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Silence Is No Longer An Option

May, 2017

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Are you a fake Conservative, or am I?

Fake Conservative

What is a “fake Conservative”? Apparently I am. After spending years fighting for the Conservative cause and acquiring a large following on social media due to my Conservative values and ideas, I am now being called a “fake Conservative” by those very same people. So, what has changed?

I still stand by Conservative values of limited Government, fiscal Conservatism, holding all politicians to task, honesty and integrity. I still spend most my day pushing for those values, and trying to bring together a strong coalition of people that are willing to fight for those same values.

The election of Donald J. Trump has changed the minds of his strong supporters as to what Conservatism means. The new definition of Conservatism is to defend all polices put forth by this administration regardless if they go against the “original” definition of Conservatism. The new definition means we are to defend actions and policies even if they are the same actions/policies the previous administration committed and put forth.  Example; The Saudi Arabia arms deal was originally orchestrated by the Obama administration. Conservatives were outraged! “We’re arming the terrorist!” and “Obama is arming our Muslim enemies because he is a Muslim too”. Now the trending conversation consist of “This means jobs, jobs, jobs for this country!” And if you dare bring up the obvious fact that these same people were against Obama doing this, but are now for Trump doing it, you are a “fake Conservative.” If your “support” for anything and everything Trump does wavers you are a “fake Conservative”. If you point out that this administration is creating yet another entitlement program, Government paid maternity leave, and it goes against what we’re supposed to stand for, you are a “fake Conservative.”

The new definition of Conservatism is this; excuse, accept, fight for, and attack anyone that doesn’t standby Trump, whatever he, and those around, says and does, regardless what it is! There is no more holding our leaders to task. The outrageous statements made to defend General Michael Flynn for his actions all because he was associated with the Trump administration would be laughable ‘if’ it wasn’t “my party” making them, and it is another example as to why my analysis is true. General Flynn is a Democrat, and if Obama was still President and news broke that Flynn was being paid by foreign Governments, didn’t disclose it, and even lied about, Conservatives would be on a literal “witch hunt.” Yet, because he was associated with the Trump administration these are the excuses being made; “Someone must have forced Trump to bring him on,” and “This is nothing more than a witch hunt against Flynn to bring the Trump administration down.” They are completely ignoring the simply, well known fact, that Flynn registered retroactively as a foreign agent which means he indeed took money from foreign Governments and did not disclose it at the time nor ask permission to do so (retired officers must ask permission prior to accepting money from foreign Governments.) There are endless examples of ridiculous excuses being made for not only the Flynn “situation” but just about every situation that does not paint this administration in a good light.

Because I STILL stand by what I ‘thought’ the definition of Conservatism is I have now become a Liberal, fake Conservative, traitor, and names that consist of expletives. I believe we must support our President when, and only when, that support is deserved. We must also call him out when he is not pushing the values we stand for (or I thought we stood for.) Otherwise we’re asking for the same corruption we’ve proclaimed to be fighting against.

The hypocritical haze that seems to engulf Patriots all around me, has left me feeling betrayed, and confused. How do I continue this fight for everything I believe in when I’m being told that what I believe in is now betraying my country, and this President that demands absolute 100% devotion? How do I continue to carry the torch of Conservatism when “Conservative Patriots” all around me have blown out the flame? And finally, how do I pull these Conservatives back into real, true patriotism and out of this zombie like coma they’ve seem to have fallen in?

These are the questions that keep me up at night, and I’ve finally concluded that the real question should be; am I a fake conservative, or are you?

Toni Taylor

Erroneous Drones

Erroneous Drones by David Foran focuses on America’s biggest economic misconceptions and how these erroneous beliefs manifest themselves into destructive public policies that limit our nation’s potential for economic security and prosperity. It points out common sources of these beliefs and offers advice for ridding America of this baggage. Erroneous Drones is a self-help book for the nation. Foran uses anecdotes from his corporate finance career and his life growing up in Detroit, as well as

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references from movies, rock and roll, pop culture, and current events to explain fundamental concepts that every civic-minded American should know. Erroneous Drones also maps out a wicked web of radical groups at work in our country, and the ultimate radical controlling them. It discusses their shared socialist ideology and explains in economic terms the threat they represent. Finally, Foran explains his Star Wars-inspired plan to target the “Battle Droid Control Ship” and restore the American economy to its rightful glory. Click the picture to order.

