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Silence Is No Longer An Option

June, 2017

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A Night On The Town With Uncle Sam

By L Whitener.

What are you willing to do to save the promise of America for your children? As a child, my greatest worry was which street in my neighborhood was the most ideal for riding my bicycle with no hands on the handlebars. Or, whether my parents would be satisfied with my grades in school. I often wonder what it will be like when the greatest worry for a child is something that no human being should ever endure, absolute government control of their lives.

As our government inches deeper into our lives, we are oblivious to the power we are allowing them. We don’t notice the gradual enslaving process. But, make no mistake, our government is involved in every single aspect of our lives. There is a regulation and a tax lurking behind every flip of a light switch,  every tank of gas and every bite of food. Do you think you’re free? Think again.

The next time you decide to have a nice dinner out on the town Read More

You Say You Want A Revolution? Too Late.

“War is when the government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you have to figure it our for yourself.”
~ Anonymous

There are an increasing number of people who think our county is on the brink of revolution. It is a thought based on desperation of circumstance. It is the fear that ours is the last generation to understand liberty. Lord knows liberty isn’t taught in government endorsed curriculum. Do we fight to reassert our will on the government that has ignored our repeated pleas and demands to cease their habitual abuse of their constituents? Do we arm ourselves and prepare to depose the dually elected representatives of their districts?

I’ve got a tough bit of news for you. The Revolution is over. The government has won. Under the cover of closed rooms and the heavy appeals of lobbying firms, your heritage has been bought and paid for. The willfully ignorant or the uninformed peasants have succumbed to Political pressure, not by force of arms but by complication. Layers upon layers have added an abominable depth to the process of governing, that, over a few decades has resulted in the citizen granting deference to the experts.

Who is the expert in commuting to the workplace? Who is the expert in shopping for perishable goods? Who knows how many children you have or the methods used to put them to bed? Who can fill their minds with knowledge, which exceeds the skill of reciting a memorized line from a state sponsored textbook? Is it government’s place to teach economics to your children…the same government that runs a 20 Trillion dollar deficit?

The citizen is meant to hold a place of preeminence in their own governance. The individual is meant to be the highest authority in matters of their own daily lives. By deceit, you have been convinced that there are those smarter and wiser, to deal with such mundane affairs as how you wake in the morning and to what statutes you will conform to when you dress and eat breakfast.

Yes, the Revolution happened and you missed it. Insurrection was accomplished with not a shot fired. The executive, legislative and judicial branches conspired to confiscate your control in absence of your interest. While you grilled hot dogs on the fourth of July to celebrate your independence it was stripped from you like shoes from a sleeping child.

We have awakened to a bondage just as real as that known to the Hebrews in Egypt, to that of the peasant under rule of the English throne, to that of the peasant under the samurai class and to the slave under master in the cotton field.

Much like that child who fell asleep fully clothed, we ask ourselves where we are and how we arrived there.

Now, the first order of business is to identify the leadership of the revolution…to name the men who have committed the insurrection and usurped our rightful place as masters of the land we inhabit. To name them is to implicate them in the treasonous affairs they have presided over. To identify them is to know the enemy. To know the enemy is to solidify our resolve. To solidify our resolve is to refuse to concede our sovereignty further. If they are involved, be sure their intention is to further degrade and soften our influence over their intentions.

Have you signed the treaty of surrender or do you stand with the declaration’s signers who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to oppose tyranny in all of its manifestations? Time to America up or restore the fetid chains of oppression known to every generation prior to 1776.

I’m Sick Of The Partisan Politics

The political discourse today has devolved into a mindless and all-consuming partisan power struggle focused on the strategic machinations required to dominate and destroy the opposition party.

Pursuit of this contest can only achieve an end in direct conflict with the interests of liberty; consolidation of power into the hands of an elite few.

And so it has. While demanding that “the swamp be drained” we fail to apprehend that by yielding our political power to one of two parties, by limiting our political effort to elections alone, we’ve insured that power remains in the hands of the Washington elite.

How can the American people reclaim their heritage as a free, self-governed people?

Only by restoring mainstream subscription to Americanism – the unique combination of values on which our nation’s charter is based and without which it can only continue to dissolve by increments.

American Values are inscribed on our currency:
In GOD WE TRUST – No matter our religion, we share a bedrock belief in the transcendent morality of NON violation and respect for the NATURAL rights of every person. Natural rights are the INTRINSIC liberties to pursue our own lives – to think, speak and act in our own interest, free of government interference, and SUBJECT TO an equal right on the part of every other member of society. “My rights end where your nose begins.”

E Pluribus Unum – Of many, ONE – Race, ethnicity, religion and national origin are secondary to our identity as Americans BECAUSE our identification as Americans is derived of our subscription to the CAUSE of HUMAN LIBERTY

LIBERTY – is the CAUSE of America. We are founded on the bedrock belief that LIBERTY is the intrinsic and natural state of every human being; a function of the consciousness with which we are endowed by Creation.

