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Silence Is No Longer An Option

  • Crisis of Conscience

    To act according to your own values is the cornerstone of liberty. America began as an ideal to provide each with that opportunity. How farRead More

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  • Till the Dawn’s Early Light…

    Is it a mark of our culture that I want to kick the dust from my heels everytime I go out into the world? Be inRead More

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  • The Weaponizing of Sex- The new war on men.

    When did it happen? When did the war against men start? Maybe, it was when the whole “burn your bra” era or the whole GloriaRead More

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  • Were Did Everybody Go?

    “Think not that I have come to bring peace, but a sword.” ~Jesus It appears that this is the end of the line, that theRead More

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  • Do you have more liberty today than you had even 10 years ago?

    By Jim Blume. Have we the citizen became your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teemingRead More

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  • Active Shooter-Think before you act.

    I was asked to write an article for an active shooter situation. My conundrum is where do I start? There are so many variables involved,Read More

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  • Soviet Style Disinformation

    During the Cold War, the Soviet Union used disinformation both as an art and a science. They had more people working in the disinformation fieldRead More

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  • Savings 10 Years Down the Road or Groundhog Day?

    As the government plays with their budget and also talks about tax breaks, we must consider all the ways we are taxed, most we neverRead More

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  • If President Trump is Impeached..then what?

    America has three distinct groups in reference to the election. We have the “NeverTrumpers” the “ForeverTrumpers” and the “ResistTrumpers”. Groups like BLM, Antifa and othersRead More

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  • Come to the Table

    I’m going to ask you to do something…many somethings that may cause you to cringe. You may well walk away, having no desire to entertainRead More

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  • Freedom Ltd.

    The desire for freedom lies deep in the heart of all men and they are willing to do a great deal to achieve it. WhatRead More

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  • It Ends Now

    Let’s put an optimistic spin on things. Hollywood, the Rivendell of the liberal kingdom, has been exposed as a haven of wickedness that makes evenRead More

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