. Once she chose to resist escalation was inevitable. (Note I said she chose) She made that choice.

If a LEO chooses to use an ASP they are trained to not strike a joint or areas around the head, if possible.

Now back to the video note where the officer is striking for the most part……

He was striking the meaty areas of the subject’s legs to avoid the possibility of breaking bones.

This is pain compliance 101. Want me to stop hitting you? Do as I say!

She eventually did comply and was arrested and jailed… note no hospital pics because the officer used restraint in his strikes strategically placing them in areas to cause her compliance not injury.

Did anyone on social media point that out or did they just share and add their pithy comments of how bad this is and police brutality yada yada yada?

Does police brutality exist? Absolutely.  Is it epidemic? Not even close. Oh if you listen to CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and Black Lives Matter yes it’s a nationwide problem in every town and State in America and Police all need sensitivity training and feather boas and carry nerf guns.

The fact is there are approximately 745,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the US. Last year the US Department of Justice took 100 officers and filed suit for Civil Rights violations 80 of which were found guilty.

That’s .01% of all officers convicted of violating someone’s civil rights.

So an epidemic it’s not.

Let’s look at Police shootings… Another epidemic right?

“Police are racist and kill thousands of black people per year” a recent media blog for Black Lives Matter stated.

The total number of LEO involved shootings resulted in 963 people being killed in 2016 down from 986 in 2015.

So upon first look the claim “thousands” is a bit dramatic. But let’s dive a bit deeper shall we?

According to FBI Crime Stats 50% of the people killed by police were white, while 26% were black.

That’s 250 black men or women killed by police for the entire year.

 Of those 250 killed 96% (240) had a weapon while 10 did not. Five were killed while trying to take a police officer’s weapon or beating him/her with their own equipment, three were shot by accidental or intentional discharge after a confrontation with police and 2 were struck by stray bullets aimed at another. Bullets aren’t racist. Accidental shootings are not racist either.

Are there Bad Police shootings?

Short answer yes… this one particularly pisses me off.

A real case of Policing gone wrong

Most however, result in non-compliance by the subject. I recently had a FB argument with someone who knew just enough about the law to be dangerous.

His main contention was that unless you were stopped while driving by police you did not have to self-identify to any police officer asking for your ID.

It’s the old “Papers please” argument. He was right to a degree if an officer walks up to you and asks for ID you are NOT required to give it. However if you ask are you free to leave and are told no you are being detained and you must identify. You can still refuse but that’s a battle you will lose.

But go ahead hire that $500 per hour attorney… it’s just money after all.

Part of his argument was he said “It’s the law the officer must tell you why you are being detained and until he/she does so you don’t have to comply” here’s where I said he knew enough to be dangerous.

There is no such law.

The Officer is under no legal obligation to tell you why you are being detained. Now some department’s policies define that as “If it does not place the officer or the detainee in physical jeopardy an officer shall, at their discretion, inform the detainee of the reason of the detention”.

Think of it this way… A call goes out that a man just killed his family and was last seen walking down Main Street… A person matching that description is stopped by police.

Do you think they’re going to say “sir you are being detained because we suspect you might have kille…” BAM  he pulls a gun and kills the Officer.

So no, there is no such law… In fact, I would lie to you in a heartbeat in that situation if there was such a law so…

All I am asking the reader is this… Think for a minute. Before sharing that potentially edited video sharing your own pithy comment about racist violent police…..Stop and THINK.

You don’t know the whole story nor do you know the circumstances surrounding the event… You just see a very short video with a lot of “comments” about it.

So please ask yourself are you helping or hurting. Remember there are two people in these videos and the victim isn’t always who you might perceive them to be.

Let me make this personal for you…

You wake up one day hit Facebook and you see yourself on a video gyrating waving your arms around, the caption reads “Co-Worker of slain employee gets drunk at memorial service does strip tease”…

Horrified you realize this has already been seen and shared by 200,000 + people and climbing and the comments range from slightly amusing to downright threating, most are heaping anger and disapproval. The Company’s name is prominently mentioned as is the CEO all calling for you to be fired.

While you are sitting there desperately trying to figure out what to do you get a call from your boss and they ask you to come in… You do so and you’re fired.

They didn’t listen or care that a bee had flown into your shirt and you are severely allergic to bee stings and you left your epi-pen at home and you don’t drink. You are told to clean out your desk and leave. This video follows you everywhere you go making it impossible to get a job in your chosen field.

Was that fair?

In the last 5 years over 100 officers have been fired because of Social Media and the pressures that they bring to bear on City and/or County Managers.

These Officers were not charged with a crime. They were not disciplined for doing something wrong. They were just fired because of a video, a video that was edited and/or highly subjected to interpretation.

Is that fair?

There’s an old saying about “judgment and walking a mile in their shoes” it’s something to think about.

Are You Willing?

Are you willing to surrender in order to win? America is in need of warriors to obtain victory. Ballot nor bullet can save us. So, what can?

Matthew 5:9
“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

Romans 12:17-18
17) “Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men. 18) If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

Matthew 14:38
“Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.”


Are you willing?

My fascination with military history and strategy has led me to search for tactics and ways to fight the war we are currently waging for the soul of our nation. I have studied all of the Crusades, the Revolution, the Civil War, WWI and how it led to WWII. I have studied radical Islam’s evolution from Al Bana in the 30s to ISIS 2016. I have studied the progressive’s war on our culture. I have seen the fruition of their goals in today’s society.

Having literally just finished the book, Art of War by Sun Tsu Friday, I have to admit his methods, tactics and wisdom display profound knowledge for fighting on diverse terrain with formidable foes. He takes into account all facets of the battlefield to obtain complete and utter victory. No doubt, his art is still employed to this day. Though he declares the necessity to know heaven and earth before engaging in a war, there is one thing all of his skills failed to factor in.