Dr. Cliff Kelly – The Sixth Seal


This book on the end times is sure to intrigue all. Just read what Kelly’s endorsers had to say about his book and purchase your copy!

“Entire forests have been cut down to provide paper for books on the end times, especially since the publication of The Late Great Planet Earth, by Hal Lindsey in the 1970s. Very few of them have combined piercing biblical exegesis with a broad understanding of the cultural and political situation in the world as a whole. In The Sixth Seal, Cliff Kelly provides a brilliant biblical understanding of the entire basis of the concept of ‘end times, ‘ as well as of the political and cultural challenges facing the body of Christ and the entire human race all over the world. No matter what kind of Millennialist you are, Kelly’s book makes more sense of the Scriptures and current global actuality than anything you are likely to read in the near future.” – Dr. David Aikman, author and journalist

“Cliff Kelly’s Sixth Seal is the easiest to understand and most plausible explanation of Biblical eschatology that I have ever read or heard. Those who are just beginning to study this most difficult finale of Scripture will appreciate a clear foundation with which to compare other interpretations. And those who are familiar with eschatology should find plenty to consider. Cliff’s vivid writing style, references and quotes from extensive reading supplement this fascinating subject. Perhaps God made such a terrifying series of events intriguing so that we would study it, and be more prepared for what God warns us is going to happen.” Dr. Pamela Jason, professor of political science


Thoughts on the Constitution and Islam

This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. If you stand for the Constitution on principle, recognizing the genius of its genesis, then you MUST stand for it in its entirety. I’m seeing a lot of emotional backlash over the attack in Manchester. It’s understandable. It is unconscionable that the victims, primarily Tween & teen girls, would have been systematically targeted for murder by a ruthless cancerous, portion of uncivilization, barely human by DNA evidence alone.
While Islam’s existence is not a threat to our liberty, their actions are. When they seek to change our laws to be more conducive to Shari’a it is up to our legislatures to uphold their oath to the Constitution. In absence of will in the Legislature, to prevent such laws from introduction, it falls upon the individual to protect his sovereign right to exist in a state free of that bondage.
Shari’a cannot coexist with our Constitution and we will not let it.The individual Muslim is allowed to exist with the same liberty afforded the Baptist or the Presbyterian or the Pentacostal or the Lutheran or the Catholic or the Buddhist or the Hindu or the Atheist.
That is the cold hard fact of our republic. We are born into a truce with every other person. If one attempts to usurp authority over another, that is an intention to infringe on another’s liberty and/or life. It is incumbent on the elected public servants to defend the individual’s rights.
Now, speaking to the Christians only here. We are not the most tolerated class in America. We are the butt of comedian’s jokes, a mockery in Hollywood and a demographic that is tolerated but not appealed to. As such, we know societal persecution. There are many who would eliminate us and be praised for doing so, if not for our protections under the law. How can we, as beneficiaries of the law seek to use the same laws to oppose another class.
I may oppose what one says but, believing in the protection of the Constitution over all men, I will fight for their right to speak. I may oppose what another believes but I will fight for their right to believe it.
Marginalizing a minority class or worse, targeting them for persecution or eviction, defined what our ancestors fled.
Principle is not limited to a political position.

Is there a “Deep State” or shadow government in America?

This is the narrative being crafted by trump’s Alt-Right Senior Political Strategist Steve Bannon and is being popularized by Bannon’s former media company Breitbart News. Brietbart used to be a “Conservative” internet media outlet but in the age of trump has shifted to targeting a more trumpian “Alt-Right” audience more in the mold of paranoid conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones’ “Infowars” which promoted the conspiracy that 911 was an inside job orchestrated by George W Bush.

Yet, recently as the trump presidency has descended into chaos, more mainstream trump loyalists like Sean Hannity who has millions of viewers and radio show listeners is now also promoting this paranoid conspiracy excuse for trump’s epic failures. It was trump himself who first pushed the narrative with the bizarre and still unproven Twitter Tweet that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower.

I would like to take this opportunity to bring a sense of reality to the question. Because while the narrative is largely untrue, I would be the first to admit that there are certainly some elements of truth to it.