To government is entrusted the FORCE of LAW and the POWER to TAX – a combination of powers which causes it to DEFAULT toward growth in size, scope, cost, control and domination of the people instituting it, EXCEPT as those people actively LIMIT their government to prevent its CONSUMPTION of the civil society it was instituted to serve.

Human history provides ample testimony to the default direction of every entity to which the force-of-law is entrusted. America’s government is designed to empower the citizens with the “technology of Liberty” – the specific means by which the people retain control of their government, among which is the Article V Convention of the States – a way to pull power from the top/center and restore it to the state legislatures to which the people have greater access.

Many have come to recognize the power and promise of this Constitutional provision and are actively promoting its invocation. By so doing, they are making possible measures like the Balanced Budget Amendment, Term Limits, Limits on Congressional power to tax, borrow and spend and others.

But absent a restoration of unifying commitment to America’s foundational cause of HUMAN LIBERTY, these much-needed measures will be effectively resisted by the ruling class. Liberty is the EXCEPTION to the rule.

Liberty requires the passion and energy that inspired our nation’s founders. And that can only be rekindled when we stop dividing ourselves into partisan teams, classes and subgroups and re-unite on the great cause of America.

Socialism on a Silver Platter

For those who have never heard of Steve Deace, he is well worth looking up.

A conservative to his very core, he is a CRTV host, columnist and author of “A Nefarious Plot”. He has become an important voice in a community that stands for and protects the values and Constitution this country was founded on.

This is a man who continues to point out the deception, lies and attempts to lead America down a socilaistic path.

As Deace pointed out this week, “Sadly, it appears the only thing that matters to too many is blindly aligning with Team Democrat or Team Trump. Facts don’t matter.”

More than five years ago, Deace warned people about the healthcare situation, “We are headed to a hybrid single-payer, which will be adminstered by private insurers but fully regulated by government. The only debate will be Democrats will want Fed control, and Republicans will want state control.”

Straight from the “you can’t make this up” file, the Congressional budget office just said the version of Trumpcare making its way through the GOP Senate will cause premiums to rise another 20 percent. The middle class and elderly could see their premiums triple.

Any conservative can see that the GOP majority is willing to risk every issue you care about – judicial nominations, guns, life, tax reform -to get an Obamacare bailout.

And that is what it is – an Obamacare bailout.

Remember when the GOP was fighting Obamacare’s death panels? Now they have an Obamacare death wish.

Medicaid spending either way isn’t the key issue, though some would like to make it so. The uninsured isn’t either, because those at least are some of those people are choosing to be uninsured. The toxic avenger here is the GOP enacting a policy that raises premiums all the more, because that’s how you feel the wrath of your base as well as the Democrats’.

Now we have Trump threatening…at least his Super PAC is… to run ads against the few remaining conservatives – Cruz, Lee Johnson and Paul- as well as a moderate Heller – the few good men who can see the monster at the end of the Trumpcare tunnel. They know it is going to blow up and they know the premiums will rise and ultimately, the whole thing is leading down a path to universal healthcare.

But President Trump wants that. He announced it several times in his campaign – how many people were ignoring it?

Donald Trump, MSNBC, Good Morning Joe, July 17, 2015: “But I’m quite liberal and getting more liberal on healthcare and other things. I really say: What’t the purpose of a country if you’re not going to have defensive and healthcare? So, I’m very liberal when it comes to healthcare. I believe in universal healthcare. I believe in whatever it takes to make people well and better.”

The problem is, universal health is socialism. Socialism never works and tears a country to pieces.

But apparently, the majority of Americans do not trust themselves and their highly trained physicians to make decisions about their health. Rather, they have relinquished total control of their medical care, including 14 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product, to the same crew of incompetents who crashed the housing market, who poured billions into business failures such as Solyndra and who see food stamps as supporting a jobs-growth program.

Government control of health care has nothing to do with the purported goals of improving quality, expanding access and decreasing cost – when has government ever improved these in any business?

No, this is about power. After all, what is more precious than a person’s health? Politicians who seek power, therefore, see “health care” as a fast track to their goal.
It has been tried before. It failed.

For nearly 40 years the system worked well when Kaiser Wilhelm, emperor of Germany from 1888 until the end of World War I, remained in power and brought about stipends encouraged doctors to practice in underserved areas of the country.

But predictably, to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, the monarchy ran out of other people’s money. Between the cost of World War I, reparations and the worldwide stock market collapse, by 1930 little was left of the medical reforms except paperwork and regulations , which seem never to go away, even in hard times.

The worst result of this venture, however, was the destruction of the ethics of private practice. Physicians, instead of acting in the best interest of individual patients, became partners of the state. They were used to taking orders and filling out forms for government functionaries, so it was a very small leap for them to work under the Nazis and to become integral players in the Nazi death machine.