This war is not to be fought on a field of battle. It is not a war that can be won through hearts and minds. It is not a war of attrition (if we have resigned to that we have already lost). It is not a war of aggression at all. It is a war of resistance.

James 4:7
“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

While some are ready to employ all the tactics consolidated into Sun Tsu’s scroll, remember one excerpt from the Word of God,

Proverbs 14:12
“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

Proverbs 3:5-6
5) “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6) In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

If you are truly willing, if you desire victory in the battle at hand, hold fast!

While it is apparent to all who stand, arms at the ready, that there is
1) No Unity
2) No Strategy
3) No Tactical Advantage
it must equally be apparent that something has to be done to uproot this tree that has filled the earth, giving shelter to every fowl thing, every unclean and hateful bird.

There will be no call to arms. The demand that we wake or rise up is useless. We have eyes to see and ears to hear. We are utterly aware of the haven of corruption DC’s Halls of Power have become. We have stood outside the gates of Washington and with grievances well rehearsed, shouted at the top of collective our voices.

We can not reach them in their gated community. We cannot be heard over their mutual praise of one another for the cleverness with which they believe us to be deceived. We cannot, nor should we, storm the walls of our elected representatives. Such fruitless efforts will deprive America of its greatest potential patriots.

Rather, I’m going to ask that you do something so foolish, so base and so worthy of ridicule that you may well laugh at yourselves. I’m going to ask that you lay down your arms and lift up your hands. Rather than rising up, I’m going to ask you to kneel down. Just as we view it foolish that God commanded the Israelites to march around the walls of Jericho to bring the giants down, so too will this instruction confound us…as it should.

1 Corinthians 1:26-27
26) “For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: 27) But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;”

It is for this time we were born. It was to this purpose that we are called. We can waiver and balk with indecision, struggling with our faith (in bondage of doubt) and purpose or we can be the very concentrated essence of who His people were called to be.

Are you willing?
Or have you so little faith that God can use the least of you to perform His mighty work?

Are You a Bot? A Cultist? You May Be Without Realizing It

Are you a “bot”? A Trumpbot or a Cruzbot or any other politician bot?  Do you identify yourself with one particular politician so much that you use phrases like “I support (insert your idol here) 100%” or “I stand behind (insert your idol here) no matter what”? I cringe when I hear people talking like that.

This infatuation of loyalty to the point of loss of critical thinking skills for yourself is killing us folks. If “their guy” does something right and lines up with their principles then they should get behind him or her. If they do something that doesn’t then speak out. Without guilt. And without excuses.

There are groups of people out there that are so cult oriented in this way that if you question anything “their guy” does then you are usually chastised, rebuked and blocked on social media because you actually used your mind instead of automatically accepting whatever their idol says as gospel. How dare you question my idol? Some Facebook groups have actually started hate campaigns against individuals and other groups that had the “audacity” to question their dear leader. Smearing reputations and lying non stop in an effort to discredit them, all because they didn’t like something someone said about their idol.

Ben Shapiro, a well known conservative blogger, public speaker, author and talk show host, states it well in his article “We Are Better Than This” when he says

Worship of any leader leads to violence, for the intolerance of opposing viewpoints often leads to violence. The whole American Revolution was a reaction to hero-worship, and it’s betraying American principles to worship any leader..

Although he targets Trump worship in the article the same applies to any politician. I left many of the groups I was in on Facebook for this very reason. It isn’t healthy and it does not advance the cause of liberty. It retards it.

My good friend Janice Barlow, writer at National Compass and financial adviser, puts it eloquently in the following comment she penned on Facebook regarding Ted Cruz:

I hold all politicians accountable.

I am just as disgusted by anyone who believes God put Ted Cruz in DC as I am that he put Trump there. The voters chose and in putting Trump there they chose badly.

WE seem to be, collectively, far more put out that Ted didn’t win than Ted himself is. If that is YOU, then re-examine your priorities. Ted may never be president and yes, that is a very real possibility.

Plan for alternative universes and move forward. This is a battle for conservatism and liberty and against socialism, not a puzzle of trying to get inside a Senator’s head to figure out why he leans this way or that or votes more RINO than we want him to at times.


It’s not about Ted Cruz. It’s about why he originally went to D.C. before Trump took some of his optimism and fighting spirit away.


And to me, it’s obvious. If you see it differently, then maybe I’m missing something. I just think narrow focus is dangerous. I’m pulling for him to do the right thing on health care but remember, this isn’t just one vote in a stream of Ted votes. THIS is his baby. This is what he fought for for YEARS. Full repeal. His legacy. He can’t do it alone but he can stand on principle. Or not. Further division lies ahead if we don’t stand #UnitedForFreedom.

No politician can be everything to everyone. They have failings just like we all do. They’re not gods. They’re not super heroes. They’re not your savior. Even if they have a Liberty score of 98% there’s still that 2%. If you make statements like “I stand behind (insert idol here) no matter what” then you have to stand behind him or her when they do that 2% thing too.

So stop it with the cult worship. You look like idiots that can’t think for themselves.

Sanitizing the News: The Internal Attack on the Media

While attacks on the mainstream media are sometimes warranted, there are still journalists fighting the battle to get the truth out.

The AP Stylebook has for years been the bible of journalists. It offers a lot of valuable information on abbreviations, definitions, punctuation and grammar that many refer to and has critical in reporting information for many years. I still refer to it.

But it is taking a few steps too far in dictating what is reported. The 2017 AP Stylebook is redefining some words and many journalists are not happy. Some would call it “leftist” intrustion into the press and clearly encourages bias toward the left. But I would take what is happening even further – it is a globalist effort to sanitize the news.

According to Rachel Alexander in an article for the Hill, she explains that when journalists submit a piece to the mainstream media, copy editors are changing the “offending” words and replacing them with politically-correct alternatives.