Under Barrack Obama the number of employees drawing a federal government paycheck has swelled to a record 1.4 million people. By and large, most people working in government tend to be pro-government and less concerned with the share of limited resources flowing to the productive sector upon whose income the parasitic government derives its tax revenue for funding. In the District of Columbia, for example, the voter roles are 78% Democrat and 10% Republican giving Democrats an insane 68 point advantage over Republicans. It is very natural for government workers to be sympathetic and biased toward the growth of government.

As I clearly documented in the book “Erroneous Drones” chapter titled “Attacked from Within”, the Presidency of Barrack Obama, an ideological Marxist, has made it possible for literally thousands of like-minded individuals to infiltrate the U.S. Federal government at the highest levels over the past eight years. As I further instructed in the chapter “Congress Needs a Tail-Gunner” which is a nod to the Honorable Senator Joe “Tail-Gunner” McCarthy, an important task for the first post-Obama president is to clean house or as I called it the “De-Obamafication” of the executive branch.

However, even though I was one of the first people calling to drain the swamp of Marxist scum that had infiltrated the U.S. government under Barrack Obama as far back as 2012, that does not mean trump is not responsible for his own self-inflicted wounds. Incompetence is not a strategy and lack of discipline is not a management style. Yet these are the hallmarks of the trump White House.

Believe it or not, I have argued with trump loyalists who have argued that the circus act we are witnessing in Donald trump is completely intentional. The trump loyalist argued that trump was executing a brilliant strategic diversion to distract the media and public from all the wonderful accomplishments trump is secretly implementing behind the scenes.

These “accomplishments” must be super highly secret (LOL). Trump’s “Contract with America listed 10 specific goals to be accomplished his first 100 days and zero were accomplished then or since. The spending bill recently passed looks no different from anything Obama or Hillary would sign. Full funding for Planned Parenthood and no funding for a border wall. I could go on and on about the lack of any lasting accomplishment other than the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS.

What about all the scandal and controversy surrounding the trump White House? Is this not the work of a “Deep State”? What about the “Fake News” aimed at President trump?

Barrack Obama had his own share of “Fake News” during his first 100 days but still managed to move the ball (albeit in the wrong direction) with Trillion dollar stimulus bills, Bank Bailouts etc. All of these horrible deals received great praise at the time by the big government liberal progressive named Donald trump.

It was celebrity Trump more than any other person in America in 2009 pushing the Obama “Birther” conspiracy. An interesting but never discussed side note to that story was that Wikileaks/Hillary Clinton archive email #10108 outed Hillary Clinton herself as Donald trump’s “highly credible source”, and partner in slime, that lit the match of the Birther movement to smear Hillary’s political rival at the time with “Fake News”.

What about Donald trump’s friend David Pecker that runs National Enquirer that published Fake News about Ted Cruz’ father being involved in the JFK assassination? What about all the “Fake News” coming from Russian servers that meddled in the election to help trump. Those weren’t from Obama’s “Deep State”.

What about the leaks, especially the leaks about trump himself leaking confidential top secret intel to Russia? Was this leak of the leak the work of a “Deep State” trying to embarrass trump? This question ignores the much larger issue of trump actually leaking top-secret intel and is mostly used to distract from that bigger issue. Fine. There weren’t any Obama hold overs in that meeting. That was a meeting that included Donald trump, trump’s own inner circle and of’course the Russians. Any leak could not have come from some “Deep State”.

Although to show the level of bias in the media, when the Washington Post scooped that story, the moment it was published the news floor erupted in cheers! The journalists at the Washington Post were so excited about scooping a major news story that destroys any trust or credibility in Donald trump’s loose lips that they could care less what top secret intel Russia gained or ability to ascertain it’s source.

The issue of the trump presidency spiraling out of control has less to do with an unfriendly media or even a “Deep State” of government workers and almost everything to do with an undisciplined incompetent fool at the head of government.