Across the Baltic, the Russian communist Vladimir Lenin, too, understood the role of medicine saying, “Medical care is the keystone in the arch of socialism.”

But a lot of the masses are cheering and stumping for the universal healthcare Republican guy. The Democrats are going to have a field day in 2018.

What do you call a country that doesn’t know what it’s own written laws mean, which are enacted by the people it elects, until those it didn’t elect tells them so? A banana republic.

Welcome to socialism, America. If you think it is bad now…the ‘best’ is yet to come.

Are you prepared for every scenario? 3rd in the series “Are you Prepared”

Ok you can’t be prepared for every scenario, it’s impossible.  I joke often about being prepared for the Walker Apocalypse.. I figure if you are prepared for that then you have to be prepared for everything right? Until an asteroid hits the Earth and wipes out all those plans.

So being prepared for what exactly?

That depends on your needs and goals.  Have you considered your needs and goals?




and in my second article SO YOU THOUGHT ABOUT MAKING A PLAN.. THE APOCALYPSE WAITS FOR NO ONE. I discussed options and asked what are you going to do. Just what are your options depends on where you live and if you plan on staying or leaving the area of an event, what type of event and duration of the event.

No plan fits every contingency. There is no one plan fits all.

You need to stay informed you need to be able to determine if it’s time to initiate your plans.

In this article I will discuss survival items, preparedness goals and things you will need for most events some of these I discussed in previous articles.



Basic Survival needs:

Water, Food, Weapons, Shelter and Medicines in that order.




You will need water, lots of it. The number of people in your household determines just how much you are going to need. Key Point: An average person needs anywhere between 1.2 to 7.7 liters per day depending on activity, weather and health of the individual.  So a family of four will need approximately 5 gallons of water PER DAY or 35 gallons per week. If the water from your taps ceased flowing or was compromised with a biological element where would you get the water needed to survive?

If you have a source of water you are going to need a way to filter it. Boiling the water will kill the bacteria and spores but will do nothing to clean out the particulates. Filtering the water before boiling is a necessity.  There are many commercially available filters that can be purchased to accomplish this. Key Point:  Additionally products like the Lifestraw ®,  if you are away from home and need water, can be used to draw straight from a contaminated water source.

You can also make your own water filtration system using a T-shirt, sand and charcoal you make yourself.

Should you live outside an urban environment you should think about having a well drilled. This can give you an endless supply of water and if connected to an AC/DC pump using a car battery and a solar panel you will never run out.

If drilling isn’t an option you need to store as much as you can. Remember it will not be enough.  You have several sources of water in the home. First, if you are able,  fill your bathtubs as full as possible. If the water system goes down there should be enough pressure in the pipes to accomplish this. Fill every container you can. Finally your water heater has anywhere from 20-30 gallons of water stored plus your toilet tanks holds 2-4 gallons each. All together without any additional source of water you can have enough water to survive 1-3 weeks with proper rationing and NO SHOWERS or BATHS. Key Point:: Worst case scenario you will have to share water for “airplane” baths. (2 wings and a tail). Also no flushing toilets. Water is for drinking and cooking only so don’t waste it.

Get used to the smell of body odor if you don’t have a lake, stream or large source of water. Water is life.


Next to water, food is the most important commodity you can have. It too is a necessity.  Each person consumes approximately 2700 calories per day or just less than 4 pounds of food per day. In a survival scenario you may burn calories at a much higher rate. Key Point: In the winter you need more calories per day. So a lot depends on if you are sheltered outside, are you building a structure/defenses winter vs summer etc..

You can count on needing 2500 calories per person per day on average. Yes you can do with less, but our bodies have gotten used to a higher caloric intake and lower intake of calories may bring on sickness, weakness or other aliments at time you cannot afford to be weak. Your body will adjust to a lower intake but adjustment takes time. Time you may not have during the first 2-3 weeks of an event.

You can do it the easy way or make it as hard as you want.

There are products like this one from Wise Foods 1 Year Shelf Stable Food that is prepackaged and measured.

These products can give a family of 4 a 25 year shelf stable source of food for 3 months. Six (6) months for two and one (1) year for one. If you can’t buy enough start with a 72 hour supply.

Key Point: Most homes have less than a 72 hour supply of food stored in the home on average.

You can do it yourself. You can plant a garden; can the food (not frozen) but most canned goods are good for only a few years, and most are very bulky if you have to leave the home.

Either way you are going to need food. Buy some MRE’s from an Army/Navy surplus store or grab a bucket or two at Bass Pro or Cabalas. Start now…don’t wait. The time to get food isn’t when everyone is hungry and everyone else is out raiding stores for it.