As Alexander writes, “A pro-life author who submits a piece taking a position against abortion will see the words “pro-life” changed to “anti-abortion,” because the AP Stylebook instructs, “Use anti-abortion instead of pro-life and pro-abortion rights instead of pro-abortion or pro-choice.”

The words “terrorist” and “Islamist” are also sanitized and replaced with “militant, lone wolves or attackers,” while migrants or refugees are to be referred to as “people struggling to enter Europe”.

“We’re seeing these words increasingly scrubbed from news articles and replaced by politically correct words instead,” Alexander told Fox & Friends.

With “illegals” and “alien” having already been nixed years ago, the AP now cautions that “Illegal immigrant” and “undocumented” are now also unacceptable, but offers no suggested replacements.

So it comes down to this, AP is now watering down the truth by watering down the words. In my mind, this is obstructing freedom of the press and pushing the door shut on freedom of speech.

“The stylebook also instructs writers to use confusing language about guns in order to create a negative impression about them,” said Alexander. “Semi-automatic rifles that have add-on parts intended to increase shooting accuracy are to be called “assault weapons,” despite the fact the term has referred to fully automatic weapons used by the military for years. The latter are now referred to as “assault rifles,” and the two are often conflated. Adding even more to the confusion, the phrase “military style” is recommended to describe assault weapons.” confusion, the phrase “military style” is recommended to describe assault weapons.”

The guide also forbids referring to those who question man-made climate change as “skeptics” or “deniers,” believing this gives them too much credibility and to instead refer to them as “those who reject mainstream climate science”.

Mainstream climate science? Is that like alternative climate science? Or a way to make it unacceptable to be “not mainstream”? Forget the hard core facts. Just refer to something that isn’t proven as an out to be politically correct, at least not in the sense that it suddenly appeared. Surely the mainstream knows climate didn’t suddenly appear one day.

All of these examples not only suggest an Orwellian urge to control language and obfuscate objective meaning, but also to inject a brazen leftist and globalist bias into every issue.

“How can the mainstream media correct their bias, when the bias is already built into their stylebooks?” asks Alexander.

But the trend continues as the annual update on the stylebook is changed to reflect the sanitizing of the news and in recent years causing observers to be concerned in the the intent is to censor words more comminly used by conservatives. Determining that journalists use one set of words as opposed to the other and are told to specifically not use a certain set of words is bias and that is where the power of language enters in to try and turn people’s minds and turn their thoughts away.

So it may not be that the news is false – but the words have been sanitized to inhibit or redirect the effectiveness of a specific story.

While I stil see value in the AP Stylebook, I see nothing but bias in altering the English language (or any other since AP goes international) and a story to suit a specific agenda. Facts are facts. If a refugee comes in and bombs a building – that is what it is. It isn’t some “refugee struggling to get into Europe or the U.S.”. To get down to the nitty gritty, it is a refugee struggling to bomb Europe or the U.S.

Just remember when the temptation arises to blast the ones who presented the story – they have been edited. Everything that comes across the TV screen or newspaper, has been edited and often rewritten. Barring those instances where something is on live and something slips out, words are pretty much chosen and filtered.

I didn’t notice so much radical change until the last few years when the “politically-correct” crowd really surfaced and began screaming, and unfortunately it isn’t just the left expecting it now. The progressive Republican crowd is begging to demand that words be used to make them happy.

Journalism is supposed to about facts … not showering acceptible words that keep the population from getting angry.

If you must point a finger at the media – look to this 2017 AP Stylebook list of acceptible words. By the time it gets rewritten, a writer may not even recognize his submission. A good cross-section of the news comes out of the Associated Press – and it has been copy edited before it is distributed.

I am fortunate. I own the Stylebook and use it very specifically. But I will never let a book stand between me and the truth. I am my own copy editor and make the calls on the news where I work. The day I am censored or expected to be poltically correct will be the day it is time to retire from the news business.

The very unfortunate thing is that the AP Stylebook is used in every journalism school in America, though many may not ever see these lists of “inappropriate words.” But, in this journalist’s opinion, the Stylebook is lending to censorship and an attack on the First Amendment.

I once knew a writer who had written something rather poorly. Her reasoning when questioned about it was that “they were just words” and it didn’t really matter. Words matter. Changing words can alter the truth.

Journalism is about the truth – the good, the bad and the ugly. Let the facts fall where they may and let the citizens in this country make their own minds up. Let the “accurate” words, no matter how brutal or direct, tell the tale.

Constitution = Solution

The Constitution, if properly applied, provides solutions to many of our society’s most pressing problems.

Let’s start with civil unrest. We have Black Lives Matter and Antifa. What’s in the Constitution for these aggrieved groups? Per the 1st Amendment: They can speak their minds, assemble in protest of perceived wrongs and express their pent up rage at a system they believe has wronged them. When that form of protest begins to physically impact the life, liberty or property of another, it ceases to be the grievance of BLM or Antifa. At that point it becomes an infringement on another individual’s liberty. That is the line between civil and criminal activity.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

~ Evelyn Beatrice Hall

What does the Constitution provide to those who take offense by hate speech? Nothing! The 1st Amendment safeguards dissent, unpopular theories and beliefs that run contrary to the societal norms of the time. Liberty is a sloppy affair all around but by it peace can be preserved between diametrically opposed factions.

To suppress ideas, theories or dogmas based on their acceptability within the confines of contemporary culture is to revoke the God (yes, I said God because the Founders based the Constitution on Nature’s Law established by Nature’s God) given right of every individual to remain true to their understanding of the world about them.

I take offense to those too sensitive to withstand mere words. The 1st Amendment protects your right to complain. It also prevents me from infringing on your right to complain. I cannot shut you up unless I am willing to deprive you of your liberty to think and believe as you wish. At that point, I become the criminal and you become the victim. I choose, rather to inform you.