Take the handling of the decision and PR handling related to firing FBI Director Comey for example. Despite short or almost no notice of the decision, trump’s surrogates did a great job all singing in unison from the same page of the hymnal that the firing came at the urging of the Justice Department which provided as cover Comey’s handling of communications during the election about re-opening the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Trump was too undisciplined to stay on message himself. His arrogance and need to be seen as the boss calling all the shots led him to step in serious doo-doo raising the questions about possible obstruction of justice since Comey was not backing off the trump collusion/Russia election meddling investigation. Then to make matters worse, Trump then threw his own people under the bus, blaming them for himself shitting the bed. His own people don’t trust their boss because of his own narcissism and trump wants to blame the “Deep State”. What a joke!

My conclusion is that yes there are thousands of Marxists that the Obama presidency enabled to infiltrate the US government. Yes, a concerted even McCarthy-like effort must be implemented to root out these Marxists from government.

No, these Marxists are not responsible for donald trump’s humiliatingly incompetent tenor as president. No, we have not seen anything to date that compares to the level of sophistication and coordination that we see from governments of the world with a real “Deep State” apparatus.

The biggest concern of mine, is that an ego-maniacal authoritarian narcissist like trump will use the excuse of a “Deep State” and real need to drain the swamp of corruption in Washington and instead use it to solidify power based on loyalty to him rather than fidelity to the constitution.

Is Affordable Healthcare A Right?

A “God-given” right, or “human right,” is something an individual has by reason of his existence such as life or liberty.  The government has no power to give life or liberty because those things come from God, not government.  Likewise, the government has no authority to take away a God-given right (except for good cause under special circumstances and even then only through due process).  People on the left would have you believe you have no rights unless they are bestowed upon you by the government and, similarly, the government “owes” you certain “rights” in addition to life and liberty; i.e., they would have you believe you also have a right not only to seek, but to be provided with the means to sustain your life and liberty – that, in effect, you are owed these things by others (through government, of course).

People on the left, as evidenced by those who recently attacked Kara McCullough for implying access to healthcare is a privilege rather than a God-given right, believe free (or almost free) healthcare is a “government-owes-me” right; but then these same people agree with Karl Marx when he said “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” in his 1875 “Critique of the Gotha Program.”  In putting forth such arguments, these people are attempting to redefine (and reduce) human rights from “God-given and government-hands-off” to “government-given and government-owes-me.”

In arguing affordable healthcare is a “human right,” the left is also overlooking an inherent characteristic of socialism that stems from basic human nature.  In a socialist society, individuals will always make the calculation that their perceived “needs” exceed their “ability” (or willingness) to give (see also The Tragedy of the Commons).

Forget for a moment about “affordable healthcare” and look at the unarguably essential human needs of food and shelter.  Most people would consider it a right to seek food and shelter; but when a socialist society decides everyone has a “government-owed right” to food and shelter, there is no longer incentive to seek food and shelter for oneself (either by obtaining them directly or by acquiring the means to pay for them) because those needs are suddenly supposed to be provided.

The Pilgrims tried just such an experiment when they established their “Utopian Society” in America – AND THEN MOST OF THEM STARVED TO DEATH.  There was little incentive for those who grew food or built shelters to perform their services because they believed they, too, had a “right” to be provided for by others.

Now, once again, socialists are pushing the philosophy that individuals have a right to the services of others – that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers owe their services to others without those others being required to provide compensation for those services.  They argue those receiving the services won’t have to pay (and it won’t cost you a cent either) because the government will compensate the healthcare providers.  Guess where the government gets the money it spends.

We could also talk about “rights” to food stamps and Section 8 Housing, but that’s probably better left for another day.


Dale Durrett

A survivalist guide to the end of the World. Part 1

A survivalist guide to the end of the world. Part 1 In A Series

What would you do if the power went out? I don’t mean at your house or even your town? I mean every where, or a biological attack occurred or even a “Super” storm!

In today’s world and in today’s environment it makes sense to try to be prepared for events that, while it almost impossible to be completely prepared, you may mitigate the worse that can happen in most scenarios.

First this is not about ideology. It is not about an Economic collapse (which I think is coming) nor is it about Global conflict (which I think is coming) or some other man made event like a Terrorist strike (which I also think is coming). It could be a Natural event say a “Super-Storm” or X-Class solar flare.

It is about being an asset instead of a drain on resources and about having…, let’s say, options.