I outlined in my first article Are you Prepared a Survivalist Guide type and caliber of Weapons are more of a preference. For me there are no hard set rules. So my basic guidelines are as follows:

Many think that you have to go out and get the biggest auto cannon you can find like Dirty Harry because a .44 Magnum makes a man out of anyone. While this is true most cannot handle the recoil of a .44 Mag much less handle the 7.8 lbs the gun weighs.  This is where preference comes in. You need to visit a firing range if you don’t have a handgun or know what you want. Rent several guns and see what works for you. Now I am not a big proponent of buying something like a .22 just because the recoil is negligible. While many people have been killed with the lowly .22 caliber bullet a man-stopper it isn’t.

The most common calibers are .38 special, .357magnum, 9mm and the .45 acp. One of these calibers will be best for personal defense. Rather you choose a Revolver or an automatic each have its own requirements for maintenance, cleaning and servicing. Learn them… your life may depend on it.

Key Point: FMJ’s (Full Metal Jackets) ammo is great for target practice while JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) should be used for defense. You don’t need specialized PDA (Personal Defense Ammo) but if you choose a .38 or 9mm specialized PDA like  Gold Dot or frangible ammo will increase the amount of energy imparted at impact giving the bullet a little extra kinetic energy.

Hint: Don’t let the salesperson talk you into exotic calibers like the .357short or the .40 S&W.. While in their own right they are not bad calibers they are not a common caliber and if you should have to use ammo scrounged from other sources you might find those calibers hard to find. I suggest having at least two pistols in different calibers.

Here you need two. One in a sufficient caliber to bring down big game like a deer or bear and one in a small caliber for small game.

The AR Platform is the best all-around rifle either in 5.56 or .308 to own. It’s high capacity 20-30 rounds, makes it a very stable platform and easy to repair. These guns have been around forever. Parts are easy and very reasonable and customizing them to fit everything from home defense to hunting is as simple as snapping on various components.

The other rifle should be anything from a Marlin .22 to a Sig Sauer 522 .22 caliber Tactical Assault Rifle designed to bring down small animals or put 25 rounds into an assailant in just under 9 seconds from 25 yards out.

12 gauges or 20 gauges these are the two most common while the 10 gauge and 16 gauges are somewhat popular but harder to find ammo for. Both the 12 and the 20 ga work for bigger game like deer it also does well for birds. Also the shotgun makes an excellent home defense weapon. Specialized home defense rounds like powered lead pellet buckshot is best since it doesn’t over penetrate through walls. The shotgun round is versatile enough to have multiple various specialized uses. FireQuest Specialty Rounds


If you are forced to leave your home you are going to be exposed to the elements.

How you pre-planned and prepped for this event can literally mean life or death.

In winter it will be cold and wet. Sickness from weather induced stress is common and the onset can happen quickly even if healthy, add in variables like malnutrition, dehydration and stress and you will get sick quick.

You need a portable shelter, one that is intended for extreme environments not some weekender you bought at Walmart. You can find a good shelter at almost any outdoor store that specializes in outdoor sports or activities.

Key Point: Don’t go cheap here.. You will sincerely regret not spending a few extra dollars for a good All-Weather Shelter when the wind is howling along at 30mph+ and temps are dropping below freezing.


This one is fairly simple. You are going to need broad spectrum antibiotics, pain killers, clotting agents, trauma kits, surgical kits etc…

In this the more you have the better.  You can choose a kit pre made aka Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag etc.. or customize one. Emergency Kits

Just remember you may need to suture a cut or stop bleeding from a gunshot wound so don’t scrimp here, yours or your family’s life may actually depend on it.

Key Point: If you don’t know basic First Aid the Red Cross teaches courses as does many Hospitals and universities. Take a course get some training read a book anything. The life you save may be your own.

Remember this you may need to treat anything from a headache to a traumatic amputation. If you can imagine it, it can be worse, so be proactive.

Final Thoughts:

Doing nothing is not really an option. You can either be an asset to your family or you can be part of the herd waiting to be rounded up. Should society breakdown either from a Natural event or a man-made event you will need to be pre-prepared.  Waiting until that Super Storm, Solar Storm or Terrorist action takes place it will be far too late.

Read some books. There are literally hundreds on everything from off the grid living to Urban Survival techniques. Pick up a few classes on First Aid/Advanced First Aid and CPR. Lastly think about taking some Street Survival training courses for firearms. Everything you do to make the odds a little better in your favor is worth the investment in time.

After all the life you save may be your own.



Throw Down or Grow Up

To Antifa: By all means, play the part of the hypocrite. You can oppose the 2nd Amendment while still owning a gun. You can be all about social justice while destroying the societal framework that would be the vehicle for the change you strive to accomplish. Take out a few more of your oppressors and watch their colleagues declare martial law. Watch them round you up. Let’s see how much you can accomplish inside a prison.