What does the Constitution offer to those who wish to take guns off the streets and regulate how, when or where one can purchase them? While the two paragraphs above demonstrate the benefits of the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment prevents (at least should prevent) over-regulation of a right that was never meant to be infringed upon. You do not have the authority to demand that my guaranteed right be restricted or that right should be registered for your protection.

The only safeguard against people with guns is to be one of them. If you are armed and trained to use that arm, you have chosen to apply the 2nd Amendment for the purpose of your own protection. Two armed citizens who find themselves in heated disagreement are less likely to throw down. The more likely scenario is that they will angrily walk away. One armed citizen, in heated disagreement with an unarmed one, may be inclined to impose their will on the other through threat of force (depriving the other of Life, Liberty or Property).

This is why the neutrality established in the Constitution is so important. It puts citizens on equal terms. You have the right to life and your have a right to protect it. It is your liberty to make a choice to utilize that right.

“You can judge a society by how it treats its criminals.”

~ Fyodor Dostoevsky

Who looks out for the criminals? They have rights too despite what the media talking heads would have you believe. It is not a settled matter when the “News” breaks it down for us. When one finds themselves on the wrong side of the law, they are afford the respect of the law. They must be judged fairly. No matter how serious the charge or the mountain of evidence against them, they are offered equality. They are assumed not to be guilty.

They are possessed of the Constitutional right not to incriminate themselves. They cannot (by law) be compelled to confess. The case will be pleaded in all ways as if the person is innocent. In fact, the legal representative of the victim or victim class (People of the state vs.), the prosecutor has the burden placed on him to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person is guilty. When a criminal is determined to be guilty, they forfeit their right to life (in some states cases of murder carry the death penalty), Liberty (ability to move about freely in society) or Property (asset forfeiture, restitution, fines, settlements and other forms of financial compensation) as a penalty for their crime.

For those who want to pass federal laws to prevent or force others to conform to their will, here is something to consider. National laws, laws passed by the Federal Government, were meant to be restricted to very specific tasks: International treaties and tariffs, National security (common defense), Interstate Interactions (maintain domestic tranquility). Except for those points, the states were to determine what extent they would restrict the activities of the people. The provision of the Constitution that allows for that is the 10th Amendment.

In essence, the 10th Amendment tells us that the States will make up the bulk of their own laws that do not interfere with the Federal government in accomplishing its Constitutional mandates. If the Federal government sees fit to infringe on state sovereignty with burdensome laws, the states have the right to nullify the laws. Those most involved with the governing of the people should always be those closest to home.

Unfortunately, generations of We the People have been waging a tit-for-tat war to gain the upper hand on their opponents. They have weaponized DC with the power to suppress dissenting views. Granting the Federal Government the authority to impose your beliefs on another is anathema to what our country was founded upon.

In keeping the spirit of the United States of America alive, you simply have to accept that some are not like you but that they have a right exist. That existence is granted its quality by three points: Life, Liberty, and Property. All three are preserved for every individual in the Constitution.

Rather than destroying the enemy through government mandates, which work to your advantage now but could be brought against you should your opposition gain the “throne,” how about declaring a #Truce? How about refusing to weaponize the government against any faction of the American people? In standing on the Constitution and defending its purpose, you are standing with We the People, Americans diverse in endeavors but united in peace to carry on their lives without fear of oppression.




Are you prepared for a societal collapse? Part 4 in the “Are you prepared” series

Let’s be honest for a moment. The odds of an worldwide or even a country wide apocalyptic event happening in your lifetime is so minuscule you would be more likely getting struck by lighting and win the lottery at the same time.

However, an earthquake, pandemic or a bio-attack is a real possibility.

So the purpose of this article is to bring into focus the “What If” and “What will you do” aspects of an event.






Think you’re safe…. Maybe you are .. maybe  you’re not. Earthquake Zones in the US




Most people believe that earthquakes only happen out west and that’s partially correct but as you can see from the map the Eastern United Sates has some pretty significant risk, as well.


There are only two questions you need to answer right now.

Can you and your family survive for  1 – 3 weeks  or longer at home with no ability to leave?

What if you had no electricity?

Many if not all “survival articles” and experts want to show you how to survive alone or on a homestead/ bunker once the system has completely collapsed. They can teach you how to build a primitive shelter out of moss and twigs how to skin animals and weave your own clothing.

That’s great; it’s useful information to have no doubt, should a “event” last far longer than a few weeks or months. But you have to survive first to get to the point of learning or needing to learn how to make a bow out of hickory or maple or how to set up a home forge to build your very own flintlock.

Oh and rubbing two sticks together for fire…? Forget it for now. There are millions/billions of Bic lighters and matches so it will be awhile before we run out.

Most survival articles/experts focus on the “Walking Dead” aspect of survival. If you know the show, the basic premise is surviving the “Walker Apocalypse” after the event has occurred.

I’m more of a “Fear the Walking Dead” type. You have to survive the beginning of the event first to get to the point where long term survival is even an issue. Besides the “event” may only last a few days or a few months in the case of a pandemic.



A pandemic or a bio-attack will burn itself out after a few months at most a year so this would be a worst case scenario.








So back to the questions:

Can you and your family survive for  1 week to 3 weeks at home with no ability to leave?

What if you had no power?



In Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs” your own personal “feel good” needs are at the top of the pyramid and your physical needs are at the bottom.








In an “event” that hierarchy of needs will be inverted. Your physical needs will have to be your first and foremost priority. “Feel good” needs will be or should be your last concern.

In my 3rd article Are you prepared for every scenario?

I discussed the basic needs of Water, Food, Weapons, Shelter and Medicines all will be required for both your immediate and long term survival.

At this point you should be thinking.. “ok I got it but once I do all this then what”?

You should do these things in this order:

  1. Plan
  2. Prep
  3. Obtain knowledge
  4. Train

Make a Plan:

You have got to have a plan. I can’t stress this enough.

You cannot wait until a pandemic, EMP or bio-attack occurs to decide it’s time to go shopping.