The following list and discussion is far from complete and there are many factors which can and will make your preparations inadequate. You cannot prepare for every eventuality. You can only prepare as best you can for the most likely scenarios and hope that what you do can keep you alive. The information here is not about survival of the Walker Apocalypse you would need a lot more information and preparation then I have the energy or time to go into, however should you find yourself in a life threatening situation maybe the information here will give you a fighting chance.

First let me say, I don’t like the show “Doomsday Preppers”. I personally think they are idiots. You don’t tell people what stored dry goods and durables you have, location of them and your plans for “events”.It would be easy, let’s say, to surround the house, lob in some WP (that’s White phosphorus) and wait for you to exit to take you out then grab your supplies that you told everyone was in the basement behind fireproof doors.


So Rule #1… Keep quiet. Keep your preparations off the grid. Unless you are ready to feed the neighbors share your ammo and supply them with medicine I would suggest you rethink telling people just how much of a prepper you really are.

Pre Determine Bunker Status.

1. Simply put…are you staying or are you going.
i. You have to first determine rather or not your home is defensible and rather or not resources will remain plentiful and easily obtainable.

Scenario #1 – In the event of a Biological Release or a Radiological event are you in an evacuation path?
Let’s look at Atlanta as a target for a Terrorist strike. In the event of a Bio/Radiological release the prevailing winds with Atlanta as ground zero are west to east and southeast to northwest. The flight path for people leaving Atlanta will be to the west and Southwest. These people will be scared, hungry and looking for resources. They may have left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

With 1-3 Million people all fleeing, the surrounding areas resources will be quickly consumed. Think locust on wheat fields.


These average citizens will become desperate and willing to take what they need to survive and soon Society will break down into complete anarchy.

So you are Staying
i. If you are in the downwind path of the agent you will have no choice but to leave. If, however, you are not, then your options may be just as limited. You have to decide can you survive and protect your resources against the horde. If you are staying, prepare the defenses of your home. You will need pre-cut plywood for your windows and be able to barricade your doors. Make sure you have a safe room should your defenses (and they will) be breached. Once breached you will have to defend yourself and your family.. So consider is this a fight you can win?

So you decided to Go
This will be your best option if you are in the evacuation path. You will need to have a place to go to. A pre-planned pre-reconnoitered location that you may be safe with sufficient resources cannot be done at the time of the event. Once the “event” has occurred you will not be able to gather the resources you will need to survive. Bug-Out bags will help but these can only last so long. Don’t wait. Delaying will put you in the path of the “evacuees” and make you vulnerable to having your resources taken. Again you have to ask yourself, is this a fight you can win?


Rule #2– Make a decision, make a plan and work the plan.
If you don’t know what a Bug-Out bag is look it up. The Internet has valuable information on the minimum of resources you will need. Each vehicle should have one to accompany the Household Bug-Out bag. You will need a minimum of 72 hours of emergency supplies. This is the one area you don’t need to go cheap on.

The Basics
1. You will need food, water, shelter. Fuel for your car, weapons and ammo. There are no hard set rules here. My personal suggestions are:

1. Shotgun in any gauge-except .410.. This is an excellent self-defense weapon, as well as, a tool for hunting.
2. Rifle- caliber sufficient to bring down a deer. This may be necessary for self-defense, as well.
3. Rifle-Small caliber-This is needed for small game and can be used as self-defense. Additionally you can carry larger amounts of ammunition for this caliber.
4. Pistol-Auto or revolver in a common caliber. Ammunition may become hard to come by if you didn’t stockpile a sufficient quantity, so be prepared to trade or scrounge for ammo. The most common pistol calibers are: .38, 9mm and .45
5. Serviceable knife-not a pocket knife. Survival knives are generally not something you keep in your pocket or buy at Wal-Mart.


Rule #3– Ammunition in sufficient quantities.
Now here many people differ from my perspective. I think the more you have the better. Other “survivalist” considers too much ammo to be just as bad as not enough food, weight distribution and all that. My thoughts on this are the additional ammo may be used for bartering. Ammunition makes an excellent barter good. If you have an excess of .22 or 5.56 you may need the extra boxes to trade for medicine or other needed items. In this there is never too much of a good thing.