On a side note: I am Anti-Fascist as well. I strongly oppose forced compliance to a government established standardized thought pattern, strict scrutiny of speech (to include the written word), adherence to a state sponsored political philosophy, imposed restrictions on activities deemed detrimental by official members of the state and general compliance to anyone who would tell me how I should think or feel about any topic. In my estimation, Antifa’s only real grudge is that they lack a government mandate to enforce their will.

To the Trumpercenters:
So you want a Civil War? You want to grab a gun and reintroduce carnage to America’s streets, to eliminate the portions of population that disagree with the man you have sworn fealty to? There is no oath to a man found anywhere in America’s founding documents.

The original 3% were those who committed themselves to defending, not a man, but a declaration of independence from a man, King George. Farmers fought alongside merchants. Lawyers fought alongside fishermen. Statesmen fought alongside poets. Atheists fought alongside clergy. Not one of them pledged loyalty to any man. They pledged loyalty to a united cause. They fought against the shackles of the English throne. They fought against oppression and for their right to exist apart from the burden of distant rule.

If, on threat of war, you stand by a man in a distant city you are merely reasserting the rule of a throne. You are reestablishing the monarchy on American soil. There can be no greater political abomination than to threaten bloodshed on any who express dissent against a president who, according to our Constitution is simply your equal.

If you grab that gun and point it at someone under terms of war, you better ask yourself a few questions:

1. Am I depriving Americans of their Bill of Rights?
2. Are they depriving me of my Bill of Rights?
3. What will our victory look like should we succeed?
4. Who are the enemies?
5. Who are the allies?
6. Am I depriving life, liberty or property to preserve others’ right to the same?
7. Am I fighting to protect a man or my country?
8. Am I willing to cause the bloodshed of fellow Americans?
9. Am I willing to see my fellow countrymen (including men, women and children) mutilated for my cause?
10. Do I have a clear conscience that my cause is patriotic and not political.

If you choose war based on the strife of disagreement rather than to retain the republic in its original form, you are no better than Nazis, Maoists, Leninists, Stalinists, Centurions or Inquisitors. All of those aided their chosen man in suppressing dissent in their contemporary eras. You are riding a pendulum between law and chaos. You better be firm in your conviction as to which side you prefer to fall on.

To Anti-Fa and Trumpercenters: Throw Down or Grow Up.

As for me: I will stand firm on the solid foundation of the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in that order. I will fight, with great veracity, to preserve those ideals. I promise you this, I will NEVER fight for a man.

What Difference Does It Make?

For those of you trying to defend your phony orange messiah, please, pray tell, just what has Trump done in his first hundred days? You pee your panties at the very thought of Hillary being POTUS yet you have no problem with a guy who does exactly what she would be doing! Clearly, whatever problem you had with Hillary, it wasn’t her liberal ideology. I offer my evidence…..

I didn’t support either liberal and here is why:

• Obamacare is still intact under Trump, and would be under Hillary.

• Obama’s amnesty (DACA) is still intact under Trump, & would be under Hillary.

• Trump hasn’t declared China a currency manipulator on day one as promised, & neither would Hillary.

• Trump’s administration is preoccupied with scandals, investigations, & controversies, & so would Hillary’s.

• Trump hasn’t and won’t build a border wall, & neither would Hillary.

• Trump proposes free child care and maternity leave, & so would Hillary.

• Planned Parenthood is still being funded under Trump, & would be under Hillary.

• Trump proposes hundreds of billions in infrastructure spending, & Hillary would also be a big spender.

• Trump hasn’t pulled out of NAFTA as promised, & neither would Hillary.

• Trump intervened in Syria, in violation of his promise, & so would Hillary.

• Trump hasn’t moved our embassy back to Jerusalem as promised, & neither would Hillary.

• Sanctuary Cities are still being funded under Trump, & would also be funded under Hillary.

• The Iran nuke deal is still intact under Trump, & would be under Hillary as well.

• The Republican Congress is impotent, ineffective, & unfocused under Trump, & would be under Hillary.

• The swamp hasn’t been drained under Trump, & it wouldn’t under Hillary.

• The military is being forced to put up with LGTB integration and indoctrination under Trump, just like it would be with Hillary.

A Nefarious Plot by Steve Deace

Who has co-opted the American Dream? The Right? The Left? It may not be who you think it is.

Republican vs. Democrat

The Haves vs. the Have Nots

Left vs. Right

Us vs. Them

We believe these are the divisions that are threatening to tear America apart. But what if the culprit isn’t a political ideology or a class of people but a puppet master? He’s been manipulating us for centuries–and now he’s brought us to the brink of implosion.

It would take a special kind of sinister to hatch such a nefarious plot against our civilization. Who, or what, would be capable of such a conspiracy? All there is to go on is the cryptic message:

You’ll never guess my name.


“This book will make you squirm, make you think, and also make you laugh until you realize the joke is on us and future generations.” Mark Levin

“Steve Deace’s humorous new book takes a wry, satirical look at the future that faces America if she continues down the path of unchecked leftism. Deace’s conservatism is unwavering, and his strong medicine is worth considering”. Ben Shapiro


Click here to purchase Steve’s book at Barnes & Noble.