If you live in an Earthquake zone or have ever survived one.. What was it like immediately after the event? Could you drive around and get supplies or were the roads blocked by debris or emergency vehicles? Was the power on or off?

What if:  What if no one showed up to hand out supplies and water.. What if you were on your own? Could you feed your family?  Could you protect them?


Prepare for the worst hope for the best:

Without actually doing something all the plans in the world won’t save you.

In these three articles I’ve tried to give you a hint at what might occur and a few tips on what you can do to survive it…maybe.

  1. Are you prepared
  2. The Apocalypse waits for no one.
  3. Are you prepared for every scenario?

How you prepare for just the basic survival scenario is key to increasing your chances of living through it or being swallowed by the hoard and events.

Think of it this way.. You are at a river and have to cross it.. you have no choice.. If you brought a boat and paddle your chances of safely crossing it is greatly enhanced. If you brought nothing then it’s a game of chance and remember, the house always wins.

Buy some shelf stable food, setup some rain barrels to capture water… do something.

Read a book watch some videos

Knowledge is power. I learned this basic truth believe it or not from a cartoon.










This stuck with me from my youth and I still use that phase today. It is a basic truth; you have to have knowledge before you can really do anything.

So start today go get a few books, a couple of magazines , watch some videos then go out and try a few things to see if it works.  Practicing what you have read is key to actually learning what you read or watched.

You can read a hundred books on how to play baseball but do you think that would make you a baseball player?

Books on Survival..

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This is the hardest lesson I have ever taught.  How do you take someone who has zero experience in Bushcraft or Street Survival and turn them into a survivalist someone who refuses to be a victim.

The truth is…. I can’t no one can.

There’s an old saying; “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”. This axiom is born out every time I see some sort of event like a hurricane or earthquake and even a tornado. The news reporter always find the ones that tear up decrying the government doesn’t care because FEMA or others haven’t showed up to save them.


Katrina was a case study in people waiting too late to act then found themselves in a survival situation waiting on others to save them.


If you want to study what would happen to society should a mass causality event were to take place all you have to do is look at New Orleans during Katrina. We all saw the videos, heard the stories about the crime and life at “the Dome” we saw the people waiting for others to save them.

What went wrong?

Where to begin? So many things went wrong it is really hard to point to any one individual failure.

First, if the city had a plan they failed to implement it, even though they had ample time to execute it. Second the people waited on government (others) to tell them what to do. Since they heard nothing from the government they sat in their homes thinking everything was just fine. It didn’t matter that for 20 years the Army Corp of Engineers and others had been telling them that a Cat 3 hurricane or better would breach the levees and flood the city and at one point Katrina was a Cat 5 hurricane bearing down directly on New Orleans. Yet the people did nothing to save themselves.



Even though they had the means and ability the so called victims of Katrina still waited for someone to tell them to save themselves.



All this was to try to explain the human reaction to bad news. Most people will ignore it, deny it and then attack the messenger for bringing it.

I have led countless numbers of people to the water but if they’re not ready or willing to “drink” then no amount of information, education and/or training will get these people to wake up and do something to prepare for events.

Tactical Thinking;

You don’t have to be a Navy Seal or Army Ranger to think tactically about your survival.

Let me give you example:

Take that Shelter I talked about in my last article.. Let’s say you spent the extra bucks to get a good one.

Did you get a pretty one? I mean a nice blue and florescent yellow one? One that will stick out in the woods like a beacon screaming “COME GET MY STUFF” or did you stop and think about maybe you should get the camouflage one?

If all they had was the blue and yellow one fine, I mean something is better than nothing right? Get some brown and dark green spray paint and use it to cover up the bright dayglow colors. You’ll appreciate it after you visit a few campgrounds that have been raided and people hurt, taken or killed.

  • So no camping in a group unless it’s well armed with security. You’ll be better off alone if the only option you have is to camp with a group of pacifist/hippies. They will be nothing more than a grocery store for others.


These are just a few examples of what is called Tactical Thinking. There are literally hundreds maybe thousands of others. This is where the reading comes into play you need to learn to survive. You need to learn to think differently than you do today. You think driving to work, working around a bunch of people whose only thought is, what am I going to have for lunch, is survival? I guess it’s a form of it in the concrete jungle but I’m talking about fighting off a couple of half-starved raiders trying to take your food kind of survival.

Training.. Now here comes a hard dose of reality..Can you take the shot?


With all that being said it doesn’t do a bit of good if you have prepped properly, planned your evacuation and done everything you can do to feed your family and when someone comes up with a gun or knife you handover all of your supplies and hope that’s all they take.

First if you have limited experience with firearms you need to desensitize yourself to shooting them.

It’s ok to fear them, to a degree. You need to have a healthy respect for them, but if you cannot get over your fear you cannot protect yourself, much less your family.  You need range time and lots of it. Not only to get used to firing and properly handling a gun but you need to be able to fire it accurately and be able to reload quickly.

Understand this… It takes years of training to be able to keep your wits about you when you are in a confrontation or being shot at. The human body is well versed in a fight or flight response. Most people have an immediate flight response and it takes training and lots of it to overcome this reaction, some people never can. But you have to try. You have to work at it.

I recommend taking some “Shoot don’t Shoot” courses if you can find them near you to help train yourself to ignore the “Flight” response.

Shoot don’t Shoot Training

Now here comes the hard part.. You need to kill something.

No not that annoying neighbor or the guy that pissed you off in traffic but you do need to kill something. You need to go hunting, shoot a deer, bear or other big game animal and gut them, get bloodied and then eat the food you have taken.

You have to overcome the fear of “taking the shot” you have to be able to pull the trigger on something alive. It is probably one of the hardest things you are going to need to do.

If you’ve handled guns all your life and hunted this doesn’t apply to you but for you city dwellers and urbanites that the closest thing to a gun you’ve handled is on your kids Wii game station then you have got to do this.