1. The Plan
i. The day the event occurs is too late to make a plan. If you are at that point you will be just another drain on ever dwindling resources. You will find yourself out hitting Stores fighting with the evacuees for goods risking yours and your family’s lives.
ii. Discuss this with your family. They need to know. You will most likely be met with skepticism and denial. Work through it. Your survival and theirs may depend on it.

Rule #4– You may have to walk this path alone.
In other words if your spouse thinks you are just being paranoid, well OK you might be… BUT… it doesn’t mean to do nothing. Being an Ostrich is never good for the Ostrich if he cannot see the Lion stalking him. Besides if nothing happens then having extra food in the house can’t hurt. Have a camp out night, donate it, whatever but someone once told me it is better to have something and not need it then to need it and not have it. So get some shelf stable food enough for a family of four for a minimum of a week. If you can do it for 90 days great but remember if you have to bug out, you have to carry your provisions with you. So plan for that, as well.

Be Aware

Situational awareness is the key to survival. Just like you or your wife when walking through a parking lot at night, you must be aware of who is around you and what is going on around you. World events, National events, the Stock Market all are key indicators of potential threats to your safety. However there were few indicators that individually you would have been aware of leading up to the event on September 11th 2001. So you must be prepared and be aware. This might be nothing more than being aware of the weather reports.

i. We have seen, so called “emergencies” in recent years.
In Atlanta, one such “event” was when an internet rumor created a panic of a gas shortage. People started gassing up and topping off their cars. This caused an actual temporary shortage which fueled the rumor convincing the people that it was in fact true. Stations ran out of gas and those that had it raised their prices dramatically. Fights and Assaults where the results.
ii. The second event was the Ice Storm of 2011. Trucks were unable to deliver to stores causing a shortage of most food items. People were seen fighting over “Twinkies” in Atlanta. It was over a week before supplies returned to normal.

(Can you feed your family if you couldn’t leave the house for a week? What if, the power was out?)

Rule #5- What ifs.
What if it was real? In a sense it was. But what if a real emergency shut down the ability to re-supply your town and surrounding areas with fuel and food?

First don’t share.

Now this rule is the hardest of all.
I mean, it is the Christian thing to do, right? You want to be a good neighbor and all that don’t you?

Most households only have about 24-48 hours of usable supplies, this includes everything in the refrigerator and freezer. A family of four will get hungry really fast. When your neighbors run out of food and they cannot leave the area for whatever reason, be it lack of fuel or a pandemic or a Terrorist action, they are going to be knocking on your door. If you share, once that is depleted they will be back and they may not be alone. So it’s another decision time for you.

They will always be those that deplete resources without adding anything back. You can’t help everyone. Your first and foremost responsibility is your own family. Just another good reason for bugging out early in the event.

Think about “Hooking up” in the event of a “Long-term” National event…

OK, probably not the way someone under 30 would think about it. Like minded people sharing resources kind of “Hooking Up”. Your family would be safer in a “group”. A well supplied, well-armed “group” can share responsibilities, help gather supplies, grow food and hunt for the “collective”, as well as, protect it.
i. If you go this route and you don’t already have one set up you will have to find one. You will need to bring something of value to the group. In the brave “New” World the old 70’s saying will be true once again… A**, Grass or Gas no one rides for free. You will need to bring resources or be able to offer skills. So again plan ahead. If you don’t know how to hunt or fish…LEARN. Take a course in Gunsmithing. Learn to re-load anything that will bring value.

Drainers will be dismissed from the collective…….one way or the other.


Rule #6– Going it alone may be the best option for you.
If you have plenty of resources and have a site pre-prepared and you are away from anyone else then you don’t need a group but it should always be an option. Get to know any that might be in your AO (Area of Operation), setup trade and barter agreements and mutual defense agreements.

If one gun is good a whole bunch is a whole lot better.

Remember it could be nothing more than a Natural event.
Take the “so-called” Superstorm Sandy. We all saw the lines of cars and or people trying to get fuel or food on TV. The people were without power and resources for over a week. Most were unprepared even though they had several days of warning. They stayed. They failed to grasp just how fragile Society is. Without power refrigerated food spoils quickly. Without power fuel is unavailable, without fuel Emergency services become limited.

How you prepared for events may mean the difference between surviving the event or succumbing to it.