Divided We Fall……….

The division in this country is staggering. The recent shooting of Representative Scalise, and others, as they were practicing for a baseball game, is proof of that. A Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer, James T. Hodgkinson, asked individuals standing around the ballpark if those practicing were Democrats or Republicans.

I visited the shooters Facebook page prior to it being taken down. The comments sprawled under many of his post were haunting. One “lady” stated that James was “an American Hero”, and others said they’d like to start killing Liberals. The hatred radiating from “right” and “left” leaves me speechless. Somewhere along the lines we’ve forgotten that we’re all Americans. We’re no longer referred to as simply Americans, but rather right, left, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservatives, Progressives, and of course many disparaging names filled with expletives.

Protest litter the streets across the “fruited plains” and counter protest to protest the protesters. Americans are showing up armed to defend themselves against other Americans; both sides protesting what they view as an injustice being perpetrated against themselves, and their country. There’s no longer a middle ground; only two sides that view the other as the enemy. I can say the same about Congress, except they’re not armed……yet.

The “Kumbaya” moment by politicians after the Republicans were shot lasted merely hours, but there was never one for citizens. The shooting fueled a fire that’s been raging across this country for almost a decade now. The “left” says Scalise deserved what he got, and the “right” says it’s further proof that Liberals are violent. What happened to simply coming together in what was an American tragedy, and figuring out what it’s going to take to fix it?

I fear that we’ve traveled so far down this road of division that that there’s no turning back. This is a road that can only lead to a dead end, yet Americans are traveling down it full speed ahead. We’re essentially all complacent in our own demise. What we fail to realize is that the more divided we become, the more the Government seizes control of our lives. The more we concentrate on fighting one another, the more rope we give the Government to hang us. With chaos comes more Government control……

I don’t foresee a solution in our future, at least one that’ll be satisfactory. In fact, I hear whispers of a civil war. Patriots are asking for an armed Revolution. Let that sink in. They’re convinced that by picking up arms, and fighting against other Americans, we can put an end to the progressive takeover of this country. I agree, progressivism is a cancer that has spread throughout America, and has left us a shadow of what we once were. But I disagree that a civil war is the answer. Civil war won’t bring us “together”, but rather leave us even more tattered than we are now.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that the path we’re on is going to lead to one thing; the demise of America. The “land of the free” is no longer going to exist unless we find a way to come together. “Divided we fall” echoes in the background every time we assault another American with our words, with our weapons, and with our impunity to their beliefs. When the National Anthem has become controversial, you know we’re nearing the end………….

The Shakespeare in the Park “Assassination” Not as Far from Reality as People Think

Not only did a majority of Republican leaders not expect to win the Presidency, a significant number of them didn’t want to win.

Although most of their constituents don’t realize it, much of the Republican “Establishment” quietly agrees with the Democrat agenda. Thus, many in the Republican leadership are quite comfortable being seen as the “Loyal Opposition,” all the while claiming to be unable to stop the inexorable expansion of the government’s — and, of course, their own — power over the daily lives of citizens. For them, life would have been perfectly rosy with Hillary Clinton in office.

On the other hand if, say, Lindsey Graham had won the election, life still wouldn’t have been too bad since both Congress and the President could say they were being forced to “compromise” with Democrats and, of course, they would have had to allow the Progressive agenda to continue its advance at a steady pace. Unfortunately for them, the apple cart was upset when “outsider” Donald Trump won the election and they suddenly found themselves having to face the unthinkable prospects of having to do the jobs their constituents elected them to do; that is, to actually work for the good of the country instead of just for themselves and ***(gasp)*** possibly relinquish some of their power and control over the “common” people.

The Establishment saw much the same horror in the possibility of Ted Cruz becoming President and that’s why he was, and still is to some degree, a pariah in the Senate – but I digress.

Establishment Republicans can’t afford to be seen in outright opposition to their party’s President (John McCain and Lindsey Graham being two notable exceptions), but they can feign ineptitude and impotence as they quietly allow Democrats to waylay the Attorney General and appoint a hostile “Special Council” to squander taxpayer money in an effort to find (or invent) a Trump administration crime to then “investigate.” The ultimate goal of many Republican leaders is to get back to the “good ol’ days” of collecting their salaries, bribes, and kickbacks – oops, salaries and “campaign donations” – without the strain of having to explain why they’re not doing their real jobs.

The following is the Islamic message to the United States Of America

I was born and raised a Muslim. My whole family is still Muslim. I know every genetic code of Islam because I have been fully indoctrinated, and I know and understand the Islamic brain.

I live and breathe with them, but I am now an insider. I left Islam once I understood that Islam is a sick and evil power that thrives on death, even the death of their own family members.

The following is the Islamic message to the United States Of America.