You also have to eat what you killed. Once you have taken the shot, killed the animal, eating it will re-enforce your training that YOU CAN SURVIVE. Rather your family eats it or not is irrelevant you will have to. They’ll be happy to eat a freshly killed deer after a few days without food.

If you can’t do this you will not survive..period.


Why won’t you survive?

Because someone like me will come to take your stuff and you won’t be able to stop me.

You see, I won’t hesitate to kill you and anyone else that tries to stop me from taking what I need.

I know… harsh right?  It’s in my makeup, my DNA.  I’m a survivor, granted you will never have to worry about me cause I’ve planned for my survival.. but the world is filled with killers, rapist and psychopaths who will be turned loose on society and with no Sheepdogs to guard against the Jackals the lambs will be slaughtered.

But you don’t just have to worry about the psycho’s of the world you need to be also concerned about the man or woman who is hungry, scared or desperate enough to approach you with a gun or knife and take what they need.

Could you stop them?

Can you take their life? Maybe even take the life of their child that’s holding a gun on you too?

I warned you this was the dark side, the underbelly of survival no one wants to talk about.

We all hope we never have to. We pray that possibility never comes true but What IF?

What if, you’re down, injured, can someone in your family do it?

I have a friend that I’ve known for a long time. I trained him, his wife and their two daughters. One night his wife woke him up and said she thought someone was breaking in to their home. He immediately armed himself, looked at his wife and said “you know what to do” and he left the bedroom to clear the house.

His wife immediately forgot her training. She was supposed to arm herself take her phone and have 911 dailed up ready to go and follow him 20 or so feet behind him as backup. Instead she pulled the covers over her head and hid until her husband came back into the room.  She chose flight. Luckily for her it was just an ornament falling and breaking that alerted her, not a home invasion.

He was devastated to learn his wife would not defend the family. I told him it’s not a total loss at least he now knew to not depend on her to have his back. Information good or bad… it’s all usable.


Final Thoughts:

This is the ugly side to survival.

It’s not all going to be like the “Alaskan Bush People” or “Mountain Men” where you’re just out hunting while your family is gathering food from the garden…  it can get ugly and ugly fast.

You may be thinking this guys’ nuts.. we’re never going to have an apocalypse, nothing is ever going to happen. I sincerely hope you are correct.  I hope 10-20 years from now you can laugh at all the doomsday nutjobs and be able to say “see I told you so”.


Remember this.

Survival might not mean a “Walker Apocalypse” or a EMP event.. it could be something as simple as a home invasion or burglary while you are at home.

How you prepped yourself and your family even for these potentially life altering events can mean the difference between life and death. How you respond can be all the difference in the world.



Are you going to be a sheep or are you going to be the Sheepdog when the Jackals come beating on your door?






By Brittany Pounders

Has the Church Found a New God in Donald Trump?

I’m really struggling right now. Not with politics. Politics is as ugly as I always know it to be. I’m used to that. Not just used to it, hardened and callused to it. I choose to fight in the arena, but I do so only because I’m passionate about my principles. And my principles are defined by my faith.

But right now my heart is struggling with everything I’ve ever believed. My struggle is with the church. I’m watching the reaction to how leaders in The Church, many whom I’ve known my entire life, are destroying their testimonies by not only accepting this reprobate- but are blasphemously using God’s Word to defend him!

I was floored and appalled when I read a comment on my Facebook page by a missionary this morning who our family has financially supported to “stop bitching” about Trump. I was emailed by a “Christian woman” yesterday who told me that I should “feel flattered if a man talked to me that way.” I get refusals from Christian fathers to respond when I ask if they were willing to sacrifice the “crotches of their daughters” to save the country from Hillary. They respond with venomous attacks because their answer will either make them look like a hypocrite or a reprobate. Another woman who was the wife of a former pastor told me in regards to the same question, “As far as my daughters and grand-daughters are concerned, I trust them to God’s care.” Maybe the victim’s fathers simply didn’t trust them into God’s care quite enough and Trump really isn’t responsible for any of it?

I sat in church yesterday morning and I just felt grieved. It was hard for me to participate. In fact, I left early. The amount of “church people” who are dismissing this entire debacle as acceptable and normal, and attacking the voices who are saying, “no, this isn’t who we are!!!” makes me question everything.

Do I even want to leave my little girl in the nursery with groups of people who feel it’s morally acceptable to defend this all for the sake of their party? The amount of church leaders who work in the youth groups who aren’t fighting this on a spiritual front and remaining silent leaves me wondering why bother? Where are the courageous men who are standing up and leading our boys towards Christ and demanding that they not become a part of the group who gives it up to go along? These are the men and women I entrust influencing the spiritual lives of my family… where is the righteous outrage? Where is the accountability as a body towards one another?

And for those of you who are wondering, I can assure you, my church is probably symptomatic of your church. The Church as a whole is destroying their testimony, their integrity, by their silence or outright acceptance.



I know we don’t look to man. Man will fail us. But man makes up the fellowship and part of it is becoming rotten.

Men and women who I trust to pour God’s Word into the heart of my children or care and nurture them in the nurseries of the churches, instead pours fuel on the cultural wars they declare to fight by declaring their unwavering support for a deviant because of…. politics? All the while declaring with a Bible in one hand and a shaking fist, that “we must trust God!” Apparently, we can only trust Him so far— we have to throw our testimonies under the bus to avoid Hillary Clinton – because He definitely can’t be trusted with that one.

There are two groups of people with whom I speak.

The first being the vocal Trump supporter who sacrilegiously declares that Trump is God’s appointed leader for this time. Those may be admired in their tiny echo chambers of mindless idiots. Outside of their tiny core, they’ve already lost all credibility. They will never again change hearts and minds and influence newcomers to their party and certainly not to their Bible Studies.