You cannot depend on Government to be there to give you food and shelter. If they do show-up take what’s offered no matter how well stocked you are. You paid for it anyway and it can always be bartered later.
Sandy was not even a National event. It wasn’t even Statewide, yet it was weeks before power was restored and weeks before emergency services came back online. People went hungry, had to leave their homes in search of food and supplies. If civil unrest had of taken hold these people would have been vulnerable at best….Victims at worst.

Your preparations can prevent that.

Get some books; read some articles buy some food. Do something other than be a drainer of resources. The choice is yours. Don’t let events make the choice for you.


Southern Born and Southern Bred


A lot has been made over the Confederate Battle Flag lately and while most “information / Facts” are shall we say, inaccurate at best, I don’t intend to rehash the not so “Civil” War. What I do intend to do is try to explain why we (Southerners) are the way we are.









We have a saying here in the South: “Don’t start no sh*t there won’t be no sh*t….

That pretty much sums us up. We believe in our individual right to be a “Redneck”, trailer trash, white trash or someone just putting on airs”. We are all Southerners however. We drink Beer, fight over our favorite SEC team, drive trucks, get dirty and love our families. We have guns, lots of guns and believe the Government needs to stay out of our lives. Just like being a Mid-westerner, Texan et. al, the South has its morays and idiosyncrasies. We tend to put God, Family, Country and SEC Football right up there with Guns, Gold and a fierce independence streak that you can see from space. Some may put one in front of the other but the list is pretty much complete with those 7 items.

We say Yes Sir to men older then us.. and Yes Ma’am to any woman old enough. We open car doors and well any door to any woman. A Southern girl will say Thanks and not bite your head off. Southern women understand what courtesy is and doesn’t get all riled up over perceived insults to their “Womanhood” Being a “Southerner” is more than a frame of mind.. It is a way of life.

My Truck is better than your truck, my dog can kick your dog’s butt and if you mess with either you are liable to walk away with a butt whooping. Same goes with my family and my money. We can get into a “knock down drag out” fight with our best friend, pick ourselves up, wipe off the blood, wonder why we were fighting and go drink a beer laughing that we can’t remember what got us all riled up to begin with.

Above all else we don’t like outsiders telling us what we can and cannot do. We don’t like our traditions and history attacked. Southerners tend to keep to ourselves and until this happens we band together in a pretty cohesive mindset and tend to fight back. A point you need to remember.

The recent attack on what we perceive to be our Southern Heritage is a prime example of that.

Now let’s be honest here… Not one single person living today in America was a slave and I know of no one personally that benefited from one. So the flag to us is nothing more than our “Symbol” of independence, our “Rebel” spirit if you will.  Just because some dirtbag uses it to wrap their ignorance, stupidity and yes even their racism in it doesn’t mean to the rest of us we are all in agreement just because we support the flag. Until recently I rarely saw a “Rebel” Flag flying much less displayed from vehicles and yards. Now they are everywhere


Most Southerners are not racist. No more than most Blacks, Mexicans, Chicanos, Yankees, Orientals ect..ect…

As long as you understand Southerners don’t give preferential treatment nor do we expect it. We work and we play hard and don’t like people that sponge off the system. You can have black friends, gay friends, Hispanic friends… it’s all the same to us. You can also have only white friends if that is what you want. We tend not to judge and it is the individuals choice to associate or not. Pretty simple way of looking at things but it works for us. Everyone is welcomed to be a Southerner. We don’t care what your color, race, creed or religion or the lack thereof as long as you bring a beer or two and know how to “shoot the sh*t.” (If you don’t know what that is then you ain’t a Southerner).

Are there exceptions, of course? As a group of people we are no better or worse than anyone else. We just want to be left alone.

You can call us hicks, backwards idiots, uneducated Neanderthal‘s, we have heard it all. It’s easy from a keyboard. I should caution you however, doing so to our face may well result in you lying on your back looking at the stars wondering why your face is broke.  Just saying.

So if you see me or my kin (includes all Southerners) yes go ahead and make a joke of it.. but should you meet us you might want to keep your comments to yourself. Don’t roll your window down and tell me my flag is racist.. you see we really do carry guns and our trucks will roll right over that little Prius or Fiat. If you are a Carpetbagger just keep on moving on we will live and let live as long as you let us.