To the infidels of the West,

The Constitution for the new Islamic Republics of Euro-Arabia and Amer-Islamia is under construction.

We will fight you infidels to death while your own laws protect us.

Your Democrats and your news media will support us.

N.G.O. ( Non Governmental Organisations) will legitimize us.

(C.A.I.R.) The ( Council on American–Islamic Relations) will incubate us.

The A.C.L.U. (American Civil Liberties Union) will empower us.

Western Universities will educate us…for free.

U.S. Mosques will shelter us.

O.P.E.C. The (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) will finance us.

Hollywood and their foolish celebrities will love us.

Kofi Annan and most of the United Nations will cover us.



Our children will immigrate from Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia and even from India to the US and to the other Western countries. They will go to the West for education and be given full scholarships. America is paying and will continue to pay for our children’s education and their upbringing in state funded Islamic schools.

We will abuse your welfare system because you will allow us to. Our children will also send money home while they are preparing for Jihad. We will take full advantage of American kindness, gullibility, and compassion, and when the time comes, we will stab you in the back.

We will say one thing on the camera and teach another thing to our children at home. We will give subliminal messages to our children to uphold Islam at any cost. Our children in America will always care more about Islamic Country’s interest than US interest.

We will teach our children Islamic supremacy from their very childhood. We will teach them not to compromise with the Infidel. We do this from a very early age so our children won’t hesitate to be a martyr.

We will take over the Europe first and then the US will be next. We already have a solid ground in the UK, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, and we are now in the United States working diligently for the day when we overtake your country.

Your news media at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and others will paint a deceptive picture portraying Islam as a victim of US and Israeli oppression. The lying news reports will spread like wildfire saying “ American military killed 10 Muslim babies, the Jews killed two Muslim women”, We will use these lies to turn your own people against you, and many of them will march in the streets, burning US flags and destroying cities.



You will be impressed when you meet a moderate Muslim personally. As your next door neighbor, coworker, student, teacher, engineer, professionals you may even like us. You will find us well mannered, polite and humble that will make you say, wow, Muslims are good and peaceful people, but they will become vicious and violent when the call for Jihad sounds.

We will use your own values of kindness against you. You are destined to lose.

United For Freedom – A Different Kind Of Facebook Group

United for Freedom is a unique Facebook group that was founded in March 2017. What makes it unique is that it is a political action group where members contact our elected officials everyday through the representative’s Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

United For Freedom (UFF) is a National group of activists fighting for conservative principles at the federal level while each of the 50 continental US states are led by UFF activists who fight for conservative principles at the state and local levels. In the age of social media activism, UFF’S National Directors recognized the need to organize conservatives who were were eager to have their voices heard and provided them the unified platform to do it. Many conservatives feel they are being misrepresented by the politicians they elected. And many refuse to accept the party line status quo and the changing landscape of the Republican platform. UFF is a ‘landing zone’ for many of these angry conservatives.

UFF was founded by Lita Whitener in March of 2017 as a way to effect change and influence our elected officials when they vote. Lita is a fierce defender of conservatism and our constitutional rights in America. She is a rock ribbed conservative from rural Georgia, the National Director of United For Freedom, a freelance writer, founder of The Conservative Bullhorn and Conservatives Patriots United Against Progressivism. She is also a lifelong pro-life, constitutional rights activist. She is the mother of 3, a Christian, gun enthusiast and enjoys playing guitar. She has organized efforts in Georgia to fight back against special interest groups and government officials who have sought to limit our individual freedoms. She fought on behalf of Georgia Charter Schools and organized a get out the vote effort on a referendum that defeated special interest lobbying overwhelmingly. She distributed petitions and organized support to fight the Georgia Governor’s veto of RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) and his veto of the Open Carry Campus Bill. She continues to push back against the liberal special interest groups and the state and national elected officials who threaten Georgia’s individual freedoms.


Lita was quickly joined by Chris Zeller and Bill Blood, both political activists and having a substantial conservative following on Facebook, aligned with Lita on conservative principles and values, as administrators and the group grew to 3000 members in 3 short weeks.

The group has several teams that make it the success it has become. A Greeting Team vets new member requests to keep the group secure as well as welcoming approved new members. A “Graphics Team” generates the memes, banners and logos used by UFF. A “Twitter Team” promotes the group on Twitter. A Mission Team researches the political positions of Senators and Congressmen and selects various individuals to be included in the “Daily Missions”. UFF does not support nor bash any one politician and group discussion is usually limited to the mission focus going on at the time.

The daily missions are posted each day on a “Mission Board”. Each mission has a focus such as healthcare or the budget. The missions are usually set to contact at least seven representatives in the House or the Senate. The Mission Team researches the representatives Facebook wall for a relevant thread for UFF members to comment on and then another link to their Twitter accounts. Members can usually work a set of missions in about 5 minutes using copy and paste to get their message out. Members enjoy having a ready set of contacts available to contact the representatives and make their voices heard while at the same time focusing on a specific topic as a group.