The second group is the formerly vocal political Christians who have suddenly gone dark and silent. You have no comments. You state piously on social media that “this has just become too ugly.” These are the cowards. You disappear when it actually matters—when the world is watching to see how we react to this as Christians.

This is the group who remains vocal on their principles when they have an audience who agrees with them. But they aren’t vocal on their principles when it might require a confrontation. These types of people are even more guilty of destroying their Christian testimonies because they clearly have the sense to know what’s wrong….but they don’t have the courage to stand up for what’s right. Suddenly, their statuses have a few Scripture verses that “might allude” to what’s going on… but they don’t dare translate that into every day current events and accountability towards their Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

As I’ve stated so many times. I’m not looking for a perfect president. I’ve never found a Republican candidate that I couldn’t support over the Democrat alternative. But I need to find one with whom I can find some sort of moral commonality.

So many times I have wanted to walk away from all of this. This election has broken me in so many ways. It has delivered me into some of my darkest moments- sometimes on a national stage that has left me wondering if I’ve done the right thing and if any of it is worth it.

It has left me with deep conversations with people in my life that I profoundly admire and respect. And they have reminded me that the church has made grave mistakes before. The solution is not to abandon it but to speak out and reform it.

So, while I admit I’m struggling. I remember that I stand shoulder to shoulder with good men who haven’t caved or been bought with massive donations. Many who don’t have large audiences but their courageous stands cost them just as much. Along with men like Russell Moore and Albert Mohler, who have identified this as the cancer that it is. New voices, like Wayne Grudem, who are waking up and issuing giant apologies to the church and to the nation for being so blinded.

The world is watching how the Christian community responds to this. And the church will own a lion’s share of the responsibility for the judgement that God brings on our country.

I pray He is merciful because we certainly do not deserve it.

From #NeverTrump With Feelin

The train whistle blew 2 years ago. Ooh, something new and exciting was happening in politics. Donald Trump, with great fanfare, announced his candidacy. The revolution had begun. It stirred in the minds of those whose pride had been wounded by incessant attacks against the Republicans’ character. They finally saw their champion emerge. They saw someone who, very expertly, honed in on their collective animosity and spoke to it. He said what was on his mind always. He appealed to everyone in turn based on who he was speaking to. 



To the NRA, he was a gun guy.
To the Christians, he was a believer.
To the working class, he was the one hiring them.
To the anti-establishment, he was a weapon.
To the over-taxed, he was the retribution.
To the 3%, he was the general.
To the oathkeepers, he was the defender.
To Democrats, he was a patsy.
To the rest of us he was Trump and we were never.

So many of our friends and families fell into those categories above. The rift formed. #NeverTrump coalesced into a resolute faction that opposed Trump on solid grounds. We knew he was not a conservative…that he just played one on TV. We knew he only believed half of what he said until he shifted what he believed. He was the equivalent of Obama with an R. He was the blank screen which everyone projected their own anticipations upon.

With so much hanging by a thread in this country, we needed someone willing to reverse course. We needed someone who understood the problems in our country and had concrete solutions to offer. What we received was another fool. This is not a term I use as a petulant child reduced to name-calling. I refer to the term fool as it is used in the Bible. The Word of God is replete with references to the nature and character of fools. Trump follows the pattern of and illustrates the definition of a fool.

Wise and prudent men, even if not always following the standard, know the standard set and recognize those who stray more than a bit from the righteous path.

When #NeverTrump solidified its resolve against him, we took the road less traveled. We marched on unwavering, despite the difficulty. We knew what mattered and vowed to preserve it in the face of strong opposition, political pressure and threat of loss. When standing on principle, it gets pretty lonely. So, it is not out of spite that we affirm our dissent. It’s not out fear that we stand. Many have been threatened for their opposition. It is because there are certain things that we refuse to sacrifice on the altar of political expedience.

What we see in DC is not a Fool but a multitude of them. We had hoped that wisdom would prevail, that someone would be sent to reign in Washington’s revelry at our expense. What we got was a new fool to oversee the rest. The ship of fools is still sinking. They aren’t even aware that it’s sinking.

What #NeverTrump represents are the people who know, the ship is sinking and refuse to stay on it any longer. It lists left and right as it takes on water. There is no comfort or relief regardless which way it is tipping.

Clinton would have sailed the sinking ship just as Trump has. The only difference is that none of his supporters would be willing to sink with her. We would be working together to escape.

by David Reid

You Think America Is Free?

For those that believe the people are free and Trump is the answer, sorry to burst the bubble, but the people ARE NOT free. They are now living as slaves under a dictatorship and it has been that way for ten years at least. Trump is NO different and he has merely assumed the reigns of the dictatorship.

It isn’t a constitutional republic when the president supports socialized healthcare and penalties that say you buy it or face fines or imprisonment. When the government sends agents to the homes of citizens to warn them that the first amendment doesn’t apply and they can’t oppose the president – That is a dictatorship. When a president threatens the freedom of the press and freedom of speech, threatening to shut down all opposition and negative comments – that is a dictator speaking.

When the president is in breach of the 200 series of constitutional laws building new towers around the world, golf courses, resorts, and then ignores the fact those nations are also hotbeds of terrorism and doesn’t include them on an immigration ban, because they would close him down, costing him billions in wealth – It is a dictatorship.

When a president dictates who can or can’t enter the nation, or he doubles the number of terrorists from Islamic nations – he is no longer working for the people, he has declared himself king. When the people worship a man, instead of holding him to the rules of office, the people have now embraced a dictator.

It is the actions of a criminal when a president ignores congress and 50 US code 1542 to attack another nation over a picture, leading to the deaths of hundreds of men, women, and children. The western media would have everyone believe it was retaliation, but in fact, it was unprovoked murder of innocent civilians. When in doubt, ask those that live there and the facts are like night and day.