The group regularly receives comments from it’s members like this one from Barbara Faulkner “I truly enjoy writing to them and I will rejoice if I knew just one person read what I wrote and they thought about it for one minute. I’ll keep writing because some day one person will get it…. maybe!”

United For Freedom enjoys the support of two conservative syndicated radio show hosts, Shannon Joy and Phil Williams as well as having one of the candidates for President in the last election Thomas Hoefling, representing America’s Party, as a member. Thomas is a staunch supporter of right to life and is the publisher of Equal Protection for Posterity and heads up, a site dedicated to building up and edifying individual Americans, their families, the local church, and to find every possible way to serve our local communities.

If you want to do something more than just talk about your freedoms then visit United For Freedom and request to join.


In trying to tap into the angst, frustration and indignation so prevalent among America’s informed patriots, I was forced to recruit some assistance in delivering the message in a way we could all relate to. The individual who provided me with the material may sound a bit more militant than I or even many of you, yet he captures the mood of our time quite well.

When, going about our daily lives, we come to realize that the political class has so disconnected itself from the affairs of the people, it is within the power of the people as co-equals among governing and governed in the sight of God (who looks on all with the same esteem) to remedy injustice at the hands of so few.

It is only right that those being governed should declare the formal complaints of enduring burdens publicly for which they call for nullification. We believe the fundamental truth that all are equal and as equals there are universal rights granted only by our Creator that cannot be taken by those equal to us among men. Chief among them are the ability to live, liberty to act according to one’s conscience, and the ability to pursue one’s passions without hindrance.

The primary responsibility of government is to protect each of those rights for every person among the governed. Furthermore, that power is given to the government according to the will and permission of the people. When government oversteps these boundaries and takes authority from the people the result is detrimental to the governed (they become ruled). It is within the right and authority of the people to dissolve that government and establish its replacement by building the new form of government in whatever likeness the people choose so long as it preserves the safety and liberty of the people.

It should be apparent that with such systemic corruption this challenge to the government is not over frivolous and menial complaints but due to excesses of edict and enforcement that is intolerable to a free people. Men are content to tolerate abuses of power and will maintain with great endurance, the status quo, overlooking much to preserve It.

With such longstanding practice of corruption, overbearing regulations by unelected officials, with every pursuit of government having the similar aim of subduing the people it is the right, in fact the DUTY, of the people to rid itself of such a government and to set up a new governing body to oversee the preservation of secured liberty.

We have been tolerant for far too long and endured much at the hand of our government with little reprisal. That being said, the people no longer recognize the authority or capability of the Federal government to handle the affairs of the people or to operate with the people’s best interests as its primary motivation.

This current administration and many of its predecessors have eroded the purpose and foundation of this great nation, and through fiat rather than balance of powers the authority has been transferred from its rightful place (with the people) and been taken to the halls of power in the nation’s capital where consequence cannot reach. The result has been a concentration of power that is no longer answerable for its actions. We the People suffer under a burden of rule and the indifference of our elected representatives.

I would like to thank Thomas Jefferson for providing much of the material and inspiration for this piece. This is, after all, simply a paraphrase of his own work: The Declaration of Independence.

It is our heritage to resist tyranny in whatever form it takes from the local code enforcer to both houses of Congress. It is up to us, as America’s patriots, to inform those who have never grasped the concept of Liberty and to remind those who intend to take it We the Rightful Masters of government have, indeed, had Enough!

Freedom From Liberty?

Has our society gone so far off the rails? This nation was founded on the principles that everyone is entitled to Life (at all stages), Liberty (the freedom to act according to one’s conscience), and the pursuit of happiness (no matter how one defines it – providing that happiness does not deprive others of the aforementioned).

Yet every major news cycle, regardless of topic, leads to some group attempting to restrict the essentials of liberty from some other group (God help the individual who incurs the wrath of these groups). One thing has been made patently clear. The majority of this country no longer desires the burden or responsibility of liberty. The next logical step is to use the authority/state to implement reduction of liberty by fiat, executive order, or regulations. This runs contrary to our nation’s founding and to the constitutional bedrock on which it is built. When society has ceased to find commonality on that simple cornerstone the result will be the toppling of the republic. Many in society do not seem to mind.

Our constitution, unique in its willingness to limit government, has been rendered outdated. It has been marginalized by a society that increasingly looks to the limitations of government as a problem and not a solution. In essence, people want protection from the rights afforded them and they look to government to save them from those rights. As that shift in power occurs, individual liberty gives way to popularity. One may benefit for a time, but as the power shift continues, one may eventually find themselves on the outs of popularity. What then? The authority that once ruled on their behalf has turned against them. The oppressor becomes the oppressed.

When The Power Is Gone - Very Clever

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