It is illegal for a president or any member of congress to hire family, friends, lobbyists for ANY government position, per 5 US code 3110, but again, the dictatorship was shown when Trump put Ivanka and Jared Kushner in the White House. He may say they aren’t getting paid, but it is twisting oranges and apples, since both have taxpayer funded offices, expense accounts, free government travel, secret service, plus they are on the world stage representing the government in an official capacity, which is illegal.

It is a dictatorship when the government can arrest a citizen for collecting rainwater, they build a pond on their own property, the children are told what they can eat, drink, or do in schools, or the government can take the home and property of legal citizens for their own use and profit. When individuals must obtain permission to get married, buy a license to hunt, fish, own a gun, and they are taxed on everything they do – that isn’t a free society under God – it is a dictatorship.

It is a dictatorship when the wealthy elite are above the law, but Joe taxpayer goes to jail for tax evasion or daring to stand in opposition to government. It is a dictatorship when the citizens want accountability from their leaders, but instead they are attacked and threatened for voicing their concerns. The Patriot Act gave the government the freedom to abduct citizens from their homes and hold them without representation, rights, or due process, which is a tyrant’s dream.

Freedom is now illusion, not real, because government dictates what the citizens can do or say, lies, propaganda, and innuendo have replaced truth, so the media can show bias in their reporting. The world is changing and it is status quo as usual, since the names change, but both parties still represent those that own them, namely big business, corporations, pharmaceuticals, and the global banking systems. When the people are forced to support criminals, to prevent other criminals from ruling them, that is a dictatorship and is NO different from North Korea, China, Russia, or other tyrannical states.


For those that paid attention, Trump appointed eight NWO globalists to his administration that worked directly as top executives of George Soros and Jacob Rothschild. Bannon, Mnuchin, Haase, Cohn, Wilbur Ross, Tillerson, etc that all support and endorse globalism.

Unfortunately, when a dictatorship wants to keep the people in darkness, they don’t reveal the truth – they push the illusion that they are working for We the People, and as freedom erodes, enemies of the people are supported, another strand of the constitution is shredded, eventually making it irrelevant. Who is to blame – the gullible, the ignorant, the misinformed, and the low-information citizens that embrace illusion and fantasy over reality that puts them in shackles to the lie.

Once a Republic and Independent

As I reflect on the period that began 241 years ago on July 4, 1776, I wonder how many more Independence Day celebrations there will be.

While the adoption of the Declaration of Independence occurred on that important day in history, many Americans had already declared their independence by merely finding their way to the New World to escape tyranny. There is nothing simple about leaving your home to be a part of settling a a new nation and wilderness into something as great as what it became.

Based on principles and the yearning to be free, brave souls brought a few belongings, their families and a strong faith in God and settled this nation and eventually fought for freedom and liberty.

And now these many years later, we find ourselves in that same battle for our freedoms and liberty as a federal government overreaches into our lives – exactly what this country stood against at its founding.

The story of America is one of courage and being placed at the vanguard of the great human march of progress. Established as a republic by our founders, for many years it advanced a way of life and model that would provide people with dignity.

Republic. Remember that word? Not democracy. Republic.

The fact that America was organized under the Constitution makes it a Republic – not a democracy. Another fact is that a democracy, in the purest sense , is nothing more than mob rule. The elusive thought that escapes most is there are considerations other than simply the will of half the people plus one.

Most of us were taught in some manner as we grew up that the will of the majority should hold sway. But what is good for one group isn’t necessarily good for another. And in government concerns, it may not be necessarily good for freedom, taxes, healthcare and the many other vast issues facing the country. What if the mob majority votes to take everything the other group owns?


And so we live with these frustrations and forget the existence of natural rights and natural law, which were the underpinning of the American founders and reason why democracies are inherently unfair and always degenerate to despotism.

We have the Declaration of Independence that declared all men are born with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – rights granted them by God, or simply because they are human beings.

John Adams stated, “You have rights antecedent to all earth governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the great legislator of the universe.”

But the great legislator of the universe has come under attack. God is under attack, not only from without, but from within. We have all seen it. God being called out for supporting a candidate and the Bible being twisted to suit every argument – while none who use either one are on their knees praying and those who occupy the pulpit are preaching politics rather than salvation to their congregations.

Each day the America I once knew is disappearing and the young people of today hardly know what the American Dream once meant – it sure isn’t cell phones, tweets, or social media. They will never understand patriotism, the goals of greatness and success, or freedom of thought not tarnished by an education system so beat up and controlled it can hardly be called an education.

And college has become an expensive propaganda machine promoting socialism, communism and anarchy – and generations of young people who can’t support themselves much less understand the dynamics of what has occurred and what caused it.

Higher education is producing the Class of the Future Whipped-Into-Shape Graduates. Most are ill-prepared for anything barring a few whose families actually stayed on top things.

The American Dream has transformed into an American Myth. Nothing makes a point or even proposes an argument or solution. The new myth only makes demands and a lot of senseless noise.

While many citizens continue to believe America was once the leader in spreading “democracy,” one has to ask themselves, “Why democracy?” Why not Republic?

Why would this country promote mob rule?

But here we sit. We have crossed the seas to battles and lost many of our young patriots to war; we are stuck with the humiliation of financial crisis after crisis; socialism descends on us like ominous cloud; a cultural elite continues to enrich itself while ignoring the plight of the working class – all the while demanding “unity, unity, we need unity.”

The faith has been broken. The country is broken. Our leaders are broken. Our trust in God is broken.

Make America Great Again. This is the mantra of the elite feeding the begging and huddled masses who grasp at the word of any snake oil salesman. The name of the salesman is irrelevant who sells hollow and desperate hope, for the product is nothing more than selling a dose of fear to an already fearful world.

We are in the midst of national identity crisis and nothing will change until we restore and revive the meaning of America – purpose-driven, God-fearing, and patriotic.

Republic. Remember the word and protect it.